Last night during the Super Bowl, GM launched an ad about its upcoming GMC Hummer EV, which featured well-known NBA superstar LeBron James. The 'Quiet Revolution' ad may have been seen by some 100 million viewers on TV, however, only about 2.5 million people have clicked on the YouTube video to watch it.

According to Sporting News, the spot may have set GM back around $5.6 million, in addition to whatever it paid LeBron, plus production costs for the commercial itself.

Meanwhile, Tesla has spent zero ad dollars to date. However, American rapper Travis Scott released a rap video featuring the Tesla Cybertruck and Cyberquad back on December 27, 2019. Since then, it has grabbed nearly 15 million views on YouTube. It's important to note here that the Scott video is not even about Tesla, and it's not even clear upfront that Tesla is featured in the video.

In addition, while Scott is hugely popular in the younger generation, he's not a household name among the masses, whereas LeBron James is much more widely known across the globe, among people of all ages.

This just goes to show that traditional advertising may not always be the best route in today's situation. However, to be fair, let's keep our eyes on the popularity of the GMC Hummer EV and check back after it has had some time to catch on.

At any rate, we've embedded both videos below. It's important to note that the Travis Scott video and lyrics are not appropriate for work or around children. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Video Description via The Electric Israeli on YouTube:

LeBron (Hummer) Vs. Travis (Cybertruck)

LeBron (Hummer) Vs. Travis (Cybertruck), GM anoints LeBron James, as GMC Hummer EV pitchman in Super Bowl commercial, "It’s rare that you have a vehicles that’s this big, this powerful, this quiet, and get from zero to 60 in three seconds. That’s extreme. That’s nuts"
Moshe, TEI

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