This TeslaCam video captures a Toyota SUV flying by other cars on the shoulder. Then, when the Toyota merges over, it slams into the back of a nearly stopped Ram. The Ram truck was driving quite dangerously too.

The Toyota SUV should not be passing on the shoulder and definitely not at such a high rate of speed. However, the Ram truck is cruising along far too fast as well. 

The result, due to the heavy traffic at the time, is that the Toyota slams into the Ram as the truck itself was skidding and veering to avoid crashing into the car ahead. 

To us, both cars are at fault, however, the Toyota SUV is clearly the one breaking the law and is the cause of most of the destruction seen in the video here.

Video description via superchunkwii on YouTube:

Watch the white Dodge truck and the silver Toyota SUV.

This happened in Phoenix AZ where on I-10 W at the 60 and 143 junctions. Very busy intersection of highways during the early morning commute around 8:30AM.


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