Geotab, a company that deals with global fleet positioning and vehicle tracking, has combined FleetCarma data to create an interactive battery degradation and comparison tool for electric vehicles.

Geotab acquired FleetCarma back in 2018. With that acquisition, it gained access to a large fleet of electric vehicles. In order to put together its new interactive battery degradation and comparison tool, Geotab analyzed data from 6,300 fleet and consumer electric vehicles.

EV shoppers have worries about battery degradation, which is to be expected. Replacing a battery is not cheap. Not to mention there are still plenty of myths out there. However, when it comes to battery degradation, it can be a real issue in some cars more than others. According to Geotab, there are several factors in play when it comes to battery degradation: 

Common factors impacting lithium-ion battery health:

  • Time
  • High temperatures
  • Operating at high and low state of charge
  • High electric current
  • Usage (energy cycles)

When shopping for an EV, battery degradation concerns will be more of an issue if you plan on buying and keeping the vehicle for a long period of time. If you're just leasing or plan to sell your EV in a few years, it's not as much of an issue. In addition, it all comes down to which EV you're planning to buy or lease.

Geotab's tool allows you to input an electric vehicle's make, model, and model year. Then, it will chart the car's estimated battery degradation. The best part is you can add multiple models for comparison.

To take the tool for a spin, click here. In addition, follow the Geotab link below for more details.

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