If you had any doubts about what "coal rolling" actually is, this is probably the best example you're ever going to see. Sure, we've shared many Tesla dashcam (TeslaCam) and Sentry Mode videos of what appears to be coal rolling. However, sometimes, these polluting diesel pickup trucks just spew their filth into the air near a Tesla without specific intentions.

***UPDATE: The Tesla Model 3 driver has uploaded a new, longer video of this coal-rolling and road rage episode. We've embedded the video directly below:

Video description via jeff mahin on YouTube:

Since so many people wanted to see what happened before he coal rolled the Tesla.

In the video above, you can see that the driver of the large truck is proceeding unsafely. First, as he's weaving through moving traffic on the highway, he cuts the Tesla Model 3 off. Then, he makes sure to get in front of the Tesla again and proceeds to swerve back and forth in order to assure that the soot really does its job. The truck weaves in and out of more traffic and straddles lanes to get in front of the Model 3 one last time for a final coal rolling attempt. 

This appears to be a road rage situation of sorts. However, we have no idea what caused it. As always, check out the video. Then, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via jeff mahin on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Hate

Dangerous truck driver in Miami traffic trying to coal roll my Tesla Model 3

And yes, the act of coal rolling (modifying a diesel engine to emit all sorts of crap) is illegal in most (if not all) U.S. states, it's just not always enforced.

What's rolling coal? Well, it's something us EV drivers can't do, but if you want a quick definition, then here ya go:

Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes into the air

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