Reports from the Netherlands strongly indicate that Tesla Model 3 sales went through the roof in September, which will significantly contribute to the expected 100,000 EV sales in Q3.

One of the reports (as of Sep 27) says that Tesla already delivered 6,790 cars in Q3, including 6,587 Model 3 with just a few days to go. The surge was 541 new registrations in a single day!


Another report from shows 4,821 Model 3 registrations in September (new record), which together with 1,175 in August and 591 in July, would bring Q3 to a 6,587-unit record as of September 26.

It seems that all the records you can imagine (daily, monthly, quarterly, for the model and for the brand) will be broken and on top of that, the Model 3 is the top-selling car in the Netherlands (over 12,600 YTD), regardless of powertrain.

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