Electric pickup trucks are a super hot segment these days with the Tesla Truck, Rivian R1T, Atlis XT pickup Ford F-150 and now even a Fisker pickup leading the charge. Let's check out some news highlights this past week in the world of electric trucks.

It was a rather slow week in the world of electric trucks. InsideEVs posted on that unexpected, but massive order from Amazon for Rivian delivery vehicles, which we assume will be based on the platform of the Rivian R1t truck. Additionally, a Tesla tank came to life right before our eyes.

And who can forget a few weeks when we revealed everything we know about the Tesla truck and the Rivian R1T.

Let's check out some of this week's news highlights related to electric trucks.

Rivian Amazon electric delivery truck

Amazon Orders 100,000 Electric Delivery Trucks From Rivian

The new electric Rivian delivery trucks will appear in 2021. Not a very long waiting time, if you consider the company will just start producing the R1T truck and the R1S SUV in 2020.

The vehicles are part of a commitment Amazon has made to The Climate Pledge. This agreement demands the ones that sign it to make all possible efforts to go carbon neutral by 2040, ten years earlier than the Paris Accord determines.

Amazon says the 100,000 electric delivery trucks order is the largest ever for this sort of vehicle. The company wants to have 10,000 of them on the streets by 2022. Rivian will have to deliver the other 90,000 units by 2030.


Forget The Tesla Truck: Check Out This Electric Tesla Tank

This electric tank is not completely outside of the realm of possibility.

Honestly, if all we are impressed with here is the sweet artwork and the process, then it's definitely worth sharing with you. However, let's think about the future and the viability of battery-electric powertrains for military use, not to mention many levels of commercial use, some of which are already in place in certain locations.

Heck, Tesla is already working on a pickup truck and a semi. Many folks see vehicles like an RV, delivery truck, school bus, or military vehicle as something that could totally be viable in the future.


Gallery: Tesla Electric Pickup Truck Ram Look-Alike Render Surfaces On Video

The only true unknown is its appearance.

The pieces of the Tesla truck puzzle are falling into place, so let's have a look at what's known.

Outside of perhaps the Tesla Model Y, the Electric pickup trucks from Tesla is surely the automaker's most anticipated upcoming electric vehicle.

Over time, mostly via Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we've bit by bit learned more and more details on the Tesla truck, so we think it's now time to highlight everything we know in regards to Tesla's pickup.

Gallery: Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck

Rivian R1T Pickup Truck: Everything We Know - Price, Range, Towing

The pieces of the Rivian R1T truck puzzle are mostly all in place now, so let's have a look at what's known.

Outside of perhaps the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla truck, the Rivian pickup is perhaps the most anticipated upcoming electric vehicle.

When it was revealed back at the LA Auto Show in late 2018, Rivian burst onto the scene with its R1T. From stealth to mainstream happened literally overnight. Since then, we've learned more and more in regards to this slick electric pickup truck, so hit up this link for the major details on the R1T.

Gallery: Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck Revealed: 500-Mile Range, Tows 35,000 Pounds

Atlis XT Electric Pickup Truck: Everything We Know - Range, Price, Towing & More

Atlis says its XT electric pickup truck is among the most capable trucks to ever be revealed. According to the automaker, the truck can be configured to go up to 500 miles on electric by selecting the largest battery pack.

In addition to the long range, the towing capacity is impressive at up to 35,000 pounds. The payload is listed at up to 5,000 pounds, which is equally high.

Atlis XT is considered a full-size truck and, unlike with the Rivian R1T, a 6.5 or 8-foot bed can be selected. Clearly then, this is a larger truck than Rivian's. Its 8-lug wheel design suggests it's a heavy-hauler too.

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