This is what happens when you combine elements of the Tesla Truck with the Ram 1500. See the interior of this Tesla-Ram mashup come to life right before your eyes here.

Last week, we presented the first interior sketches of the Tesla Truck. Those sketches used the Tesla Model 3 and Ford F-150 pickup for inspiration. Though the end result looked quite appealing, we had a suggestion.

InsideEVs suggested that since the Ram 1500 is considered to have the finest interior of the American full-size pickups, we wanted to see the Tesla Truck with a bit more Ram style and less F-150. Here's what we suggested:

Though the F-150 is the #1 selling pickup truck in the U.S., the Ram 1500 has arguably the best interior in the trucking world, so perhaps Driveable Designs can do a take two featuring Tesla design elements combined with Ram. 

The folks over at Drivable Designs heard our call and answered. And this time around there's even some color added to the interior sketch. The two-tone is quite attractive too. We must admit that we think this interior would look fitting on the Tesla Truck. Do you?

This Tesla-Ram combo is something we're already accustomed to (see the image gallery below) and though it's polarizing, it's a rather striking combo too.

Video description via Drivable Designs on YouTube:

This is another version of a Tesla Pickup interior, but this time with color.

Electric car news website InsideEVs has asked me to do another one incorporating design element from the Ram 1500. I tried to put some of those features while still keeping the interior simple.

I added some cool multi-color seats with light brown and gray. I used Crayola color pencils, a pen, and a pencil.

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