These first sketches of the interior of the upcoming Tesla pickup truck provide us with our first glimpse at the imagined interior of the electric pickup truck.

We say imagined because nobody has seen the interior of this truck, nor the exterior, so this sketch is just an educated guess, but we do mostly approve of the design, which the renderer describes as a mash-up of a Tesla Model 3 and a Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Though the F-150 is the #1 selling pickup truck in the U.S., the Ram 1500 has arguably the best interior in the trucking world, so perhaps Driveable Designs can do a take two featuring Tesla design elements combined with Ram. This Tesla-Ram combo is something we're already accustomed to (see image gallery below) and though it's polarizing, it's a rather striking combo too.

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Let us know in comments what you think of this first Tesla truck interior sketch.

Video description via Drivable Designs on YouTube:

There are almost NO renderings of the Tesla Pickup interior. I made this one to guess how it will look. There are no teaser images or clues, so that made it challenging.

I based it off of the Tesla Model 3 and Ford F-150, America’s best selling truck. My interior rendering is more Tesla Model 3 than F-150, but I did try to add some of the F-150’s interior truck-like design.

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