Here is a very interesting Rimac Automobili factory tour with Mate Rimac, which shows basically all departments in the main headquarters in Croatia.

The video provided by Tim from Shmee150, who previously had a unique opportunity to ride in the Aston Martin Rapide E on the track, is so engaging that you will not even notice the 50+ minute gone.

One thing is sure - the upcoming C_Two (only 150 to be made) will be an amazing car and we are not surprised that Rimac attracts a lot of new investors, including Porsche and Hyundai Motor Group.

Video Description via Shmee150 on YouTube:

VISITING RIMAC! C_Two Factory Tour with Mate Rimac

Join me to visit the home of Rimac Automobili for a complete factory tour with none other than Mate Rimac himself. During this incredible special guided visit we can see the assembly rooms of the C_Two and Concept_One, the production of composites and components in the cars, and learn a lot about the engineering and simulations run by the team at the electric hypercar company.

Mate Rimac set up the company less than a decade ago and it has now grown to 500 employees, while producing not only their own electric hypercars but also supporting the work of brands like Aston Martin for the Valkyrie, Koenigsegg with the Regera and even now with Porsche following their investment in Rimac. Based outside of Zagreb in Croatia, the business is incredibly forward thinking and working with the most up to date technologies to be ahead of the game, and you can tell that instantly.

Being able to visit the facility and to be shown around by Mate, the founder and CEO, was an eye opener to what is going on and I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I did. For a breakdown of the different sections we covered here are some time stamps for you:

04:40 C_two Assembly

16:00 Simulations

25:05 Components & Composites

36:30 Powertrain

40:07 Autonomous Driver Coach

43:10 Engineering and Design

I cannot say thank you enough to Mate and the team at Rimac for this incredible opportunity. I've been equally blown away by Mate's expertise and knowledge of every part of the process himself too, truly impressive. While this video could have been cut down and made shorter, it's so interesting to hear him guide us through it that I felt the full uncut version should be available.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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