It seems that hardly a day goes by without Autopilot saving another Tesla from being hit.

This time around the vehicle is a Model 3 and this save is rather unique and very unexpected. As you'll see in the video clip, the Model 3 actually slows in time to avoid what could've been a crash, but then it gets a big push from the rear in the form of being rear-ended by the car behind.

It's at this point when Autopilot stepped in to save the day. After being hit at 40 MPH from behind, the Model 3 jolts forward, but Autopilot reacts in a split second to prevent the Model 3 from striking the car in front.

It's truly amazing to see how quickly the system steps in to prevent this particular near crash. Watch the clip to see Autopilot in action.

Here's an after image of the Model 3:


And an update from the owner:

"Initial estimate is ~$16,000. There is unibody damage to the floor and rear body panel. Body shop will be measuring the frame when the fixtures come in for the Celette bench early next week."

Video description via Kiltoch on YouTube

This is a dashcam recording of a Tesla Model 3 as it was slowing down to maintain a safe distance from the car in front, getting ready to take the exit when suddenly another car rear-ended this Model 3 from behind at about 40 mph.

The Autopilot in the Model 3 apparently determined that there was no oncoming traffic in the adjacent lane and made a last-second swerve to the left.

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