Hyundai IONIQ Electric will be more appealing this summer

Hyundai is going to introduce facelifted and upgraded plug-in IONIQ models this year, according to leaked info. The new Plug-In Hybrid is expected in July 2019, while the 2020 IONIQ Electric will hit the market in September.

The graphic with a Hyundai logo shows the 38.3 kWh, which compared to current 28 kWh pack would be an improvement of 37%.

The range on the NEDC test cycle is expected to be 378 km (235 miles), which is 35% more than about 280 km (174 miles) previously. The more realistic WLTP would be obviously less.

Applying the same 35% increase in range to 124 miles (199.5 km) EPA, we would get 168 miles (270 km) EPA.

The other general changes would be:

  • minor exterior changes (including front, rear and wheels)
  • minor interior changes (including new infotainment)

We don't know yet whether the 8.9 kWh battery in IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid also will be increased by 35% to over 13 kWh and how much the range of 29 miles (47 km) EPA will increase eventually.

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