Looks like a Ford F-150, but don't be deceived.

With a range of up to 400 miles, this Rivian electric truck could be a smashing success, provided it comes in at a decent price point.

Even more intriguing perhaps is that Rivian will follow up this truck with the launch of a big, three-row electric SUV.

Back to the truck though for now.

The pickup truck is expected to cost somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000. Yes, that's a wide spread, but trucks are sold with such numerous options and packages that it's to be expected.

It should go on sale in late 2019 as a Model Year 2020 offering.

There's no word at this point in time as to what the exterior will look like when complete, but we know that the Ford F-150 body won't make it to production.

Range is expected to be up to 400 miles, though we suspect a couple battery options may be offered, with perhaps a lower-range version coming at a later date and cheaper price.

Rivian officially says that this truck will debut at the LA Auto Show this November, but InsideEVs has a hunch it will be seen sooner.

Our spy photog adds this to the convo:

This early mule version of their proposed pickup truck uses a stand-in Ford F-150 body over Rivian's skateboard-like electric propulsion system. Only a charging cable from the front gives it away as an EV.

R&D is currently being conducted in Plymouth Michigan, while battery technology is being developed in Irvine California.

Production will take place at Rivian's former-Mitsubishi plant in Illinois.

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