What's next for your Tesla in the form of a crazy OTA update?

How does car karaoke sound to you?

Yes, that's right. Soon you'll be singing along to lyrics in your car.

The exchange occurred on Twitter literally just minutes ago. It went down like this:

Hi @elonmusk know you're busy but please ask the engineers for a Karaoke Mode I can activate when my is in park that shows the lyrics to the songs playing on the stereo

To which Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded:

Tesla Car Karaoke hopefully ready in OTA software update version 10. Just played Missile Command, Asteroids & Lunar Lander in V9. Really fun!

We've embedded the Tweet directly below:

This idea is certainly less complicated of an implementation than yesterday's geolocating folding mirrors for the Tesla Model 3, but we do have to wonder, aren't there other more serious updates that should take precedence?

Additionally, Musk references video games in the Tweet. That ties in with the announcement made earlier this month in which he envisions playing a game like Pole Position with the steering wheel of your car. While in park, of course.

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