Chargeway from Portland, Oregon would like to help consumers understand the differences between various charging standard sand power levels through special labels.

There are three main DC fast charging standards in the U.S. (CHAdeMO, CCS Combo and proprietary Tesla) as well as the J1772 AC plug. On top of that, power output of the charging stations widely differ. Similarly, a car is equipped with a particular DC inlet and can handle only up to some power level.

Chargeway makes it more easily identifiable, especially for newbie EV users, who need only to recognize right charging station by color of their charging standard and a number that corresponds to power output.

  • J1772 (AC) and CCS Combo (DC) - Green
  • CHAdeMO -Blue
  • Tesla - Red

Such labels could be handy, but first a single labelling system would need to become popular and found on charging stations and new cars.

"Chargeway developed the schematic last year. Now it is working with local utilities, car-dealer groups, and non-profits in Portland to roll out its labels on local charging stations and offer them to electric car drivers in a pilot program later this year to see if drivers find it helpful. The labels will roll out this year, and Chargeway may deploy them on a broader scale next year."

Feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts on these color-coded labels by Chargeway... or maybe we just need a new, simplified charging standard to rule them all?

Chargeway - color-coded charging standard/power levels

Chargeway - color-coded charging standard/power levels

Source: Chargeway, Green Car Reports

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