Tesla recently completed work on one of its largest Supercharging station with 40 stalls in Kettleman City, California.

The site is pretty unusual, as it's equipped with a 250 kW solar canopy, Powerpack energy storage systems, a lounge with a barista, and the presentation of various Tesla products (solar panels, Powerwall and Supercharging network info).

The station is new, but is already attracted several cars in the video, including two Model 3s - of which, doesn't have free access to Superchargers.

Kettleman City Supercharger. 40 Stalls, 2 Model 3's, and a Barista!!

Quick visit to the brand new Kettleman City Supercharger. The new location has 250 KW of Solar Capacity, Powerpack Energy Storage, and 40 Supercharger stalls, all right off of the I-5 Highway, between San Fran, and Los Angeles. Take a look at the newly designed Owners Lounge, complete with a Tesla Barista.

The only larger station currently in operation is theĀ 50-stall Supercharging stop in Shanghai.

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