This is the premium electric scooter America needs.

Finally, scooter lovers will have a quality electric option in the U.S.A.! BMW Motorrad, the arm of the automaker that makes motorcycles, has sold its C Evolution maxi-scooter in Europe since 2014. Now, its latest version is said to be making the trans-Atlantic trip to American showrooms, or at least, for starters, American showrooms found within the state of California.

BMW C Evolution maxi scooter plugs in

BMW C Evolution maxi scooter plugs in

Powered by the same 94 Ah batteries found in the BMW i3, the C Evolution will give riders a snappy electric experience with 48 horsepower (35 kW) and 53 pound-feet of torque (peak) from its liquid-cooled motor, getting you away from traffic lights up to 30 miles per hour in very brief 2.8 seconds.  Top speed for the state-side version is 5 mph faster than Euro spec at 80 mph.

With help from its low center of gravity and upside-down forks matched with a preload-adjustable rear shock, handling and ride is expected to be sweet indeed. Equipped with dual floating two-piston disc brakes up front and a single disc out back, aided by ABS, braking should be quite effective as well, despite the battery-powered beast's somewhat ponderous 606-lb weight.

Range is given as 99.4 miles, which we expect shouldn't be too far off the mark, if most of that mileage in non-highway, at least. Our math puts the battery capacity at a generous 12.5 kWh.  Given that main battery is so big, charging from a typical 110-volt wall outlet will take a while: seven hours, fifty minutes to 80 percent or  nine hours 20 minutes to 100 percent maximum. Of course, a 220-volt hook up will greatly lessen the wait. Expect 80% in 3:50, 100% in 4:30.

Being from a quality marque and proudly boasting a price tag of $13,750 — heated grips ($250), "comfort" seat ($145), and anti-theft alarm ($395) are among a number of available options —you can rest assured that your Beemer will have quality components and convenient features, such as LED lights, a TFT screen on the dash, reverse assist, and a five-year, 30,000-mile battery warranty.

We think this will be an awesome electric choice for American riders, but don't take our word for it. Check out the video below of super-fast Eva Håkansson hawking the European version and showing off some of the fancy features.

Source: The Drive

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