Bjørn Nyland after just filing a detailed test drive review of the new Hyundai IONIQ Electric, has shared video of the EV’s fast charging abilities.

As it turns out, when connected to a 100 kW CCS Combo charger, the IONIQ Electric accepts up to 60-70 kW of power.

A charging session starting from about 10% of capacity, filling up to 94% (fast charging above 94% is not available), took about 30 minutes. Bjørn notes for the last 15%, charging maxed out at about 20+ kW.

The Hyundai’s on-board reporting system indicated 25.5 kWh was charged (the battery is 28 kWh usable overall).

"Hyundai Ioniq supports up to 70 kW via the CCS plug. I tested this on a 100 kW Delta charger at Vestby, Norway last night. Peak power was 69.3 which was pretty close. The Ioniq has a 28 kWh battery pack. That number is for available energy. I believe the car has the same battery as Kia Soul EV which is a 30.5 kWh."

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