SKF eDrive Ball Bearings

SKF eDrive Ball Bearings

SKF happily announced that it's supplying Volkswagen with energy efficient bearings for the E-powertrain found in the VW e-up!

As it turns out, VW e-up! is equipped with customized tapered roller bearings and SKF eDrive Ball Bearings in the electric motor and gearbox to reduce the friction and noise.

Tryggve Sthen, President, SKF Automotive stated:

“SKF is very happy to be equipping the Volkswagen e-up!. The SKF eDrive Ball Bearing is a product in our SKF BeyondZero portfolio and is one of our energy efficient solutions for hybrid and full electric vehicles. Our partnership with Volkswagen has grown over the years and we both are taking positive steps in the area of sustainability to reduce the emission footprint of greenhouse gas globally. We are very proud to work with Volkswagen.”

Since SKF works closely with Volkswagen, then we suspect e-Golf and other models likely use SKF bearings.  Furthermore, we know that 3,000 or so Bolloré Bluecars feature SKF bearings and sensor bearing solutions in the electric powertrain system (see video).

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