The 2014 Chevrolet Volt has an official EPA electric range of 38 miles, but for most Volt owners, beating that figure is a daily occurrence.

We've heard stories from perhaps a few hundred Chevy Volt owners claiming to often exceed 50 miles on electricity.

There are even some Chevy Volt owners who've broke into the 60-mile club.

As this video shows, this Chevy Volt is displaying an estimated 60 miles of electric range.  This figure is based on previous driving sessions and is an estimate the vehicle provides to the driver.

Getting into the 60-mile club isn't easy, as it requires skilled driving techniques.  However, we've witnessed countless first-hand accounts of Volt owners breaking into the 50-mile club without even trying to.

Clearly, the 38-mile EPA range is conservative and that's fine by us.  But as Spring's warmer weather is upon us, Volt owners across the nation will enjoy 40, 50 or even 60-plus miles of electric range.

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