New Version Of More Powerful Audi E-Tron Spied: E-Tron Allroad?


Audi E-Tron Allroad?

Is this a new, more powerful version of the Audi E-Tron electric SUV? Could it be the rumored Allroad variant?

We’re well aware of the fact that Audi has no intention of stopping at just one E-Tron. Indeed, the automaker is actively working on a smaller E-Tron. Presumably, some other variants of the original E-Tron and the baby E-Tron will be launched in the future too.

The only indication in the images suggesting this is some sportier version of the E-Tron SUV is those tires. Look at the rear ones. Those sure are some wide rubbers.

As our spy photographers note:

The rumors suggest that the sportier version will get a three electric motor set up, with two motors on the rear axle. The e-tron currently develops 402bhp front and rear motor together and if you double the rear motors, we would come up to 640bhp in total. Maybe Audi decides not to give the e-tron all that power but a figure around 500-550bhp is clearly possible.

That would be some kind of beast right there.

Take a look at the images in the gallery below and let us know what you think. Is this just a beefed-up E-Tron or is there something more hidden within?

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The photos look like an E-Tron to me.

They camouflage front and rear bumpers and lower parts off the car. Which would indicate that there are changes in those areas. Those areas are usually where they do spoiler configuration far better handling on a higher performance cars

I was wondering about that! Thank you for explaining why the camo was there.

Look at the Escargot.. S Car go…. Audi Performance car…..quiet as a snail, but faster.


It seemed to me the the E-Tron was fast enough. I don’t see the need of a faster one but maybe they want to make a point now.

I didn’t buy it because the acceleration wasn’t there. It’s not gonna hit Model S or even 3 numbers, but for that price I at least want the Model X’s 4.7 second 0-60. 5.7 seconds is nothing to write home about, especially considering that’s only when in boost mode. Is it necessary, not really, but Audi isn’t really a brand based around necessity 😉

Doesn’t look much like an “allroad” to me. Hopefully they are running city tires to trick us.

Same e-tron quattro. Why would it be an Allroad? It’s already an SUV. It’s not an avant that Audi needed to raise the suspension.

In the roadmap (leaked last summer) there is a S version scheduled for early next year. This could be it.

A video of the behind the scenes for the hill climb seems to confirm the three motor high performance version. (530hp, 370KW).
Specs are at 5:38 in the video link below: