NEVS Won’t Be Able To Use Saab Name


Saab 9-3 EV Prototype

Saab 9-3 EV Prototype

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) wasn’t able to secure the Saab name, despite having bought assets of bankrupt Saab Automobile in 2012.

Rights for the name and logo belong to Saab AB (the Swedish aerospace company that owns the Saab brand) and they will not allow NEVS to use them.

If NEVS starts production of cars (including plug-ins) at some point in the future, those cars will not be called Saabs.

“Saab AB withdrew NEVS’ right to use the Saab name two years ago after NEVS sought protection from creditors. NEVS was never granted the use of the Saab AB’s iconic griffin badge and developed its own Saab logo.

Saab AB reaffirmed that NEVS will not be allowed to use the Saab name. “We have revoked their right to use the brand name” and there is no longer a discussion about NEVS using it, Saab AB spokesman Sebastian Carlsson told Automotive News Europe.”

NEVS said earlier that it is building a new factory in China, and announced that it will provide up to 150,000 electric cars to Panda New Energy and 20,000 to Volinco, as well as introducing five new plug-in models.

Source: Automotive News

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6 responses to "NEVS Won’t Be Able To Use Saab Name"
  1. ffbj says:

    Oh, good another Saab story.

  2. Robb Stark says:

    NEVS should sell under the BAAS brand name and use a Dragon logo instead of a Griffin logo.

  3. Nix says:

    If they are going to sell in China, they could just use some Chinese name that sort of sounds like Saab. China won’t give a damn.

    Remember Tuosule?

  4. Saabluster says:

    This is just a rehash of a saabsunited story that is not necessarily true. It is an interpretation of things said and while it could be true it very well may not be. Question. Why is NEVS allowed to still have SAAB in massive letters across the front of the factory if this issue is indeed a done deal and supposedly for a long time now? I love you guys but I think you need someone more qualified to report on Saab goings on. Drop me a line if you would like me to take that on.

  5. Ivar Möller says:

    NEVS still have to prove that they have a car that SAAB AB will approve before SAAB branding on the cars is official. If i had enough cash i bought all shares in SAAB AB and then i could decide to let NEVS use SAAB all by myself. it takes 1 000 000 persons to invest about 3500 USD each to take over SAAB AB´s all shares. Can that be done on a Facebook Group ?