Musk Sips Whiskey, Takes A Drag, Discusses Insanity Of Running Tesla


For a man who sleeps on the factory floor, a one-off good time was in order when he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Lasting for some 2 and a half hours, an-often giddy Tesla CEO touched upon seemingly everything Tesla while sipping some whiskey and taking a drag from a blunt reportedly containing a mixture of tobacco and marijuana, which by the way is perfectly legal in California where the act occurred.

To us, it was a relief to see a more relaxed Musk, who openly admits to how insane it can be to head up an automaker, a task made even more difficult by the intense scrutiny Tesla is under from seemingly all those who’d like nothing more than for Tesla to fail.

Mostly missed by the media is that we see a joyful Musk here. This coming just a day after a Tesla placed 1, 2, and 3 in electric car sales for the month of August. Perhaps there’s a joyful connection still to this achievement.

Musk says marijuana isn’t really his thing “I’m not a regular smoker of weed,” but we wouldn’t mind if it was. His task at hand is more than just to push electric car mainstream. Musk wants the world’s automakers to follow Tesla’s lead and judging by the recent break out of new electric cars now hitting the market, his dream is becoming reality.

There are far too many topics discussed in the podcast to go into detail here (he even plays with a sword), so we suggest you just watch it in its entirety, but we will leave you with this closing comment from Musk:

“I think people should be nicer to each other and give more credit to others and don’t assume that they’re mean until you know they’re actually mean. It’s easy to demonize people. You’re usually wrong about it. People are nicer than you think.”

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I guess Musk doesn’t really care about the shorts anymore. Which is good way of looking at it.
TSLA $264.0, – 16.0, -6%
Last Updated: Sep 7, 2018 8:42 a.m. EDT

the Chief Accounting Officer has just resigned after 5 weeks, imagine the states of the books ! LOL, nice Q3 coming for sure.

So now who is the biggest current potential interview star? The Op-Ed writer in the Times story about Trump, or the Tesla Chief Accounting Officer…wonder what he knows.

Bloomberg 9:08AM: Tesla Chief of Human Resources is leaving the company.

I think I just heard Nix screaming after waking up and checking his TSLA ticker app.

Why? I’ve repeatedly said that TSLA is a highly volatile stock. When asked whether TSLA will go up or down, the answer is always yes. It will go up, it will go down.

By the way, when are you going to pay up on your $100 bet you lost? Funny how you brag about Tony Williams paying you money when you win a bet, but when you clearly lose a bet on whether the Bolt or Model 3 sell more cars in the first year of their production, admit you lost the bet, you clearly never intended to pay.

Tell us again, how many Bolts were sold in the first 12 months after GM started production in OCT 2016? How many TM3’s were built in 12 months after July 2017?

You still never presented proof of us ever confirming the bet (you posting suggested terms and unilaterally deciding that was the final bet doesn’t count). But please, post your address on here and I’ll send the $100.

Thanks again for proving that you never intend on paying up on any of your bets you make, since the only way you will pay is by demanding the winner dox themselves in public. Funny how after all your big talk begging people to take your bet, that now you are claiming you shouldn’t have to pay, because you never had the courage to come back to post that you accepted the terms of the bet!!

You were definitely projecting when you said someone would “probably never pay up.” (direct quote of your words). Ironic, eh?

Tell us again, how many Bolts were sold in the first 12 months after GM started production in OCT 2016? How many TM3’s were built in 12 months after July 2017?

Post your address and you get your money. That simple. Otherwise stop your crying..

LOL!! Thanks yet again for reminding us all how you never intend to pay any of your bets when the only condition of payment is public doxing.

Not that I EVER expect you to actually pay even if I did post my address. You will just make up other sore loser excuses. Post your bank account number and routing number and I will just withdraw the $100 dollars, and you can stop being such a sore loser….. LOL!!!!

I fully stand by my comments I made a month ago, where I actually correctly predicted this volatility, and explained how DCA is the answer to investing into any known highly volatile stock, for anybody choosing to put a small portion of their portfolio into a substantially long term investment.

“…actually just make TSLA stocks MORE volatile, not less volatile….Dollar Cost Average your way into a long term investment with regular scheduled fixed purchases over time. At that point you aren’t betting on one price, like $354. You are betting on the long-term rise in value of the company. ”

The shorts and the media give Tesla Bargain pricing if you’re patient.
So, I’m personally not so made at the shorts as I dollar cost average.

Dave Morgan just walked away from a $350k salary, and $10,000,000.00 in non-exercised stock options. He apparently did not want to accept responsibility for something. Tesla stock PMT down almost 8%.

His resignation statement is quite revealing and reassuring with regards to the company’s financial health and concerns over any accounting irregularities. Statement from 8-K below:

On September 4, 2018, Tesla’s Chief Accounting Officer, Dave Morton, provided notice that he was resigning from Tesla, effective immediately. Dave stated: “Since I joined Tesla on August 6th, the level of public attention placed on the company, as well as the pace within the company, have exceeded my expectations. As a result, this caused me to reconsider my future. I want to be clear that I believe strongly in Tesla, its mission, and its future prospects, and I have no disagreements with Tesla’s leadership or its financial reporting.”

Sounds like he was looking for a job and got into more than he was willing to handle. This kind of position within Tesla must be very hard on a professional and personal level. Extremely hard working and demanding management, with extremely high publicity and at the same time operating in a business that is in startup mode 24/7 without a financially secure (even short term) future. This is not your regular desk job.

“Musk and other executives didn’t seem to care about the various financial obstacles, which concerned Morton, said the people. When Morton offered advice about capitalizing the company through other means rather than going private, he was ignored, said the people.
After two weeks or so at the company, Morton concluded he wasn’t being heard or understood. He then started to think about leaving, one of the people said.”

But the source is CNBC, which has a firmly established reputation of running heavily biased, anti-Tesla hit pieces, some of which I personally think go over the line past mere bias, into FÜD territory.

I do think that three top execs leaving within a short space of time indicates something seriously wrong at Tesla, and likely indicates that Elon is getting harder and harder to deal with. As I said in my initial comment far below in this long discussion thread, I think it’s time (actually past time) for Elon to step down from his CEO position to a more subordinate one.

But that doesn’t mean that all the FÜD from serial Tesla bashers — or CNBC — has suddenly become true. FÜD is still not merely misinformation, but disinformation.

Being ignored doesn’t mean you weren’t heard. More likely Morton didn’t understand the big picture and was diving into unnecessary details.

Dave was brought in to take the company private, the company isn’t going private.

March 2018 – Susan Repo, corporate treasurer and vice president of finance: GONE
March 2018 – Eric Branderiz, Chief Accounting Officer: GONE
Sep 2018 – Dave Morton, (new) Chief Accounting Officer: GONE

Why so many departures of financial executives? Hmmmm

Yeah, I suspect THAT is the real reason for the stock drop. That is not an encouraging sign.

The headline should be: Musk Said: “Don’t Buy This Flamethrower”.

Another Euro point of view

“if he is shorting his own stock”

That would not be legal I think.

You have to be BRAIN DAMAGED to listen to this interview, about the singularity, and focus on a sip of whiskey and a puff of MaryJane.

The average IQ in the financial media must be 10.

The “interpretation” of this interview into a puff is an OUTRAGE.

Are we in virtual reality?
1) In this reality we have the WWIII like threat of Global Warming, which will create vast economic destruction, and threaten our existence on the planet.
2) Yet, we have a vast set of moron’s fighting any progress.
Are humans really that stupid, really? That we would have humans fight solutions to our our failure and destruction?

No, humans are not that stupid, but, in a game you MUST have an “enemy” that IS totally stupid and fights against the existence of itself.

We are in a simulation, the shorts prove it.

And the game designer has the mentality of a 12 year old.
No, we could be in a simulation where humans rapidly solve this, create economic greatness for all Americans and then the World, and then move to solar expansion.
But, we’re stuck with a game designer who is a bored teen.

@tekram said: “I guess Musk doesn’t really care about the shorts anymore. Which is good way of looking at it…”

Good point.

While anti-Tesla Wolfpack leader Jim Chanos is promoting Tesla “is worthless” and “not a leader” (Chanos’s words) the reality is the opposite:

* Tesla Model 3 is outselling Chevy Bolt “the Tesla Killer” by 14X!

* For North America Tesla is selling as many EVs as BMW’s entire model lineup… including ICE!

* For North America Tesla is selling more EVs than all other car makers combined and that trend continues to widen for Tesla.

So yes… Musk can certainly afford at this point to kick-back for a few we’ll earned relax hours to do a Joe Rogan’s podcast… whisky and all.

Buy, buy, buy Mortimer! Turn those machines back on!

He said it multiple times that he would do a podcast when they get out of production hell for model 3. They very well might be out of the production hell and now he has more time to do other things. He is Steve Jobs of Tesla, in this stage Tesla needs him more than he needs Tesla.

Give it a rest.

I disagree. Model 3 production is rolling pretty smoothly now, and what many of the other CEOs forget is how to be human. I don’t think Tesla could have a better CEO. Remember what happened to Apple when they pushed Jobs out?

I’m only 15 minutes in and I’m dying laughing.

By the way all the trolls obsessing over their equity positions please #### yourselves. This guy is single handedly driving our species forward into this millennium. You sound like a bunch of cry baby’s worrying about the impact of this interview on the stock price. Clearly the stock price is THE MOST IMPORTANT issue we should all be discussing on this thread. The impact to your damn Charles Schwab account is of paramount importance to us all. Yup that’s more important than global warming, space travel, energy independence and AI.

You and your day trading results are largely irrelevant. Maybe confine your nearly worthless input to Seeking Alpha? Please?

Well if Tesla goes bankrupt there’s no way that vision is going forward, people are just worried that Musks antics are going to ruin the company, not to mention to loose their money

How could Tesla go bankrupt? Worst case scenario someone buys them.

Somebody will buy them, but not at current price. Somebody will buy “Tesla” brand even in Chapter 7 proceedings, so it will survive.

Shareholders however will be wiped out early in Chapter 11 reorganization – for the benefit of new great debt free Tesla. Just like it was with GM last decade.

Though I’m not certain which chapter it may end in, long term cash flow doesn’t look positive unlike in GM case and nobody wanted to pay 50 billions for it and have 24 billion of liabilities extra. VW said it is not interested (somebody may had just lied that it was interested), Big Oil PIC from Saudi Arabia only has $200+ B under management and can’t gamble more than few percents of it on single company, Silver Lake only has $42 B under management.

How does sipping whiskey, taking a hit, and shooting the shit with Joe Rogan cause bankruptcy?

Cause Jesus hates stoners. That’s why.

Critical thinking has never been the hallmark of Tesla bashers.

Tesla has yet to sell a car that’s relevant to my needs/wants.

I’m on lunch typing this in my LEAF, parked right next to a Model 3.

Still waiting for the day that the sub $40,000 segment has BEV versions of current ICE models at the same pricepoint or better (across the board).

Nissan with the 2018 LEAF, Kia with the Soul EV, VW with the unavailable 2017 e-Golf, plus the upcoming LG-powered BEVs are the only games in town.

I don’t value the opinion much of someone who doesn’t know the difference between loose and lose.

“This guy is single handedly driving our species forward into this millennium”
If that is not the definition of hyperbole, I don’t know what is.
What he’s single handedly doing is driving his company’s stock price straight into the ground.

You’re right that was a bit of exaggeration…he does have some help. Bro you up or down for the day so far?

Yes, it is an exaggeration. But it is totally true that the EV industry would be NO WHERE CLOSE TO WHERE IT IS NOW without Elon Musk & his team. His engineering focused mentally caused him to make so many correct decisions that we now have a successful large volume selling Model 3.

Extremely important decisions like: HIGHLY optimized aerodynamics, DC fast-charging >100KW from Model S onward, large battery packs to give long range AND FAST-CHARGING, starting from top of the car market and work downward, include battery thermal management, build their own dedicated supercharging network to ensure proper placement & maintenance of chargers, etc.

And yes, they’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way…but so far no fatal ones. (failed 2-speed transmission, insisting on Falcon wing doors, over optimism on autonomous driving, pedo tweet, take private tweet, etc.)

Maybe you should look at Tesla’s stock price from 2012-present and come back here and reconsider that statement. This is the dumbest thing I’ve read today, and I’ve some pretty dumb things on my way down to this point in the thread. In case you didn’t know, nobody gives a crap about hourly or daily stock price fluctuations but day traders, shorters, and haters.

Anyone who thinks Tesla isn’t successful at this point and won’t continue to be the fastest growing manufacturer the planet has ever seen simply isn’t paying attention.

Nothing beats a Tesla

Well said.

@Bruce I haven’t read your other posts here, so I have no idea if you genuinely don’t want Musk to fail or if you’re just pivoting to a more reasonable position so you can keep trolling along. Nonetheless I think everyone agrees that Musk’s public behaviour here is way way way out of the norm for the CEO of any NASDAQ listed company. I speak from personal experience as I have been a section 16 officer of several public companies in the past.

However, just like Trump…Musk will get a pass. We live in a different age. If I had done what he just did I wouldn’t have even bothered to go back to my corner office after the interview. I would have just headed home from there. Termination would be the guaranteed outcome.

To borrow a phrase from the current occupant of the White House: “He could shoot someone in broad daylight on Sand Hill Road and get away with it”.

As long as he is winning bigley he’s going to get to whatever he wants to do and I think he knows it.

“Concern” trolling on display!

Thank you, sir. I entirely agree, it’s time (far past time) to start simply ignoring the tr0lls, and discuss what’s important regarding Tesla. And what’s important isn’t the daily or weekly ups and downs of the stock price.

I think there are important issues to discuss here, regarding the future of Tesla, the role of Elon, and why three top execs all resigned within a few days. But the tr0lls should not be the ones to control the conversation.

Wouldn’t that be all the more reason to take a break once in awhile? But I get it, he gets bashed for never slowing down, and then gets bashed when he takes a break. Well, as long as we know where he stands I guess.

Bingo. The jealousy of shorts is amazing.

Haters gonna hate!

Jeez, cut the man some slack.. one glass of whiskey, one small drag and suddenly “he’s unsuccesful”?? Overreacting much?

Nothing beats a Tesla

He may be unsuccessful, but surely not unsuccesful.

Cramer went nuts over this one puff too.
Even Cramer is caving to the shorts.

So, I supposed it’s now time to get Chano’s prescription for OXY into the discussion.

Musk he put it all so “bluntly”?

The younger generations are sick of fake people. And pro-tip, he’s not a normal CEO.

Hahahaha! Gee, the “Selfie/Facebook Generation” are sick of fake people??

Thanks for the Friday laugh!

I guess you could look at it that way, of you’re a drunk and a pot-head.
Other people who only drink moderately and rarely touch a joint should find his behavior absolutely believable.

You seem to bring your personal experience to the discussion.

It really burns shorts in some insane way, that a guy working hard producing Amazing World Changing results, might sometimes relax. Kind of an insane argument, don’t you think?

I’m just looking at the Model 3 Performance, thank you. Now THAT’S some performance numbers that raise eyebrows in the industry!

I’m looking at those Amazing SALES NUMBERS.
And no leases available yet, which will double demand.

A picture is worth 1000 words, and although, never having smoked pot (Not taking any particular brownie points over that – just saying I was disparaged by my peers when younger for never even experimenting), nor getting myself blind drunk to the point of passing out – I have to say here you can’t exactly put Lipstick on this.

He looks and talks as if he is heavily drunk, stoned or Both. “Hey, Like, WOW MAN!”.

Not sure how this is going to go down among the non-pot-heads. Especially those who have a financial interest in Tesla’s ongoing well-being.

He took one hit off the thing 20 minutes from the end and didn’t inhale. I don’t think he even caught a buzz.

Body language, Mr. Yoney. Sober people do not act like this. He was ‘typsy’.

Are your insights on body language based upon your extensive research into the movie “Reefer Madness”?

HA! SuperDope Nix has spoken again. YOU guys take all this stuff SO SERIOUSLY when you can’t see the humor in the situation. Your defense mechanisms just make you extra dumb (even more than usual).

Over apologizing for Mr. MUSK by you guys (even when he doesn’t need your help), is also humorous in and of itself.

Get over yourself Bill.

I’m a pretty humble guy, but you’d never know it since all you’ve got is your puffed up pride, along with no sense of humor.

We’ll agree to disagree.

Too much arguing with the grammar school “Big Experts” here. You just can’t see the basic point here – and likeable though arrogant “Let ME run Detroit!” Musk may himself, at this late date, not personally care, but THERE IS TALK ABOUT HIM LOSING HIS SECURITY CLEARANCE FOR SPACEX, since he is in violation of his agreement with the gov’t – namely he can’t smoke pot and keep it.

Now, me, since I have no financial interest in what happens, have only a minor opinion. But people who do have one, might care.

And then?

Bill… Seriously get over yourself…🙄

I’m over myself – now that we’ve established that, do you have any serious comment to make? I have no clue as to what you are talking about.

Wall street is taking this seriously, so they say, at least for the time being. If you think they need to get over THEMSELVES , please talk to them.

I’m not the only one who can see obvious things. Looked to me like there’s more than whiskey and pot, but that’s his business.. And, btw, the fact that there are many who are not laughing about this prove that this is serious to them. Now me, I don’t care that much, other than I see the humor in the situation. But for those having a financial stake in Tesla – for them it is obviously important.

I just can see when there is a comic situation, that’s all. Its most of you big experts who can’t laugh at a humorous situation.

He was drinking whiskey for about two hours with Rogan. Of course he was tipsy. I so far have watched the first hour of the two hour thirty seven minute video.

He looks more exhausted, than tipsy. People don’t get tipsy when they use cannabis. They do, however, become highly averse to bullshit.

I get *tipsy* every friday night (don’t drink during the week), and I’m still best F***ing software engineer you’ll ever find.

And I don’t drink much compared to my east coast co-workers.

Maybe you should smoke a little Grandma Bill‼️

If people who occasionally use cannabis are potheads, you are most certainly a drunk whino no matter your level of alcohol intake.

LOL are taking to bill or me?

Alcohol binds itself to the same receptors as THC. So if you drink before smoking the alcohol greatly magnifies the effect of Marijuana, even if you don’t actually feel drunk. If you’re not a regular smoker that THC is going to hit you like a brick and if you’re not used to it it’ll make you feel incredibly uncomfortable and light headed. Double all of those effects again if you are feeling tired. I think that’s what’s happened here.

What we in the peanut gallery think doesn’t matter. What the BOD (who nominally “control” Tesla) and the institutional investors (who essentially own Tesla) think is what matters.

I suspect we may hear very soon from the BOD and this morning’s stock collapse may already reflect the investors’ thoughts.

Stock “collapse”? I’m sure TSLA investors (that is, real investors and not “shorts”) are not happy about the price plunging down almost as low as the 6-month low, that’s very far from an actual “collapse” of the stock price!

What’s going on currently is quite unsettling, but there’s far too much hyperbole on both ends of the spectrum here.

What “collapse”? I’m sure Tesla investors (real investors, not “shorts”) are not happy to see the price drop to not far above the 6-month low, but that’s very far from a “collapse”!

Why the hyperbole, HVACman? You’re usually pretty level-headed.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Get over yourself.

Honestly, in my opinion, and that is with a grain of salt since I’m speculating, I think that he was truly excited to go private and alleviate all these issues. As you said Bro, and I’ve always respected your insight and opinion, if they were private this may be different. But it’s still public. He’s a smart dude in some ways and I think he knew that tweeting our sales estimates would drive up stock. I also believe he knew that drinking and smoking weed in public might hurt the stock. Topsy, turvy. Self-created dilemmas. Good news, bad news. But, it’s all news and media coverage. People criticize him for working too hard, criticize him for taking a break etc. He’s being real here and while that may piss off some of the public and certainly shareholders and maybe even the board, he’s getting sh*t tons of media attention. None of this discounts Tesla’s incredible success. I will be honest to say I have always been an Elon and Tesla skeptic to some degree, much like you. But, what they are doing for EV adoption and proof of the segment’s viability as a whole can no longer be ignored.

I can’t ignore the fact that, MC Puff Daddy Musk didn’t inhale, for the zero emissions chillaxing “WIN”.

Even erratic, unstable a-holes can accomplish a lot. I’m not denying what Tesla has done, especially with the Model 3 delivery numbers (I’ll ignore the plethora of QC issues for now). But imagine what they could accomplish if their CEO could actually focus 100% on making cars.
I’d be curious if Elon decided to take a leave of absence, how Tesla would fare. I bet you they would not only survive, but possibly flourish under better executive management.

They are but he’s doing a disservice to his shareholders

Looks like the anti-Tesla FUD carpet bombers are back today. I wonder why in the midst of a media wide anti-Tesla FUD assault this blog chooses to continue to be a platform for such highly prolific smear campaigners.

Another Euro point of view

Oh please.

It is probably total nonsense, but may be Tesla Inc. CEO behavior has something to do with it? Just a bit at least /s

So it’s the short sellers fault that Tesla burnt through 3 chief accountants hot-chair this year (J. Wheeler, E. Branderiz, D. Morton) ?!?
That the production manager D. Fields; hr manager G. Toledana; communication chief S. O’Brien; chief treasurer S. Repo all left during the last few month ?

The stock crashed after the tear soaked NYT interview admitting burn-out, sleep deprivation, sleeping pills usage — and another hit after the pot-session on podcast. I saw the first of this on a BBC ticker during world news “” Elon Musk smokes Marijuana during interview”” — well it was not the expected behavior of a multi billion $ company CEO who needs to do huge fundraising for new factories.
… but it’s all the short seller and FUD fault and the behavior of the CEO has nothing to do with PR problems …

Good to see Elon actually unwind a bit and open up, being a creative person myself you need to be able to prioritise ideas and focus on what can be done one at a time and then follow thru until it is completed otherwise you’ll get nothing done.
Another thing is to make the dreaded LIST, this simply has Pros On one side and Cons on the other, when Cons out number Pros you move on.
Elon should be either taking regular vacations or seeing a shrink to get things out regularly, he has put himself where he is he needs to be able to better deal with thing rather than try to Micro Manage everything which causes more problems than it solves.

When I made the same proposal e.g. Elon Musk should concentrate on strategic decisions rather than micro-managing and take a vacation on a remote island to “re-charge his batteries” or get an CFO to talk to Financial analysts etc — I’ve (and many other here) got hammered and down-voted from the Tesla fan cult for this ‘blasphemy’.

There are times when the formerly biggest asset turns into the biggest liability for a company.
When even very environmental & RE promoting and Tesla friendly press like Bloomberg is calling upon the Tesla board to step in urgently to avoid more harm, that says something is going seriously wrong – just when production picks up and a calm management is needed to ensure financing the new factory expansions.

You get downvoted for using loaded language such as “cult” and “blasphemy”.

Another Euro point of view

I am not familiar with north Americans perception of doing something as innocent as he did on this show but frankly, this is an entertainment show and if the (still young) CEO of a trendy silicon valley company cannot do what he did on this show then IMO the problems lies more with the public’s culture being stuck in the 20th century.

Maybe Musk is just giving his supporters and those who haven’t purchase Tesla stock a better price to get in, after all the stock will be higher in a year than it is now.

Such self sacrifice for the greater good!
And the shorts are loving Elon right now too.

Rogan’s final closing statement:

“All you assholes out there — be nice, be nice bitch”

Elon is being super nice by giving all the shorts a chance to get out. Don’t miss your chance. If Tesla fails, humanity fails. Don’t bet against humanity.

Wonderful interview. Elon Musk has an open invitation to my house for private dinner or lunch anytime. 🙂

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

I hope Elon doesn’t drive on autopilot while stoned.

He’d be better off to be like old stoners waiting for stop signs to turn green.

Hope he doesn’t drive at all stoned

Just sayin’

HAHA! “Waiting for stop signs to turn green”. What a great Line.

I stop behind that person at least once a week.

“This is NOT how the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation acts if he or she wishes to continue a successful career”. Richard Branson is laughing at you while parasailing with a naked supermodel on his back.

InsideEvs staff:

Your site is getting trolled hard on this thread by mainly the usual suspects and probably by a few of the previously banned usernames re-registering new usernames.

* Tesla Model 3 selling 14X the Chevy Bolt “Tesla Killer”.

* Tesla selling as many EVs in North America as BMW’s total model lineup including ICE.

* Tesla selling more EVs in North America than all other car makers combined.

… yup

Elon Musk has well earned taking a few hours break to do a kick-back Joe Rogan’s podcast… whisky and all.

It’s amusing watching the anti-Tesla Jim Chanos gang break down over this podcast… they can’t stand the idea of Musk actually enjoying the moment while they remain underwater in their TSLA short.

420 secured.

Are you against weed. Bro? Or just when he smokes it?

Still wIting to hear how much of a tight ass you are Bro….

He didn’t inhale LOL Go Elon Go all the haters shorters gasoline addicts can kiss your lily white stoned arse lol

That’s what I noticed too…he either never smoked or he doesn’t know how to do it.

I don’t know about employes in work, but I think having a little sip of tobbaco+mariuana is perfecly legal in California in such occasion as he was? Am I wrong?

Personally I really don’t mind.

Rogan’s studio is not a Tesla “workplace”, and Musk wasn’t working.

You can’t bring a “weapon to work”, but there is nothing stopping Musk from going to a gun range and shooting off as many rounds on his own time as he wants.

You can’t use alcohol in the workplace, but outside of work Musk can sip all the whiskey he wants.

You can’t use violence at work, but if Musk wants to join a boxing gym and box, he can trade punches in the ring as much as he wants.

What EXACTLY do you think was violated? Keep in mind that California voted approx 60 to 40 for legalization.

Realize that Elon Musk and Donald trump are bookends of the same phenomenon. The British show “black mirror” explained this perfectly in the episode “nosedive”: In a near future (or even present) where the entire world knows all about you and what you are doing, and the pressure to behave perfectly all the time has two ends: insanity or the completely rational end of rebelling and not caring what others think about you.

Yet another example of false equivalency. Like the Trump “there are good people on both sides” comment saying that Nazi/KKK bigots are good people. They aren’t.

Your attempt to tar Elon with the same brush as the Orange Wannabe Dictator says a lot about you… and nothing about Elon, who accomplishes more in one day (while making the world a better place) than most do in their entire lifetime.

I don’t think Scott compared Trump to Musk, just called them the two opposites of a phenomenon. He also suggest’s in this situation you either care so much it drives you insane, or you stop caring and rebel. I don’t see any false equivalency here, all I see is fanboi’s getting upset because somebody might have slighted their all powerful demi-god.

LOL. In Rehab for a puff of a joint!!!
Insanity of Short analysis. You Can Not Even Get High on one puff of a Joint.
Wall Streets hyper reaction seems to highlight the general incompetence of the financial media, and not just in financial matters.

I’ve been listening….it’s pretty entertaining. Stock reaction is garbage over-reaction. Nothing wrong with Elon sipping some whiskey, taking a hit, and shooting the sh!t with Joe.

I’m half way through, and you’re right, pretty cool conversation.

Stock reaction was more for the mandatory SEC notice that the CFO resigned on the spot, followed by the message to Bloomberg that the HR manager is not returning from “leave of absence” — hitting a already confused Wallstreet community ….. confused because : really weird to smoke weed when Wallstreet is used to sniff coke.

Lol wallstreet banksters love the yayo, liquor, and prostitutes

Don’t forget the ludes

Can you imagine being a woman to takes an extended leave of absence having to put up with a ton of trolls all over every website trying to imply that her personal business, and whatever she may choose to do with herself and her body is any of YOUR DAMN Business?

Meanwhile, 64% of Americans are now saying its use should be made legal, and California and Canada have already passed legalization laws. It looks like Tesla haters are yet again out of step and on the wrong side of where the future is going.

Meanwhile, 64% of Americans are now saying its use should be made legal, and California and Canada have already passed legalization laws. It looks like Tesla haters are yet again out of step and on the wrong side of where the future is going.

I think he did great and don’t see any problem with it. Besides, Tesla has a factory in the Netherlands and guess for what Amsterdam is famous for…

MKR – “Tesla Stock Reacts to Elon Musk’s Latest ‘Joint’ Venture”
The best title on the subject i have seen today!

I like how you, MKR, and Musk Roll Elon!

Elon needs to stick to visionary ideas as many depend on him in the EV area and leave the management of Tesla to a stable management board.
Current rotating musical management chairs & Tesla does NOT help Tesla and EV fans.
Elon needs to get himself “together” & play the game properly as this sort of pod cast is really not helping the Tesla brand and resulted in resignations at Tesla.

Reality check:

Chief Accounting Officer David Morton’s resignation was effective Sept. 4, last Tuesday (citation below). Elon taking a (legal) hit off a doobie during an interview happened late last night, Sept. 6 or 7.

Unless you’re suggesting Morton had access to a time machine, it’s rather unlikely that Elon’s interview prompted Morton’s resignation. 😉

While I agree with, and have been saying for the last year or so that maybe Musk needs to take a step back and leave some things to others I disagree that this is bad for Tesla’s image. I’m not a great fan of Musk but I appreciate getting to see his human side and think if anything taking some time to chill out and enjoy himself more often would be a huge benefit to himself and the company.

Also, he did nothing wrong or illegal. What he does in his spare time is entirely his decision.

*Occupy Mars* his shirt reads… And story goes on.

What a day to lose my internet connection!

I come home from doing a carpentry project, I find my internet connection is out, and I look at BBC News, which has a piece saying Elon is caught on tape during an interview smoking a joint, and that two (or was it three?) top Tesla execs had all resigned!

Look, if Elon smokes a doobie I personally don’t care; marijuana is probably less debilitating than alcohol. And I have in the past always dismissed the Tesla bashers “concern tr0ll” posts about execs leaving; that happens at all companies. But when three top execs all leave within just a few days of each other, then it seems to me that indicates something is seriously wrong at the company. Of course I have no inside knowledge, but just like everybody else I’m guessing that Elon is the reason they left.


The problem with the finances are the reason the 3rd CFO throw in the towel this year. Nobody of the ‘tech heads’ were listening to the ‘bean counter’ Dave Morton about securing the finances for expansion plans : US factory for semi, pick-up, roadster, Y, Europe plant, China plant; pay back 1.6 Billion convertible bonds due Nov-2018 and March-2019, how to pay overdue debt to suppliers of $3 billion — all with only $2.2 billion cash on hand and the CEO unwilling to get all financing done urgently this quarter.

Another speculation: Dave Morton as CFO with experience at large scale ‘go private’ deals was hired days before the ‘funding secured tweet’. So he was surprised about the erratic back and from moves at Tesla – or he was hired especially for ‘go private’ which was cancelled so no need for him. Anyway very chaotic situation !

You are confusing chief accountant with CFO…


I think Elon needs to take a leave of absence, and when he returns to Tesla (I hope he doesn’t actually leave), it shouldn’t be as CEO… or as primary spokesmen, either. Elon is too valuable as head of investor relations for Tesla to actually want him to leave the company, but I think it’s increasingly clear that he’s no longer the guy who should be running the company on a day-to-day basis.

All just my opinion, of course. (Let the fur fly!)

Wow when I fully agree with PuPu about Tesla management and that burnt out Elon is becoming a liability for the moment, it must be really serious chaos at Tesla.

WTF man?! Did you even watch the video? Don’t be lazy, you may even learn something today….

After looking at the entire video i have to say that I’m very confused at what all the fuss is about. They had 2 hours of vety interesting conversations on many subjects, drank alcohol and smoked something THAT IS LEGAL!
100% convinced this was a well orchestrated short attack to get the title reading algos to sell…it worked.

If true than this is brilliant. Tesla shorters should get out and go short Ford at $9 per share and the f150 fire scandal that is breaking.

Big difference is that F doesn’t have TSLA valuation….much harder to attack.

Besides Musk risking his Security Clearance for Spacex, (he can’t smoke pot and be a fed gov’t contractor), apparently the BOD is exercising damage control. They’ve just announced a new position of PRESIDENT. I’m sure there will be an article about it here, soon.