Musk Tweets That Tesla Semi Will “Blow Your Mind Clear Out Of Your Skull”

Tesla Semi


The Tesla semi reveal happens this Thursday and according to Elon Musk, it will blow your mind out of your skull.

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi Teaser

What do we know of the Tesla semi? Not much. The only concrete info obtained on the semi is that it’ll be a more of a local hauler with range likely around 200 to 300 miles or so, but Musk sort of disputed that, so perhaps range is even an unknown.

The upcoming Tesla semi truck is expected to have 200 to 300 miles (320 to 480 km) of range with payload, according to an exclusive report from Reuters. From the Reuters report:

“Tesla’s electric prototype will be capable of traveling the low end of what transportation veterans consider to be “long-haul” trucking, according to Scott Perry, an executive at Miami-based fleet operator Ryder System Inc (R.N). Perry said he met with Tesla officials earlier this year to discuss the technology at the automaker’s manufacturing facility in Fremont, California.”

“Perry said Tesla’s efforts are centered on an electric big-rig known as a “day cab” with no sleeper berth, capable of traveling about 200 to 300 miles with a typical payload before recharging.”

However, Musk posted this to Twitter a couple months after the report surfaced ““Semi specs are better than anything I’ve seen reported so far.”  So, we suppose that means Reuters report serves as a baseline to estimate higher range numbers.

We’ll find out all the details on the Tesla semi this Thursday evening when it’s revealed at 8 PM Pacific time.

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With all due respect to Mr. Musk, should he not be spending 100% of his time on Model 3 production? Two things here: Model 3 production may be at a point where he can now concentrate on other product(s), or the new truck may be a joint venture with another company, allowing him to do other things. Either way, really looking forward to this. Imagine what we could do for the environment with vehicles like this.

“With all due respect to Mr. Musk, should he not be spending 100% of his time on Model 3 production?” Definitely not. What he should be doing is delegating more authority to executives at Tesla, instead of trying to oversee every detail personally. His tendency to micro-manage everything has almost certainly contributed to the delays in ramping up Model 3 production. In other words, I think Elon is now more part of the problem than part of the solution at Tesla. If lower-level executives had been delegated the responsibility that they need, then perhaps one or more of them would have had the authority to preemptively deal with problems with the battery pack assembly line(s) at Gigafactory One, thereby moderating or perhaps even eliminating the bottleneck there. Perhaps there was a time when Tesla needed a leader obsessed with detail, as Elon Musk is — and perhaps not. But I think it’s pretty clear that if there was ever a time when his leadership style was appropriate, that time has passed. Regarding Musk’s tendency to personally oversee everything, I think he would be better off concentrating on his position as CEO of SpaceX, and leave running Tesla to those better… Read more »

You should see it more in perspective. The bringing to production of Model 3 was extremely fast. About the old planning most professionals already said it was impossible. And when the 350.000 “orders” came in and Elon said “we are going to take one year off our planning”, professionals said that finally he really lost his mind.

But Tesla did it. And now, within this impossible fast track, they meet some bottlenecks. So the end result will be some slower then crazy fast. Just very fast.

All that is the result of Musk and JB keeping their eyes on the ball at all times. Not loosing attention. So much so they realized they should see the factory itself as a machine, as the product, shifting creative talent to that new goal.

Call it micro managing. I call it: keeping your eyes on the ball.

Your perspective is warped. Stop sipping the cool aid and you’ll see that 3 launch has been, and will be, very poorly executed.

Your perspective is warped. Stop sipping the cool aid and you’ll see that 3 launch has been, and will be, very well and quickly executed.

See, makes just as much sense this way. 😀

“The bringing to production of Model 3 was extremely fast. About the old planning most professionals already said it was impossible.”

LOL! Chevy started with the Bolt about the same time as Tesla started model 3. The Bolt has been on the market for over a year already, where is the model 3?

Seconded. Come on Tesla apologists, give us the answer…

@Pushmi-Pullyu said: “…Regarding Musk’s tendency to personally oversee everything, I think he would be better off concentrating on his position as CEO of SpaceX, and leave running Tesla to those better suited to managing a large manufacturing company. ..” ——– Musk’s tendency to roll upn his sleeve and jump into the trench is not necessarily a bad thing… A CEO’s willingness to get in the front line trench with his team is often sighted as a CEO trait in some of most successful companies. On the other hand a CEO overly micromanaging an organization can seriously limit a company’s ability to scale. Seems to me that Musk thus far has struck a good balance between his willingness to step into the front lines while at same time delegating/allowing his managers to manage… its impossible to always strike the absolute perfect balance … Perhaps a CEO is better to error in being overly present in the trench rather than overly disconnected from the daily operations. Elon Musk leaving Tesla at this time would be a serious net loss to Tesla and the EV Revolution because the task Tesla has at hand to succeed at being the industry leader to drive the… Read more »

It was the worst Undercover Boss disguise. 😀

RE: Musk leaving
We’re at a point where electrification has got to be less than half what is on Elon Musk’s mind. He wouldn’t be leaving Tesla so open to other makers pitching electrification as something their drivers will enjoy, if this were only about the environment. He wouldn’t try disqualifying stunts like FWDs, premium=air suspensions only, AWD only, oddly mounted $$ touch screens only, “Autopilot” over-promises, etc. if this really were about electrification. Let’s agree, it’s not. Tesla’s success or failure hinges upon a number of self-created factors. He’s been praised as a calculated risk-taker. I’m not so sure.

He must strike a balance. Space X, Solor City/Tesla and The Boring Company must take up a couple days per week also.

All we have to do is look at Fisker to see how not to run an electric car company. I wonder if Henrik has learned his lessons? That seemed like more of a hand off to “professionals” to manufacture the car, and owners of the Karma found cars with such disastrous levels of fit and finish as to be inexcusable.

Balance – not such an easy thing to achieve.

The sleeping at the end of the Model X line, and camping atop Gigafactory 1 = novel, if not extreme behaviour. He could have slept in an office in Nevada, but chose to camp on the roof. I wonder what the buzz was on the factory floor? – “The man is up on the roof!”…

@a-kindred-soul @CDAVIS @pjwood1 @James Thanks, EV fans, for contributing to an interesting discussion! Lots of food for thought there, and I appreciate the different viewpoints. * * * * * James said: “All we have to do is look at Fisker to see how not to run an electric car company… That seemed like more of a hand off to ‘professionals’ to manufacture the car, and owners of the Karma found cars with such disastrous levels of fit and finish as to be inexcusable.” I didn’t know much about the causes of the failure of Fisker Automotive, other than the well-known problem with the A123 batteries, and various other reports of mechanical and electrical failures, apparently occurring with unacceptably high frequency. Skimming the article linked below, it looks very much like a severe lack of oversight or control by upper management and costs completely out of control. For instance, how can you possibly spend over half a million dollars building a website for a company selling only (as I recall) two models of cars? Tesla had problems with controlling expenses in its early years, but compared to Fisker, Tesla was even then a model of restraint and strict spending controls!… Read more »

“I think Elon is now more part of the problem than part of the solution at Tesla.”


Oh, wait. Tesla fanboy PP wrote that. So it must be well-conatructed criticism 🙂

Oh, the irony….

Even the fanboys are beginning to see the huge issues at Tesla and CEO Musk.

He is spending time washing brains of his followers before imminent stock dump. Avoiding Chapter 7 now is more urgent and important than organizing Model 3 production.

Avoiding Chapter 7 is always the most important thing. Can’t lead the clean energy revolution if you aren’t in business!

And, yes, Tesla will be raising more capital before long, without a doubt.

It’s all very well producing one or two of something but as is becoming abundantly clear scaling up is the issue. Maybe Musk should focus on solving that problem as without it being resolved there won’t be a Tesla.

Seems to me that Model 3 and this truck are in different phases of their development cycle therefore not necessarily competing for the same resources.

It’s sort of a stock market Ponzi scheme. Whenever there starts to be investor doubts about Tesla’s ability to actually deliver product and profit, there is a shiny new concept of the future displayed to keep them thrilled. Whatever money is generated by the last “wow!” project is then poured into the next “wow!” concept.

How many black shadowy teaser photos, wild Elon tweets and flashy, but hollow product reveals with fuzzy, non committal production dates can investors take? Apparently quite a lot.

Serial anti-Tesla troll DaveH8or once again shows his Seeking Alpha Liars side on all things Tesla here.

With Tesla firmly ensconced as the leader in premium EVs and their Model S having displaced the former reigning champion MB S Class lucrative market share I think its safe to assume that Tesla is very well placed to do well going forward.

I predict the Model 3 will do the same thing to the much larger 3 series, C class and Audi A/S 4 market share.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

That’ true. I though I’m the only one who realises that. But no, there is at least one more ?

Dav8or posted more FUD:

“It’s sort of a stock market Ponzi scheme.”

We really ought to start numbering the Big Lies that short-selling serial Tesla FUDsters keep posting. It would save time.

So, they’ll be distracted and go for the latest item! Now they’ll forget about the Model 3 and pony up the cash for a Tesla semi truck. Those sneaky bastards! Don’t fall for it investors! Make them show you an Actual Model 3 you can touch! Oh…. wait….

I hope Tesla license out the building and selling of this product. They have enough production issues of their own.

Relax. What Tesla will be showing this week is a concept vehicle cum technology demonstrator, not a production intent prototype.

Any actual production vehicle is years off.

Of course my assertion here isn’t yet verifiable fact, and may not be for some weeks. But I think I’m reasonably safe in making this prediction.

@ Pushmi-Pullyu said: “What Tesla will be showing this week is a concept vehicle cum technology demonstrator, not a production intent prototype.

My guess is Elon will unveil a production intent vehicle that will go into production in 2018 to serve as a Tesla Semi “captured fleet” demonstrator for hauls between Tesla Fremont Factory & Tesla Sparks GF. They may also announce an existing Tesla parts supplier also joining the demonstration fleet program.

… we will know soon enough!

I think PMPU has it right. We’ll see a functional concept vehicle that they can run tests on, perhaps while doing useful hauling for the company.

If it were a production prototype then why would production be held off until 2020?

@BenG said: “If it were a production prototype then why would production be held off until 2020?”

Reason #1: GiveTesla Semi time to test the Tesla Semi production captured fleet.

Reason #2: To give Tesla Semi time to install Tesla Semi Superchargers at leading truck stop chains:

Tesla Semi is not a random tangent that Elon Musk ventured into. Tesla Semi has been in the works for a while and a core part of Tesla’s published “Master Plan, Part Deux”:

“Reason #2: To give Tesla Semi time to install Tesla Semi Superchargers at leading truck stop chains”

I’ll make another prediction: Tesla will not install any semi tractor chargers open to the public. It likely will offer to install chargers for those willing to pay Tesla to do so, but it will be up to the fleet operator or the site owner to provide electricity and maintain the charger. Rather like Tesla’s business deal for its Destination Chargers, not like Tesla Superchargers.

“My guess is Elon will unveil a production intent vehicle that will go into production in 2018…”

Then where is the factory where this vehicle will be mass produced? Where are the reports about contracts with vendors for truck parts? Where are the reports about Tesla advertising for workers for this new factory or the new assembly line?

Keep in mind that Musk has quite clearly said the Semi Truck will be made in-house; it’s not going to be farmed out to Magna Steyr or Bollinger or some other manufacturer who typically builds vehicles for other companies.

Again, it’s possible I will be proven wrong here, but I think the odds of that are quite low.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

I guess he will tell to start manufacturing 10000 semis/week next January ???

Well, unlike you troll, he has actually accomplished a great deal in his life so far.

The way to blow the mind of the companies that buy heavy trucks is by offering significant cost reductions. $/mile is the name of the transport game so this is where Tesla needs to convince. If there is mind blowing cost reductions to be had it’s hard to see how Tesla could not succeed in the heavy truck market.

Amen. Cars are emotional purchases, commercial vehicles are the opposite. Trucking companies are going to be looking for something that’s cheap, reliable, boring, reliable, efficient and cheap. No one cares how fast the thing gets to 100. I think we’ll know whether the Tesla semi is a failure as soon as we see the doors: Not one operator is going to buy the thing if Elon has gone and put some kind of fancy door on the tractor.

But then we know that he can’t resist failure-prone expensive whiz-bangery. My face and my palm are ready for one another.

No operator is going to care what the doors look like if there is a chance to beat or get beaten by the competition because of substantially lower $/mile.

I do expect though that the presentation will be about impressing the general public with impressive torque, horsepower, acceleration and nifty features while the only thing the sort of people that actually decide on purchase of these things is $/mile.

A mind blowing presentation could consist of a single tweet revealing mind blowing $/mile, nothing else really matters.

Sigh… Elon hit the bong again…

Musk exhales while karaoke machine plays, “Trucking, got my chips cashed in, keep trucking like the” Elon Man… ,this is epic G.D.

Remember what the G.D. wanted to originally name their band? Was it Skull Truck? Or…

Elon tweeted:

“Tesla Semi Truck unveil… will blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension.”

Hmmm, well it’s the corporate bean-counters that Tesla needs to impress with this technology demonstrator. I seriously doubt most bean-counters are likely to have their minds blown clear out of their skull, regardless of how impressive Tesla’s demo is.

Elon needs to tone down the hype, especially when his target audience is no-nonsense business managers and accountants. What they will be impressed with, or not, is how much money they think such a truck will or won’t save their companies over the long haul — pardon the pun. 😉

The more Elon hypes Tesla’s BEV semi truck, the more he risks a reaction like this:

@Pushmi-Pullyu said” “…it’s the corporate bean-counters that Tesla needs to impress…”

100% agree with that…. for the trucking industry its all about TCOW (Total Cost of Ownership).

Fuel & maintenance is a big cost item for trucking… hopefully Musk in his presentation will include a compelling TCOW story for the bean counters.

From a purely sales perspective, you’re right. But if he’s also trying to influence Tesla’s stock price (as has been suggested), then hype may have more payoffs.

Generally speaking, I don’t buy the argument that Elon’s tweets are intended to pump up Tesla stock price. The stock is too volatile, and any pumping will quickly dissipate.

Now, I certainly think it’s possible that Elon (and Tesla’s PR department) may engage in some pumping right before a new issue of stocks or bonds, or right before another round of fund-raising from investors. In fact, I’ve seen some tweets from Elon which look suspiciously like just that.

But in general, this argument comes across to me as the same B.S. from Tesla haters who keep claiming that all the cars Tesla makes and sells are just part of some sort of gigantic, convoluted stock swindle. As far as I’m concerned, any possibility that is true flew out the window back in 2012, when the Tesla Model S started getting multiple “Best Car of the Year” reviews. Nobody makes a $100,000 product which gets rave reviews from all directions, as part of a stock swindle.

Honestly, I don’t see how anyone except the sort of conspiracy theorist who is totally disconnected from reality could believe such nonsense.

NO, You are flat wrong. TSLA is the Only car company Not to report Intl per country sales to Real End Users. There is no verification like what InsideEVs does via hard work in the USA. There isn’t Definitely the likelihood that there is some sort of Quid Pro Quo funny biz going on like Dotcom company to company/partner going on, esp after Tencent investment, and Joke of a China 2016 16K market share.

It’s most definitely a stock pump. There’s simply no chance in hell that Tesla will be able to produce this truck. They can’t even produce the model 3! Tesla has no money for a truck line (or a bunch of new gigafactories by the way, where did that go?) and won’t have for a long time. If they eventually manage to get the model 3 going they then need to focus on model Y.

But hey, the stock pump worked at least. Tesla is up $12 and will probably rise a bit more until Thursday.

Elon Musk is not another John DeLorean, that’s for sure.

His main target audience for that tweet certainly wasn’t the corporate bean-counters who might buy a hundred trucks from Tesla.

It’s clearly aimed to hype up Tesla among the audience that usually follows his tweets … if there is a business objective then it would be to distract from the slow Model 3 ramp and give speculators something to latch on to in order to firm up the financial markets for another offering of stocks and/or bonds.

Being able to access the financial markets for massive funds is an important part of his game-plan for Tesla to lead the clean energy revolution.

The Reveal for Tesla’s Semi Tractor BEV has been in the works for months or even years. The idea that it’s just a distraction from the delay in the TM3 ramp up fails a reality check.

You seriously need to put down the Pompoms and take yr meds. It’s totally obvious that Musk does these things BEFORE he needs to Raise More Funds Every Single Time. In fact, he Fires and Dumps employees and contractors Just To show profitability in the Past to raise Funds you KEEP the Lights ON. period. There is No Hope At All of achieving Profitability Anytime Soon, so You Can sense of Desperation and Hyperbole in the Verbiage. Wake up Blind Mouse, haven’t you learned from a Year of DJT tweets

Another Euro point of view

“Hmmm, well it’s the corporate bean-counters that Tesla needs to impress with this technology demonstrator”


He needs to find his Portal gun?

In other news, Tesla acquires Aperture Science. All future autonomous Tesla vehicles will be running GLaDOS.

Tesla has already demos rated leadership in battery swaps, super charging and energy that could make the Semi truck far beyond anything. We need to think outside the box and be open to what Tesla can do.
We will know more this Thursday. Hold on.

“Blow your mind clear out of your skull “ – – 450 kW wireless. charger for Tesla Semi ?!?

Mr. Fusion. I mean, hey, it’s 2017. We’re two years overdue! 😉

600kW charging rates and probably like a 1MWh battery.

Will it have solar panels on top?

I think the project is fascinating and I know at least one person here that does also (PMPU).

I enjoyed a little napkin math of my own in this article I wrote about what MPGe it could possibly get. The napkin math I did put the MPGe of the Tesla semi at 2 kwh/mile (.5 mi/kwh).

PMPU’s napkin math pegged MPGe at a little worse- 2.26 wh/mile (.44 miles/kwh).

I saw a really good video by Bjorn on it. It was long and I was skeptical that Bjorn could really have much insight but it was definitely worth watching.

Bjorn predicts even better MPGe at 1.6 kwh/mile.

In retrospect I think we will find that Bjorn is a little closer for the short haul version.

Here’s some other things Bjorn predicted as a benchmark.

-different battery sizes available of 400-600 kwh

-no battery swap

– at least 350 kw charging @600 volts . (750-1000 amp water cooled cable)

-auto steer

-probably no batteries or motor in trailer but would be interesting to have trailers able to self drive and auto hook up. Plus it would increase regen.

Bjorn range prediction 248-366 miles with 400 and 600 kwh packs

I’m thinking that the battery capability is a modular stack of some sort. Perhaps not vertically so, but it is clear that range is a variant for these sorts of vehicles. Long haul trucks versus medium or in-town vehicles strikes me as a “one truck to rule them all” strategy. If you look at the overall Musk vision, he’s not going to have the SpaceX/ Boring Company long-haul supersonic freight take an unnecessary hit here. He will want the technologies to collaborate neatly. With that in mind, The demonstration will be both technological and conceptual. Considering the Boring Company is presently building tunnels on both the East Coast and West Coast, it is only a matter of time before a trans-continental route is built. I, for one, welcome the Boring Company’s efforts to reduce semi trucks on the road, and Tesla’s efforts to reduce the noise pollution of engine-braking. Now, if only someone would reduce the noise of motorcycles and their loud pipes. 250 miles of range for $9000 would be a market winner.

Tunnels take an exceedingly long time to build. Remember how the speed target for the Boring Company is matching a snail? It would take decades or centuries to develop a sufficient cross-country tunnel system to accommodate the trucking industry.

Tons of interesting problems to solve, and just think how conventional trucking has not really overcome many of these issues in a lifetime.

Braking comes to my mind. Just look at the runoffs on the downsides of our country’s mountainous roads. How many times has a trucker lost his/her life to malfunctioning air brakes with all those loads travelling down a mountainside?

Electric braking and adjustable regen seems so perfect for safety, simplicity, weight savings and extended range.

“PMPU’s napkin math pegged MPGe at a little worse- 2.26 wh/mile (.44 miles/kwh).”

Thanks for the shout out!

But please note my “napkin math” analysis was aimed at a generic BEV semi tractor. I do expect Tesla, with its superior ability to reduce drag, to best my estimate by a bit. Maybe even more than a bit; I’m anxious to see the actual figures!

P.S. — My estimate was actually 2.4 kWh/mile, or 0.41667 miles per kWh. Again, I expect Tesla to do at least slightly better than that estimate.

At around 2kwh/m the fuel cost will be cut in half compared to the average diesel truck…

Time to cover.

I know that Musk’s personal job is that of a Carnival Barker – its worked for him in the past as it had for Steve Jobs at Apple.

But what is new here is I haven’t heard such teenage (or even pre-teen) language that is more common on these blogs than it is for someone in a business suit.

From a practical point of view, if analysts don’t 100% agree that this is the BEST thing since Sliced Bread – what Mr. Musk stated will seem irrational instead of just SILLY no matter how good the new trucking product is.

AS it is, he’s set the bar unreasonably high for a new product.

It would be enough if he said something like “This is the most desirable Truck that anyone considering one would want.”

“Blowing your mind into a different dimension” sounds like Lucy in the SKY with Diamonds – or the words were written by people on mind-altering substances.

Bill Howland:
““Blowing your mind into a different dimension” sounds like Lucy in the SKY with Diamonds – or the words were written by people on mind-altering substances.”

Well, he makes no secret about using some “mind-altering substances” :/ Common side effects of Ambien (zolpidem tartrate, similar to benzodiazepines):
“Common (1% to 10%): Depression, abnormal dreams, sleep disorder, insomnia, exacerbated/aggravated insomnia, hallucinations, agitation, nightmare, drugged feeling, confusion, euphoria, memory impairment, amnesia…”

Mixing it with alcohol enhances side effects.

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

Another vapor ware from Tesla

Hardly. Maybe you should not throw around terms, of which you have no clue what they mean.

It most certainly is. Tesla isn’t even able to produce the model 3 won’t be to a level to support the company. There is no way in hell that Tesla is able to afford setting up a new production line for a vastly different product such as a truck. This is nothing but a stock pump in advance of raising more money.

Semi’s, power walls, Model X doors, Ludicrous mode – all innovative and fun, and all factors that could explain why the Model 3 production schedule and retail roll out is in tatters. Tesla began working on the Model 3 concept in 2013 – around the same time that GM started working on the Bolt concept. But it wasn’t until October 2015, per JB, that Tesla’s engineering was primarily focused on the Model 3. Per Wikipedia – “In 2013, design chief Franz von Holzhausen said that the Model 3 will “be an Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class type of vehicle that will offer everything: range, affordability, and performance” that is targeted toward the mass market.[39] While technology from Tesla’s Model S will be used in the Model 3,[40] it will be 20% smaller than the Model S[41] and have its own unique design.[42] According to Tesla’s CTO, JB Straubel, in October 2015 most Tesla engineers were working on the 3 rather than S or X.” Note that Wired Magazine’s Alex Davies drove an early production-intent Chevy Bolt at GM’s proving grounds in October 2015. Though starting development at the same time, GM had stayed quietly-focused on developing the Bolt… Read more »

“What happened? Why are suppliers still dealing with Model 3 design changes? Why is manufacturing still dealing with battery pack and body assembly line bottle necks?”

Tesla radically accelerated the timetable for putting the TM3 into production, is what happened.

“Tesla may be innovative, but they are not disciplined. Discipline comes from the top, and Musk is the polar opposite of disciplined.”

Sadly, I have to agree. That’s one of the reasons why I say it’s time (past time) for Elon to step back and let someone else be CEO of Tesla. He can stay on the Board as an advisor, or they can create a position such as “Chief of Technology Innovation” for him.

The only likely way this could blow my mind is if they’ve got 100s of them ready to be handed over to customers for actual use at the reveal.

Any actual release date given we all know has about as much actual likelihood of being met as pigs flying despite what those Pacifica commercials show.

You know what would really blow minds out of skulls? Well, after excluding TSLA cultist tainted minds? A “real” Model 3 delivery + real review this year! That would certainly blow my mind! Lol

Gosh, thanks so much for the reminder. We might have forgotten in the five minutes since the last time you posted that bit of Tesla bashing. /sarcasm


Nice to see Musk give such a hype-free, down-to-earth assessment, if nothing else… It’s funny. I can hardly name any truck models, much less give details about their specs, and yet this is a product launch I don’t want to miss! Despite my difficulty taking Tesla seriously these days it is going to be very interesting to see what they have done and how it will be received. Unfortunately the event takes place at such an ungodly hour my time (from 4 AM onwards) that I will only watch the recording sometime on Friday, but I definitely will watch it. IMO, it should be pretty clear that going electric makes even more sense for trucks than it does lighter vehicles. The reason is simple: fuel cost is a much bigger part of total cost. And if we include external costs to the environment – the sort of cost that *ought* to be included in the price of operating a vehicle, and to some extent *is* in Europe thanks to high fuel taxes – then this is even more true. Batteries are expensive, but not more so than to make electric propulsion very nearly cost-competitive in regular cars. So even at… Read more »

While I don’t see Tesla becoming a freight logistics company in the way you’re describing, I think they are planning to offer something that’s more cost-effective for the trucking companies. My guess is they will offer trucks enabled with platooning, so you have one truck in front with a driver and 2-3 remotely synced driverless trucks behind the one in front. That would allow companies to save on both fuel and personnel, which are the 2 biggest cost items for trucking companies.

Stop Start – Big City & Suburbs will be this new trucks Forte.
Bring it on.

That expensive, eh?

I really hope it has the gullwing doors.