Musk Posts Image Of First Tesla Model 3 Performance Rolling Off Line

AWD Tesla Model 3 being built in a tent


The first-ever Tesla Model 3 Performance has just rolled off the production line and here we present it in all of its glory.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously stated that production of the Performance version of the Model 3 would begin in July. Well, it’s only mid-June, so it looks as though Tesla is ahead of schedule with this launch.

The Performance version of the Model 3 starts at a whopping $78,000. It will pull off a 3.5-second zero-to-60-mph sprint and be almost fully loaded. Two options, including Autopilot, are available. Maxxed out, the Model 3 Performance checks in at $83,000.

Model 3 Performance Info

  • $78,000 (without Autopilot)
  • 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
  • 155 mph top speed
  • Range: 310 miles

The Model 3 Performance will have black and white interior (the same white interior potential buyers have been waiting for since it was teased long ago). For now, this will only be used in the new Performance version. However, it will be available in other Model 3 trims in the form of a package at some point. The Performance variant also gets 20-inch wheels and a carbon fiber spoiler as standard.

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most of us are waiting for the $35K model 3. They all have more performance than most of us will ever need. It’s always the price that counts the most.

Expect to wait for a long time (with US tax credits expiring… tick tock).

High margin cars always have to come first. Otherwise there won’t be a Tesla around to make the $35k version.

“It’s always the price that counts the most.”

But but but a year ago it was range range range. How quickly we forget.

As Truett Cathy said, “Price is what you pay for something, value is what you get in return.” For many of us, value counts as much if not more than price.

You got that right! All this $35K EV with 200 miles turned out to be smoke and mirrors! Tesla did not escape the US car business model where upsale with big fat pure profits is actually a dis honest business practice called bait and switch. Another disappointment another day! Soon Musk is More of a businessman than an engineer in the end. Now all he does is trying to make headline news with wow factor that doesn’t stand to test of basic sensible value for customers. I despise this practice! Keep your car! I am not going to risk my life by overpaying to burn myself up!

Looking forward to some close ups. Those rotors look reasonably large, but may just be the standard size.

Any car that can hit 155 needs large rotors and calipers for stopping power…

Yes, and I think the Model 3P is going to weigh over 4K lbs, so it will need massive brakes to keep from fading on a track.

Bigger picture on twitter —

pbs . twimg . com/media/Df1slrgVQAATL5c.jpg:large

20″ wheels and the calipers are almost touching the barrel. Not much room to go bigger. I know they use Brembos, most likely 4 pot on the non P. P may go up to 6 pot with track pads, stainless brake lines and track spec fluid.

What is a pot?

A Piston so to speak.

One would hope. And I am waiting, painfully, to place my order for a Model 3 AWD Performance…

What’s with that wheel gap?

Likely factory mode with air suspension up to high.

Thought the m3 came with springs not air suspension.

Now that you mention it I think you are right. I couldn’t recall if they introduced air suspension with the performance version.

Shipping blocks


They have said that air suspension is coming next year. 2019

weight isn’t on wheels?

No battery yet.

No battery yet.


By Charing so much that’s not the formula! Don’t take us environmentalist and well intentioned people for a ride! Charing so much that’s not the formula! Don’t take us environmentalist and well intentioned people for a ride!

Charing? What is charing? CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP FOLKS thanks for caring

Yes Tesla, hurry up, so Mister G can move on to some new material!

Tesla has turned into a cult!

So why haven’t you joined?!?!

Proud to be Tesla Cult member #245.

“So why haven’t you joined?!?!”,
should read,
“So why haven’t you joined yet?!?!”

Better late than never!

St. Elon still has the Car-b-que going,
still awaiting for your EVentual arrival!

Tesla cult member #269, have you upgraded your tesla cult membership? I did and I got the elon musk keychain LOL

You suck as a stand-up ‼️

2015 is calling, they want their meme back.

The anti-Tesla trolls only negatively commenting in every single article about Tesla is the kind of dedication only found in a cult.

This one going in Canada. Hahahahha
Very good Tesla.

Looks like a white interior too.


That’s all you get for $84k is a fast 0-60?

The wheels look horrible for that price of car.

The BMW M5 sedan starts at $105k and hits 60 in 3.2 seconds with 600 hp. The Model 3 is close at 3.5 seconds and comes with autopilot all for $20k less.

A fact that escapes trolls like Clive.

Going straight is not everything so hopefully it will handle well.

So get real and troll on ‼️

Totally different class of car regardless.

We have no idea how a Model 3P will handle yet.

Considering the raves that the Model 3 received for its handling already, I’m sure the Performance model will handle extremely well.

Let’s hope so.

And it may even beat the 3.5 in real life. Or get some OTA updates to do so. Same happened with Model S.

I really care more about handling vs how fast it gets to 60 mph. Handling cannot be fixed with OTA Updates.

I’d not be so sure about the handling too. Traction control is computer controlled, and maybe suspension too.

A full line in just three weeks?! How the hell do you compete with that? I see consolidation coming for some of the smaller marques.


Look what Ford’s CEO has done.

That only counts if there are no quality issues with the new line. I would not to buy a car recently off that line.

I just think it’s hilarious they are building these in a tent !

Who gives a rats ass.

If they build them they will come.