Musk: Full Refund If Buyer Doesn’t Love Tesla Model 3 Performance


The sheer confidence arising from every move and word uttered by Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is surprising in the automotive industry.

Mostly, it gives his companies a bigger spotlight than usual, attracting both investors and customers.

However, some of his most recent episodes of brash straightforwardness may bring on a few problems in the long run. A few weeks ago, Musk declared he’s taking the company private, at $420 per stock. While this move is still in play, it was incredibly bold and perhaps a bit premature.

On the other hand, the latest Tweet by Musk is a pure genius move by CEO of Tesla. In it, he offers the customer an option to return his Model 3 Performance if it doesn’t fulfill expectations and to receive a full refund for it.

We should note that the buyer above actually did spring for the Performance version:

Naturally, this doesn’t mean that all Model 3 Performance customers will be able to return it. But, in reality, even this may pose a slippery slope for the carmaker. Can you really offer a full refund to just one buyer and not everyone else? Is that legal?

Clearly, the number of people that would even think of returning their Tesla Model 3 is extremely low. However, the company’s head figure being confident to that level – pure marketing genius.

What are your thoughts on this bold move?

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Some of us, totally already convinced that the Performance Model 3 is an amazing car, are painfully waiting for ours to arrive. I am one of the earliest reservations, back on 3/31/2016, and already a 2X time Tesla owner (2013 Model S85 and then and current 2015 Model S P85DL) who configured my Model 3 Performance on 19 June. I have not heard a peep, email, call, etc. from Tesla about the production and delivery of that Performance Model 3 while many non owners, newbies, and later configuration orders are already delivered! Of course all the delivered cars are incredibly well-reviewed by their enthusiastic drivers, but it is quite hard to understand and wait patiently for Tesla’s “customer support” and delivery process.

Of course the car is worth waiting for, but it would sure be great if Tesla could be more transparent about production and delivery schedules….

Have you called the customer support number? You should probably do that in case something happened to your order:
(877) 798-3752

Factory has been very slow the last 10 days… I have no idea what is going on, but they are not shipping near as many cars per day as they were a month ago. .

It’s all over Twitter. See my earlier posts.

Bloomberg has adjusted to me the last 2 qtrs, not the other way.. Bloomberg is not a fact at all… Its Tesla’s manipulation of data…

it’s ok, that means that you will have the best built one yet.

If you’re in America I can understand this sentiment, but if you’re in another country then you know we are still waiting to international deliveries to begin.

Clickbait title. I thought everyone not an objectophile could return the car. Turns out you also have to not like it.

Performance Model 3 – Could be more than some people could handle, and scares the S**T out of them! Might be one reason to ‘Not Like it’, but I don’t know if that is the message he is trying to convey!

Sometimes Elon says things in short form (Blame Twitter’s limits, and his busy schedule) in what should be said more completely, or in longer form!

Elon made that offer to the one guy he was talking to, not to everybody. I think it’s quite a stretch to suggest that this would make Tesla legally responsible for making the same offer to everyone.

It would be nice if more ‘regular folks’ would be showcased buying these expensive Model 3 versions instead of all these social media folks who will claim it as a MAJOR business expense / write-off and offer endless glowing social media posts on how they love their new Model 3.

It’s not a secret in social media circles – Tesla articles brings in more traffic. Just a cost of doing business.

Regular folks can not afford the Model 3.

I am a “regular folk” and am waiting for mine. Trick is that I have been saving since before putting that original reservation. Also means prioritizing that saving over spending money on other, discretionary things.

Get Real, you need to see what the definition of a troll is… Both seven and I post real data points that may or may not be 100% accurate, but they are not deceiving or made up. You however post anger responses that contain no data whatsoever. Grow up, go do some research and bring some data that trumps our data… BTW, why do you drive a Bolt if you like the Model 3 so much, and debate that it is affordable for regular folks? You do not make any sense… If I like a car, I buy it… Deposit placed on I-Pace and Taycan. As I like both of them for different reasons.

Swing and a miss David. I was referring to TeslaPlease conspiracy claims above that “social media” types are buying Model 3Ps and writing them off as business expenses and then writing ” endless glowing…” reviews of them to further their business/clicks, blah, blah, blah. COMPLETELY ignoring the reality that virtually everyone who has tested the car has come to the same conclusion that it is simply awesome which by the way is a virtual repeat of what happened with the Model S when it came out, no coincidence. And now an American company in Tesla has done what no other American auto OEM has done in meeting and beating the German luxury/sport makers at their own game in those classes that Tesla competes with them. Something as an American and an EV enthusiast I am very grateful (and proud) of and you should be too but you are NOT as your constant, carpet-bombing attacks and denigration here of this innovative and disruptive American company proves over and over as you claim to be buying a foreign EV and investing in foreign EV makers to boot. So there are some data and facts for you to try and spin away from… Read more »

It’s for everybody! This was in their email “Updates: Paint Options and Free Supercharging” on September 12, 2018.

And we actually returned our black model 3 :,-( Long range RWD within 48h although none of the employees knew how the refund worked. We got to try the car and I really loved but my wife didn’t for a number reason, including legit financial concerns on top of it. Tesla staff was very nice about it and last week we got checks for our refunds (initial deposit, order and I think loan…).

I was actually hoping they wouldn’t! well well…

Now Mercedes can save on those pesky rental fees on their next tear down.

Are there quality issues with the Model 3 or not? Hard to get accurate information

‘Wall Street analysts tore down a Tesla Model 3 and found ‘significant fit & finish issues’ (TSLA)

“Our teardown experts noted numerous Model 3 quality issues including inconsistent gaps & flushness throughout the car, missing bolts, loose tolerances, and uneven & misaligned spot welds,” the team of analysts led by Colin Langan wrote in a note to clients Thursday.

“The car scored ‘below average’ on the fit & finish quality audit which looked at >1, 500 gap measurements,” UBS’ Colin Langan wrote in the note to clients. “The team also found the body-wind noise was ‘borderline acceptable.'”
“The results confirm media reports of quality issues & are disappointing for a $49k car,” UBS said.

They won’t be easy fixes, either, UBS added, especially when it comes to the structural issues creating excess noise.
After speaking to manufacturing experts and former Tesla employees, the bank said “many of the issues have to do with the basics of stamping out frame parts or the attachment thereof, which requires extensive retooling investment and shutdown time to fix.”‘

The poor build quality is proof that Tesla is a technology/IT company, not a true car manufacturer.

We shall see.

I wonder when this car was built, it was the first available configuration. Could these issues be already fixed?

Here is an article on the UBS teardown results:

“The results confirm media reports of quality issues and are “disappointing” in a $49,000 car, the analysts said. They stripped a 2017 Model 3, and while Tesla has acknowledged quality issues with earlier Model 3 vehicles, it now claims quality is on par with Model S and Model X vehicles, UBS said.”

So, yes, they tore down a very early copy of the car that doesn’t reflect the big gains in quality that Tesla claims for the Model 3 over the past year.

Actually the report states the car was built in January 2018, and delivered in February 2018 after a 2 week “quality Holdback” the second car they bought was delivered in April 2018, and showed some quality improvement, but still had stamping issues between the fender and hood.

Better to be a UBS customer and get the real report.

I’ve seen a detailed tear down of multiple model S, in different specs and from various stages of manufacture and a single model X. If they say quality is on par with those cars then that is not a good sign at all. We bench marked and broke down cars from every single competitor, and even non competitors to see how they did things. The Tesla’s consistently had 4 – 6 times more defects than anyone else, some of them being frighteningly dangerous.

What would be “frighteningly dangerous” would be to believe this anonymous comment isn’t fake news.


Why are you citing a crappy article about something “Wall Street” did. That article was suspect, at best.

Had a reservation day one on original announcement day but cancelled when I found out the proposed M3P model pricing would cost as much as a nicely equipped Jaguar I-Pace. I ordered the Jaguar because it offered better warranty and hatchback that I thought the M3 would have had plus the I-Pace has so many options and a more luxurious interior. But even after getting a mid July build date it was delayed and I’m in the same situation as folks who have ordered an M3P and are frustrated with the wait.

If I were given a full refund offer with purchase of the M3P, I would have gone with the Tesla. We recently test drove a RWD LR M3 and found it very entertaining and with rear trunk under floor storage, didn’t seem like not being a hatch back wasn’t all that bad. And then there is the free for life supercharger promo in effect till mid Sept that has me rethinking Tesla and the M3P…

Just picked up M3P yesterday. Fit and finish excellent and the white interior is vibrant. Couldnt recommend more.