Model 3 Shoots Tesla Sales In September Up By 270%

OCT 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Tesla Model 3 sales increased some 19,000% year-over-year.

The EV revolution in the U.S. is engaging a higher gear and the main force that enables thousands of to switch to electric cars is Tesla.

In September, Tesla sold in the U.S. almost 30,000 electric cars according to our estimates:

  • Model 3 – 22,250
  • Model X – 3,975
  • Model S – 3,750
  • Total: 29,975 (up 270%)

During the past 12 months, Tesla delivered over 129,000 BEVs in the U.S.

In the first nine months of 2018, Tesla delivered over 114,000 BEVs:

  • Model 3 – 78,132
  • Model S – 18,395
  • Model X – 17,575
  • Total: 114,102 (up 225%)

Cumulative sales of all there models are now approaching 275,000:

  • Model S – 136,542
  • Model 3 – 79,904
  • Model X – 57,327
  • Total: 273,733

Here’s the culprit of all those declining ICE car sales:

Tesla Model 3 sales in U.S. (estimated) – September 2018

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14 Comments on "Model 3 Shoots Tesla Sales In September Up By 270%"

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Of note that is that luxury sedan sales are up YoY overall in the US. Don’t let anyone tell you that people aren’t interested in the segment.


Would they also be up *without* the Model 3?…

Scott Franco


Think about what you asked.


I Like Scott’s answer, but no. If you exclude Model 3 sales, the segment has suffered devastating losses. The Model 3 outsells the next selling luxury vehicle by a factor of 2. Even the Model S maintains >35% market share in the large luxury sedan segment.


I got mine as part of this Q3 push.
Delivery early October, then they pulled in to last weekend.
Enjoying it.

Scott Franco

“the main force that enables thousands of to switch to electric car”

People? Small animals? Outer space aliens?

Get Real


Prad Bitt

Clean air to breathe and normal climate?

Madan R

In USA cumulative sales, at the end of August, Model-3 was slightly behind Ford Fusion plugin by probably 100 units. With this 22,250 unit sales, it has overtaken Fusion and is trailing behind Toyota Prius plugin. Now Model-3 is #5 in overall USA sales.

Taylor Marks

I’m wondering where we see the Model 3 peak. Is it somewhere beyond the F-150 (75K-80K per month)? Or is it around the Silverado and RAM (~50K per month)? Does it even reach the RAV4, CR-V, and Rogue (30-40K per month)?

It’ll eventually reach the point where watching it rise above other vehicles in the US will no longer entertain… then we’ll have to watch it rise above other vehicles globally.


Depends on the 35k demand.

I’d guess 30-40k.


Congrats, Tesla! Your momentum can’t be stopped.


@ Mark Kane

The global cumulative total number of Tesla Model S deliveries (during the current decade) could possibly have reached (or is somewhere near) the milestone of 250,000 (by the end of September 2018).

Could you confirm if that milestone has been reached (or has not been reached yet)?

Perhaps by using the numbers of the graph of the quarterly deliveries of the Tesla Model S.


comment image


And cumulative deliveries for Tesla will be reached 500.000 before the Christmas!