Model 3 Drives Tesla Sales In U.S. To Growth Of 440%

AUG 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla increased electric car sales in the U.S. by more than four times in July.

According to IEVs estimates, last month Tesla deliveries amounted to 16,775, which is 440% more than the 3,105 sold one year ago:

  • Tesla Model S – 1,200 (down from 1,425)
  • Tesla Model X  – 1,325 (down from 1,650)
  • Tesla Model 3  – 14,250 (up from 75)

As you can see, the main driving force is the Model 3, which didn’t even reach half of its full potential at 40,000+ a month (10,000 a week) yet.

Strong results from Tesla means that July for the first time will become a record month (usually records were noted in the last months of quarters).

Tesla Model 3 sales in U.S. (estimated) – July 2018

We would like to pay particular attention to the rolling 12-month total, which indicates that Tesla entered a phase of exponential growth of sales. In the past 12 months, the company already delivered more than 88,000 electric cars in U.S.

Tesla sales in U.S. (estimated) – July 2018

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18 Comments on "Model 3 Drives Tesla Sales In U.S. To Growth Of 440%"

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Man, I wonder what new, “fresh” negative spin the shorters are gonna have to come up with to counter this week’s tidal wave of good news for Tesla?

Well, it looks like Tesla acknowledged that the current bottleneck is the delivery logistics, so… the shorts no longer have a deep, dark conspiracy that they claim Tesla is keeping hidden. Tesla also stated that they are already turning a small profit per Model 3 at the current production rate, so the shorts no longer can obsess over burst rates and sustained rates, because now it’s irrelevant… the gross margin on the Model 3 is already positive, and it’s only going to increase from here. I suppose what they’ll cling to now is the operating expenses, claiming that it went up 200 million from Q1 to Q2, completely ignoring that 100 million of that opex increase in Q2 was due to restructuring, and also ignoring that there was a boost in revenue of 600 million at the same time,

They’ll make it up. The reasons they are shorting are more identity and emotional then rational.

Just watch “reasons” offered will change yet result will remain. Again.

@John said: “Man, I wonder what new, “fresh” negative spin the shorters are gonna have to come up with…”

Each time the Jim Chanos anti-Tesla wolfpack barks a new “Fall of Tesla” spin they increasingly come off as sounding delusional. Perhaps the short squeeze pain is near the tolerance limit?

At this point I’m wanting to look away from Jim Chanos’s slow death roll… it’s like witnessing someone being hanged, drawn and quartered. Though Elon will likely take a front seat to the spectacle and light up a fire to roast a few marshmallows while kicking back a few beers… atop the Gigafactory roof.

Yes, a Tsunami of hurt has begun for the shills, shorters and haters.

Agree the Russian trolls will be back

The question now is when will the number of new Tesla’s on the road start to become a force of nature in terms of changing oil demand?

I seem to notice that they are having a lot of news stories about how the American Family is being drained by high gasoline and oil prices. Also gas prices seem to be going up and up now.

At one point will Tesla start dragging down oil prices in that if you look at a 14,000 Tesla Model 3’s hitting the roads if 10,000 were sold in the US and they each offset $25 a week in gasoline that is $250,000 a week in oil money being diverted.

Now Times that by 10 weeks and you have $2,500,000 million in fuel for 10,000 cars.

Times that by 52 years in a year and that is $13,000,000 million in gasoline sales not going to fossil fuels.

Far more impact on gas stations here in the USA. If we stopped using gas completely in the USA, the oil companies would not go bankrupt, there is overseas sales and diesel trucks. But replace perhaps %25 of cars with EVs, you will start seeing gas stations shutter at a shuddering rate.

The impact on gas stations is actually even worse. Each person that doesn’t come to their stores to buy gas, are also customers who don’t buy their massively overpriced candy, snacks, and nasty hotdogs on their roller grills. (cig smokers will probably keep going just for cigs.)

Unfortunately oil companies sell about 60 billion just in gasoline a year in the US so we need to sell many more before they feel any pain. It’s a start we have a long way to go.

Oil industry doesn’t respond well to negative scale. Positive scale sure. But Demand less then projections are both a problem and quite a ways off. Sooner then many would believe but still all too far away.

Buses, Semi’s, Ferries and Islands supplanting diesel power generation those have huge effect as does fleet utility such as Workhorse offerings. Cost per mile, not purchase price is key determinate of market share. Personal vehicles, well we’ve been lulled into rather high $/mile. Even the way we buy gas is used to obscure that.

Looks like about 40,000 Model 3s sold in its first 12 months of production. That’s more than the first year of Model S sales and the first year of Model X sales combined!

I love hearing that the shorters lost another billion betting against Tesla.
Who wears short shorts you wear short shorts. Chanos, Einhorn investors paying them for advice. Hahaha

I like it even better when they update the story at close of market to $2 Billion! Yowza!!

“Tesla short sellers are sitting on a paper loss of nearly $2 billion after stock rally ”

Tesla shorts are going to need to reconsider their positions! Now, how much more upside pain, are they willing to endure, is the question?

This is where the phrase “being caught short” comes from, it’s not a good thing.

“Tesla envy happens when other people have, ahem, long positions and yours is too short.” — Jim Whitehead

But that’s not what “caught short” means.


Definition of short
1 : in a curt manner

2 : for or during a brief time

3 : at a disadvantage : unawares
caught short

4 : betting against Tesla and found with their brown stained shorts down