Musk Talks Tesla & Automaker’s $25,000 Future Car With MKBHD


Project Loveday winner and king of tech reviews talks Tesla and tech with Elon.

Who better to partake in a new, exclusive interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk than tech-reviewer extraordinaire, Tesla owner, and Project Loveday winner Marques Brownlee. Many of you may also know him as MKBHD. We had a chance to meet Marques at the Model 3 handover event last year and we’re here to say he’s kind, eloquent, and crazy smart. If you watch his tech reviews, this probably comes as no surprise.

Fast forward to recent days and Brownlee took a trip to the Fremont factory to sit down with the busy CEO. Despite Musk’s crazy schedule and the mounting situation in the media, he was able to give MKBHD a good chunk of his time to talk about tech and the future, among other things. Brownlee also notes that he was also able to tour the Fremont facility with Musk. He’ll be releasing a video of that in the near future. As soon as that happens, we’ll share it with our readers.

Without further ado, enjoy the interview. But be warned, there’s a shocker within. Musk hints at a future $25,000 Tesla. Zing!

Video Description via Marques Brownlee on YouTube:

Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk.

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Wow, 1000% better than the NY Times paid hit piece.
The NY Times need to fully DISCLOSE who PAID FOR THAT EDITORIAL SLANT, of “anonymous sources said…”

And look, Musk is LUCID and IN CONTROL.
But, being “on the point of tears” gets more clicks.

What? Musk is jittering all over the place, Marques looks in control, and much more well spoken. Elon is a train wreck… Looks like a tweaker to me.

And.. here’s one now.. That didn’t take too long.

What John, no comment or complaint about the delusional conspiracy rant by Tesla fanboi REXisKing? Me thinks you’re biased.

You haven’t been around many smart people have you? Its not uncommon for them to be a little socially awkward and have trouble articulating their thoughts.

Actually I hang with people weekly that run companies far larger and more profitable then Tesla, so yes, I do spend a fair amount of time with smart people. Much smarter then myself.

Oh yeah, well I hang with people that run companies far bigger and more profitable that the people you know that run those companies. I also drive an iPace with a trunk full of Tesla stock shorted cash like you.

Oh I’m sure you spend time with people smarter than yourself all the time, but that isn’t really saying much is it? LOL

In that it was not too difficult to find smarter people around when he was around them.
He should get them to come here and tell us what they think.

Too funny. Someone who stoops to spreading FUD for a living pretending they’ve run companies.

Thanks. Best laugh i’ve had in a while:)

In this comment section alone, you say that you hang with people that run companies far larger than Tesla, own a construction business for 30 years and aspire an iPace. When trolling, at least get your stories straight. Didn’t they teach that at troll-academy? For the first claim, that would be CEOs (or board members) of companies with >>40000 employees and/or market cap >>70 billion. There are not so many companies that applies to, and the leaders of those are usually filthy rich (and low level management does not run a company, those guys are expendable). I doubt that a head of a construction business who has enough spare time to continuosly post on insideevs does run a very large operation, more likely a one person enterprise or a few employees. Also, if said business was large, the head would be rich enough to afford any car he want’s and not blab about it (usually those people have a garage full of vehicles to choose from at home and a driver at work). Those aforementioned leaders of large companies usually tend to spend their scarce free time amongst their own circles. They also don’t do direct business with a small… Read more »

I find it interesting that you go so far off topic to access my personal life. I am not going to name drop, because online it does not matter, nor do my income or friends make any difference in this discussion.

Funny that you felt a need to bring it up in the first place…

Many very smart people run in my circle, none of which call rescuers a pedo, nor tweet materially false information about their companies. Even Bill Gates is not squirming around in his chair, and can put a complete sentence together without several corrections and re-starts.

Elon Musk pulled the smartest people at Tesla and SpaceX off their projects to work on the Rescue of those kids. He spend significant time and resources to work on a solution as fast as possible.
He was INVITED multiple times to get involved.

Then he gets criticized for “grand-standing” and “trying to take the lime-light and the credit” by someone who clearly didn’t know he was INVITED multiple times to help. His criticism of this uninformed-duff-beer brain was light.

I always find it amazing Musk’s biggest critics are guys with HUGE EGO’s and yet not much of anything accomplished, especially not much to help other humans on the planet have a better life. But, this is the perfect example of someone having the GALL to complain about Mush trying to help in a RESCUE operation. Can you imagine anything dumber?

Not discussing his effort, He did more to help than I did… it’s his reaction to criticism, and massive insecurity that was attacked mostly… The Pedo tweet was just wrong… How many times will you excuse his outbursts? What example is he setting for his 22M followers?

I believe he apologized for the tweet? It was obviously a huge gaffe on his part.

Apology does not make all better… and BTW he did not apologize to me for having to read that nonsense. I at least thanked him for pumping the stock so I can short it and make 20% in 10 days.

Well, I covered at $300 something for my $270 puts because I feared the market would stay insane. So maybe I should join the suit. Rotfl. Jokes on me, it will go way below that now.

I do not do options, and this was my first short position, just seems too good to pass up at 378 a share I will quickly exit my position and go back into hiding, no way in heck I want to get Burned, by one of Elon’s fake tweets. haha!

Cool story bro

Who cares about your quasi stock portfolio

Keep your short position bro, someone going to go bankrupt soon.

“Many very smart people run in my circle…”

We should feel pity for someone whose opinion of himself is so low that he feels the constant need to puff up his resume. But I don’t feel sorry for a troll who chooses to spend his time online deliberately baiting Tesla fans; a troll whose his life is so empty that he has nothing better to do. Such a troll isn’t likely to have real friends, let alone smart ones; merely fellow trolls.

Yeah, more insults and completely off topic comments… Old man you are getting pretty good at this…

Off topic? Look in the mirror buddy.

I think you may be confusing social intelligence with intelligence.
It’s true that smart people can do stupid things. Like posting dumb comments that get shot down.

So Musk pulls some boners and made stupid and insensitive comments, that speaks more to a type of personality that evolves from genius level people who are socially inept. They spent their adolescence studying, reading books, creating companies, and trying not to get beat-up but when it comes to social intelligence and interaction they are rather underdeveloped.

I see…. We have a few of those people in Seattle, I can think of Bill Gates, and Paul Allen off the top of my head, but Bill made profits, and brought so much money to the Seattle area it changed the socialeconomic climate of the entire area.

Clearly you don’t like Elon Musk, but can you stop all your trolling and constant negative comments ⁉️ Thanks so much ‼️

@ D.(wad) “Green”,

Elon has always been eclectic/cool-quirky!

Your “tweaker” shame “train” EValution, is definitely off its rails, try again FUDster!

Elon seems to be losing his mind… and man in the lighting on that video he looks awfully pale, too much crying maybe?

Projection. See a shrink.

I hope the “shrink” can brace him/herself for the upcoming “Projection Hell”, coming to their office couch!

Some people are losing their minds over Tesla, all right. Mostly, those who see their dreams disappearing; their dreams of making money betting on Tesla collapsing. Tesla now outsells all the other EV makers.

You have lost, dude! Tesla is a roaring success! Whether or not Tesla is taken private, the era of the Tesla Hater Cult is OVER.

Go Tesla!

Roaring success? hmm, last time I checked losing almost 30% on total revenue is not successful…. But my short, was a roaring success… I made 20% in 10 days betting on Tesla dropping, great bet it was…

Elon is talking in a calm lucid manner, as he’s always talked for the last 10 years.
You’re comprehension of the event may be a train ReCk.

looks like a tweaker to me… I have seen a few in my days, owning a construction business. Elon is strung out and full of shoot..

So, you have personal familiarity with withdrawal from addictive illegal drugs? Why does that not surprise me…

Yes, I own a construction company for 30 years, I have seen some tweakers come and go over that time. Myself I have never tried illegal drugs, drank some vino now and then though…

Everyone knows its extremely common for owners of successful construction companies to spend tons of free time trolling the comments sections of articles. Totally believable. I’m sure you’re not a basement-dwelling autist or anything of the sort.

Well, I have been busy recently, hence the first time I have been on this site in 2 weeks… I was also embarrassed that I shorted Tesla, having commented hundreds of times that I do not short stock That all changed when Elon gave TSLA a fake tweet pump job, and the window of opportunity opened wide. 20% in 10 days, works for me.

What you should feel embarrassed about is that you feel a need to gloat about it.

I don’t know. I own two construction businesses and I would probably know better than you what a tweaker looks like being more of an expert since I own two construction businesses and all. I don’t think his is a tweaker.

I don’t know if Elon is a tweaker (someone who uses stimulants, such as Adderall, amphetamine, or methamphetamine). But it’s an open secret that many Silicon Valley execs micro-dose acid and LSD.

I just watched the interview. I get called a “serial anti-Tesla troll, a shorter, a hater, a FUDster here all the time because at least half of the commenters here are gallon drunk on Kool-Aid and have rose tinted glasses on, but I think Elon was OK in this interview. He didn’t look like a tweaker to me. He is scatterbrained a bit, but I think that’s just his twisted genius mind at work. It thinks faster than it can talk. Now that earning call where he was calling relevant questions “boring”, yeah I did think he seemed a little cracked that time. He did seem a little strung out and under pressure at the same time. Maybe on drugs? Who knows, but this one was relaxed because he was surrounded by love with no hard questions. In his warm fuzzy zone. Ask hard questions and he starts to crack. This is understandable to a degree. He is dealing with a load of stress he heaped on himself. Stress is hard to deal with. Different people deal with it different ways. So I think there are two Elon Musks, the one you get with love, kind words and softball questions… Read more »


Yes, I have seen executives under the kind of pressure Elon is under, and working 100 plus hour weeks for years. It is tough on them all the way to the root of their soul… The weak will crack and go nuts like Elon is demonstrating, but the tough keep their head down and work their way out of the problems. For Elon the worst part is he has no one to blame but himself, he set the targets, and unreachable goals. People, including his top lieutenants, equipment suppliers, and others told him in 2016, this Model 3 launch was not going to go the way he wanted it to. Elon is not handling this pressure well at all, he is abusing workers, twitter followers, media, hero’s, and his own BOD, and shareholders, but worse is the product and service reaching customers is substandard in many ways. Force can work in some cases to accelerate schedules, when I was younger we often forced our projects to meet schedule, now I am older and not going to push myself, or our team that hard, as its just not worth it. I want our guys to go home at 5PM and live… Read more »

“Elon is a train wreck… Looks like a tweaker to me.”

Right up there with the pedo remark. Elon manned up and apologized. Your turn..

Uh, genius – Musk has always been like this – pay attention, instead of making things up.

Good so see Elon in interview Chillax mode.

It will be interesting to see which two upcoming EVs Tesla rolls out together in tandem.

The Model Y seems like it will be a huge step in having more than one “affordable” customer choice in shopping for a Tesla. I hope Elon can produce the budget $25K 240mi. (60-65 kWh batt) range, ICE killer, sometime before 2025.

Model Y is obviously one of them. I think the other is the Semi. We haven’t seen nearly the activity around the Pickup as around the Semi.

There is no pickup…. and just a couple prototype semi’s,

That you know of. Oh, that’s right, you so smart.
So I really can’t tell you anything, even if it’s something you don’t know about.

I am not super smart, I think Elon said us short sellers are smart-ish… I will take that as a complement. Tesla has no pickup… No factory to build a pickup, no battery supply to power a pickup, and no money to fix any of those issues.

BTW, speaking of pickups I see GM launched the 2019 Sierra/Silverado right on time. They had announced to dealers last year volume production would start mid July, guess what day it started? In 2 brand new factories, with brand new paint shops… July 16th… Over 30K already built, and ramping fast. Want to see how a proper vehicle launch goes?

Thanks, David “Straw-man” Green… comparing a startup to a 100-yr giant…

How long until the Ringwraiths of the Tesla articles appear…

You’re giving the trolls far too much credit. They are more like Gollum, contemptible and whining rather than formidable.

Not much actual content of interest here alas.

Now that I have my daily driver (2018 Leaf) settled for the remainder of my working days next on the list is a snowy-road touring car a la an Audi S5, plus also something like a BEV Winnebago Revel to take off for a week or three road trip.

The Revel is like $150,000 so I gotta think there’s market space for a Tesla offering.

Obviously Musk can’t disclose future products like these but here’s hoping they’ll have something eventually.

How about a $35k car like….now?

Exactly… Just more Elon BS…

And, here’s #2.. One more and we’ll have the whole band back together..

Not quite. There is four of them in the top tier.

How about you wait a few months and watch Tesla selling all the long range model 3s that they can produce in the meantime?

What is your point? Selling lots of cars and losing lots of money is not necessarily success…

..but making lots of trolling posts is. Just how many times did you post in this thread? What are you trying to do break bro1999’s record?
Almost 1/3 of the posts in this thread are from you. Now there’s a success for you. What type of success I suppose it’s anyone’s guess. You could ask one of those smart people you know what they think.

buy a bolt or leaf, then take a long drive….

It is getting easier every day… Electrify America is going gangbusters, 55 stations under construction right now…

In Hawaiian Aloha means both hello and goodbye.

1,332 and counting.. (and almost 11,000 stalls)

In the world? Tesla has 550 in the USA, EA will pass that by next year, and don’t forget, these are not the wimpy 72KW chargers Tesla has at many locations, EA’s are 150-350KW, too bad for Tesla owners they are incompatible, except with the 50KW chademo that is 1 spot at each location… VW is basically black listing Leaf, and Tesla owners…

All of Tesla’s superchargers (at least in the US) are nominally 120, and they keep getting upgraded as improvements come around. I think that the ultimate target for the current generation of superchargers is 150.

Elon Musk did speak about the 200 kWh battery pack of the 2020 Tesla Roadster.

Did anyone actually understand what he was saying about that 200 kWh battery pack?

Can somebody explain that to me?


“Doubling the internals (cells)”
“80% increase in volume”
“Floor will be 4 or 5 inches higher”

But wouldn’t then the weight of that 200 kWh battery pack be a problem?

It’s a bit confusing, because on one hand he said that they could do it this way with current technology, but on the other they do count on some (albeit fairly minor) improvements in energy density… Whether that will still mean two layers is not quite clear — but unless they completely change cell and/or module format, I guess that’s pretty much unavoidable.

The weight of the battery pack, based on the Model 3 one, but deducting 10-20% improvement in density, could come out at close to 900 kg I think… Which is certainly very heavy, but not prohibitive I’d say.

The way I (sort of) understood Elon’s cryptic response was that the high $ technology would be poured into the Roadster 2.0. With the high end cars, there’s more financial room to add expensive battery tech that is cost prohibitive (for now) on the lower priced cars. My guess is Tesla has an ace up their sleeve right now and it will be used on the Roadster. Added that there’s still development time before the Roadster is released, so I’ve got to think that historical metrics of projected product advancement is probably included in the equation.

Disclaimer- I’m likely completely wrong.

That’s more or less what I understood as well… Though he only mentioned a likely 10%, perhaps 20% improvement over current cells.


The 25.000$ timeframe is in sync with the the one for the planned factory in China.

We don’t really know much about the time frame, since Elon only suggested that it might be possible in three years if they tried really hard; but the guy interrupted him before he was able to elaborate on that — which is pretty annoying IMHO.

Is this the same Elon ’emotional’ Musk who has to sleep on the factory floor and does not get to see his kids (owns a private jet) because he is so busy?

Yet, he has time to tweet (incessantly), insult people (pedo guy), and take interviews with MKBHD (and others)?

The whole world is watching and wondering ‘who do you think you are fooling’? No wonder the stock took a dive after the NYT interview. This could have been addressed several months ago by simply empowering the current Tesla senior managers to operate more freely (without reprisal from Elon).

Tesla Board of Directors – Do Your Job or Step Down!

Yeah, Elon wants to “advance sustainable transport”, but commutes to work daily in a Gulfstream G650, which is not a very fuel or emissions efficient transport for that type of flight, Its a big and heavy private jet better suited for long flights across the ocean. Why doesn’t he drive a Tesla to work… I know for a fact that Mary Barra, who runs a much larger company that actually makes profit was driving a Bolt to commute for quite a while, shoot, GM does not even own a G650, the sold off their jet fleet, and now charter when needed… But Elon with his little pis-ant company needs the nicest long range private jet, for his Van Nuys to San Jose commute… Man, Hypocrite…

More troubling to me is the fact that Tesla sells their ZEV credits to ICE manufacturers, allowing them to build and sell more polluting gas burners. If Tesla was sincere about advancing sustainable transport, they would retain the credits. Compared to the billions of funding taken, and losses incurred, the ZEV revenue is peanuts, but Tesla uses the timed sales of these credits to engineer profitable quarters.

If you are “troubled” by it then go ahead and buy them yourself. Tesla is still a public business, dude!

As you know perfectly well, Mary Barra doesn’t work at two different places 350 miles apart.

I’ve noticed a pattern with Musk, whereby whenever current events look bad, a sensational promise is made for several years in the future to reset the PR narrative. We saw it with the Y, the Roadster, the semi, and now a $25K car, despite Elon recently stating that producing a $35K car right now would kill Tesla.

Watch for it, you’ll begin to see it regularly. Even the NYT piece was supposed to be a sympathy play after the $420 disaster, though that backfired; thus the biased interviewer this time.

The man seems to live in the future, but could stand to focus more on the present.

The factory seems to be operating at low output:

… and Elon again referenced bankruptcy in his latest tweet, claiming that only Tesla and Ford are the only two American automakers have managed to avoid it.

Taken together, these are a bit alarming. I do hope that Tesla continues to stay in business. I wonder if they can use a well timed bankruptcy to clear their bond debt. That would be ideal for Tesla.

Musk can’t afford to make a $35.000 Model 3, never mind a $25,000 EV. Leave that to Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai. They can afford to lose a little money on low-priced EV’s.

It’s not to say one day EV’s will sell for $25000, but it won’t come from the Tesla company. Elon Musk can not even produce $35000 car like he promised and now he talking about a $25000 EV. Elon Musk is the biggest BS’er in the whole auto industry! When his Tesla stock is in trouble, he always comes out with these tidbit to help boost the stock.

It’s his form of motivation for himself and those under him. Remember, the Model 3 was not planned on being produced at these numbers, yet. Musk moved up the timeline by two years after the staggering number of $1k reservations poured in. I understand his concern, but it seems to be really hurting them. They should have stayed the course on Model 3 production timeline, although that would have hurt profitability, most likely, so it’s hard to say what was best without all of the relevant numbers.