Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Versus Ski Freestylers: Video


All the traction you’re likely to need.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a far cry from a one-horse open sleigh. It does, however, appear to do a pretty good job of dashing through the snow. That’s an important consideration for many car shoppers in northern climes. Now, the Japanese automaker has put together a fun video (above) to demonstrate its prowess in snowy conditions.

The footage focuses on fun, with just the slightest amount of storyline. A group up skiers are trudging up a mountain when the Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid makes an appearance. We see it pull up to them on the slope and ropes are pulled out of the back to be passed around. Fast cut then to some spirited driving up a steep, snow-covered road.

Now we learn of supposed motivation to make the video. Apparently, Twitter user @mike77 (an actual, existing account, though protected and with a single tweet) stated that “Electric cars aren’t made for adventure.” Cut, then, to adventure: the Outlander PHEV actually pulling the skiers up the hard-pack hill. Freestyling ski action quickly ensues.

While it might be easy to pass off the video as nothing more than a stunt, the technology that enables these antics certainly exists in the crossover. The Outlander PHEV boasts an electric motor on each axle and uses traction-control software to ensure excellent grip in slippery conditions. They call the system “Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC)” and it apparently incorporates and manages yaw control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), active stability control (ASC), along with traction control (TCL).

The result is grip and control that should help owners deal with whatever winter sends their way (at least, if they additionally make the prudent investment in snow tires). It’s also nice to know that at least some of those miles will be powered from a plug. It’s rated by the EPA to achieve 22 miles using only electricity in warmer conditions, though we expect winter temperatures would lower that number somewhat.

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Pretty impressive. At 0:49 it shows a “SNOW” mode.

What is really impressive here, is those tires.
The Outlander is a fuel efficient SUV that could have done much better if they tried to change that boring interior.
That car is really ugly inside, like they put a display on a ’90 car and stopped. Just boring, Mitsubishi.

Every scene showing the CUV had the ICE engine racing….and they call it “….electric…”. Manufacturers that are still offering hybrids with a plug in 2018 should be called out as offering hybrids. Because that’s how most of the miles will be driven. And yeah, the Outlander is ugly on the inside and outside as well…very awkward looking.

The engine noise sounds like a considerable 30+ MPH faster than the car was going.
Pulling skiers? No, you not going to do that at 70 MPH. More like 15 MPH.
They had to juice the video with Ferrari engine audio.

Does anybody know where this is filmed ?

I have one. The car is awesome. Very comfy nice looking inside with the leather door skins and the granite like accents. Led lights inside and out. And super quiet. The electric mode awd is very handy. I usually use it with all 3 motors driving so it pulls harder. It weaves in traffic like a evo x. (Had one of them too). I love this car worth the $44,000 paying for it. The electrical outlets inside make it easy to power tools or appliances. Using electric only gets me around town silently. At the end of the day after dealing with ridiculous loud noise its nice to escape the noise in the silence this car provides. Best car i have ever driven. Id buy my wife one if i had the cash.

Dan, are you me? The only thing I’d buy to replace my Outlander PHEV is taking a gamble on the new Rivian pickup.