Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Sales In Europe Surge To Almost 3,000 In September

NOV 7 2014 BY MARK KANE 29

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, as the best selling plug-in car in Europe, didn’t disappoint in September when it almost crossed the mark of 3,000 units.

According to data from EagleAID, about 14,100 Outlander PHEVs were sold in the first nine months.

“Rising literally overnight from its formerly held position of almost total obscurity – with the exception of the Netherlands – Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV (CO2 44g/km) streaked to the forefront and currently ranks as this year’s unchallenged star performer in Europe’s ‘Ultra-low-Emission-Vehicle’ (ULEV) segment.

Its newly won status as the biggest hitter in the region’s still embryonic plug-in market is driven home by AID’s own numbers showing that in the nine months to September this year the Outlander PHEV has comfortably outsold every other rival in the region’s ULEV segment.”

Nearly 3,000 in September for Outlander PHEV is approximately one thousand or 50% more than the Nissan LEAF at 1,986.

Source: EagleAID

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Wow.. Considering Europe is a small market compared to the USA, I bet the outlander PHEV would translate to 5,000+ sales per month in the USA.

Europe is about the same market compared to the USA

Not after the last recession, which has still not ended in much of southern Europe.

Around 12 million for Europe and around 15 million in the US, and 22 million in China.

In Europe VAT at 20% included in the price also rather obscures the fact that many of the vehicles sold in Europe are modest compared to those in the US, so that the market for vehicles at the price point of the Outlander will be substantially smaller.

If you are looking for the real action though, go East, young man!

Ok, Chevy, do we have your attention yet?

They had one ready to go . . . the plug-in Saturn Vue. But it got killed off. :-/

Heck, I would even go with a Chevy Trax size with a plug.

The GM MPV5 would have probably been even better than the Outlander, with a longer electric range. GM actually had a full scale mockup of the MPV5 at the Beijing Auto Show in 2010:

Oh, what could have been……

3 years ago, GM and Magna were testing a fleet of 9 electric Chevy Equinox. I wonder what happened to those, or if they are still testing?—magna-e-car-systems-launches-demonstration-fleet-of-electric-chevrolet-equinoxes

GM has NOT the capacity to even begin to understand any market. The new century and it’s level of market caught Gm naked.

The VOLT proved they could produce a nice PHEV built for humans 5′ 8″

Jeff, I am 6’4″, 210 pounds, and the Volt is plenty roomy for me. I wear my Washington Nationals baseball hat without it touching the headliner. No one apparently told you, but the secret is that the front seats adjust to fit you.

Now if you are saying that the back seats could use a little more legroom, that I would agree with.

Love my Volt, up to 635 mpg, plus the 50 cents of electricity I use every day.

This will be a major seller in America. Americans love SUVs and Northerners love AWD.

Now get it here asap!

I have no idea why GM doesn’t have a Voltec SUV.
you’d think these supposed captains of industry would know what consumers want and then sell it to them

Instead we get RWD micro city cars and then the OEMs are surprised that they don’t sell well.

The funny thing is that GM had a plug-in hybrid SUV pretty much ready to go like 4 years ago. (The Saturn Vue I think? Saturn something.)

I didn’t know GM was going to brand the Vue plug-in as a Buick. In hindsight, given the struggles that Buick has had (e.g. more Tesla Model S’s have been sold in California than all models of Buicks combined), it would have made sense to have made Buick the “electric” brand, starting with the Volt and the Vue-plug-in. If the Volt had been a Buick, there wouldn’t have been nearly as much sticker shock at $41,000 MSRP when it was introduced.

Popular in some areas. Google search: buicks sold in china

Totes magotes. I think an electric Buick Encore would be sha-weet.

You should see the amount of pride Buick owners have in their cars in China. Amazing. Young Chinese men look at Buicks like we look at an M5. And they are actually better looking and better set up than the vast majority of cars sold in China.

quoting article:

Nitz confirms that the (Buick) PHEV could be driven around at low speeds (below about 30 miles) for over ten miles on battery power alone. However, it is not really designed for that.

So what are the rest waiting for?

Mitsubishi could easily sell 100-200k of this model world wide if they weren’t battery constrained and it was offered in all markets. Maybe even more, without really having an all that good car.

What are the rest waiting for?

My guess is that margins for PHEVs are lower than on typical small SUVs, so the more established players they will have to take a financial hit.

Mitsubishi had little to lose and everything to gain, so went ahead.

The others have their offerings all ready to go, and are simply waiting the right entry time so that costs have dropped enough that they do not take too much of a bottom line hit.

The VW Crossblue SUV built in Tennessee is one of them.

HAS anyone ever heard of a car mfr being “engine production restrained”? I mean come on if a product is in demand and profitable you figure out a way to build more…..

Mistsubishi is not a strong player in the USA market ,,, this product just could start to change that, if they can get it here in time.

GM could easily follow suit. So could Nissan. Mitsubishi took the IMiev and added it to a SUV platform. They also sell it for the right price.
When it comes to range extensions, I like more the approach of the i3. Primarily a BEV with a small engine that just charges the battery and keeps the car running, maybe not at top performance, for those rare long trips.

Around 1200 of the 3000 were in the UK.
Due to new registration plates September is a big month for sales in the UK, along with March, and the Mitsubishi PHEV qualifies for loads of tax perks here, including no road tax, tax breaks against income, and exemption from the London congestion charge.

that looks like a shipping related graph, delivery – high sales and decline as choice reduces until next ship comes in.

Its more a peculiarity of the European market.
The summers are slack for sales, the French are off on holiday, the British are waiting for the new number plates in September, and so on.

In the US largest selling model – Outlander Sport – sells about 2500. So, Outlander PHEV can easily outsell that and become the largest selling Mitsu Model. Mitsu is leaving money on the table by delaying its introduction here (just like they delayed iMiEV and lost out to Leaf).

Since they are not a popular brand in the US, even more so than in Europe, it looks as though they are planning a total relaunch spearheaded by the Outlander PHEV.

Apparently the present design is afoul of some US regulations and anyway they did not have enough battery packs to give decent US supply.

It seems to be the opposite of compliance car thinking, they want to make sure that everyone can get it in the US, hopefully pretty much on launch, although judging by volumes in Europe they may have to do a more gradual roll out.

It outsells the Leaf 3:2 here in the UK, but there is not the same heavy weighting to BEVs in perks as there is in the US.

The iMiev needs more battery.
It’s probably a great city car.

Has anyone heard any rumor or anything about a possible announcement from Mitsu at either the LA Auto Show or Detroit?