Mercedes-Benz Green Lights 4 Electric Cars For Production Starting In 2018

JAN 2 2016 BY MARK KANE 30

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-In Hybrid - Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Plug-In Hybrid – Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs

Four all-electric production cars will be introduced by Mercedes-Benz, starting in 2018 with the first model, according to CAR magazine.

The original plan was to start by offering a long-range BEV in 2019, but apparently Mercedes needed to maintain competition with Audi and Porsche (both of these German brands are expected to launch a comparable electric project within a similar time frame).

CAR magazine speculates that the new plan is an all-out assault on Tesla.

According to the report, there will be two saloons and two crossover SUVs, all using the new electric vehicle architecture called EVA.

“First out is a saloon positioned sizewise between C- and E-class, closely followed by a similarly sized crossover aimed at the gap between GLC and GLE.

The plan to build these cars in a dedicated greenfield factory has also been ditched. Instead, the Bremen plant has been chosen as EVA’s home. The established site in Northern Germany will in fact become pivotal for Benz’s alternative drivetrain offerings, be they PHEVs or BEVs. It is also going to accommodate the assembly of EVA Phase II which will add an S-class-sized saloon and a second SUV even larger than today’s 5.1m-long GLS.”

EVA is to consist of a sandwich battery floor and one or two electric motors (two in AWD version). CAR magazine states 400 kg of batteries and 450 kW of power (300 kW rear and 90 or 150 kW front).

Sales targets are for a minimum of 20,000 units (annually, we assume) for each of the four new models.

Source: CAR magazine

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What has Mercedes been waiting for? Hydrogen filling stations?


The Force Awakens


The Force Put The Charger Plug In a Very Stupid location …Most Likely To get hit ..On the Bumper …L 0 L …Real Smart Mercedes ..That way If the Recepticle Gets Smashed You Can’t charge your car…real Smart engineering ….


Just because this picture of a C Class Plug-in Hybrid that shows the charge port in the rear bumper doesn’t necessarily mean that these 2018 models discussed here in the article will have the same.


In that Case, they shouldn’t show it as That, Period! Not A Wise thing to do…


Well.. the captioned photo states what it is.. something that is current now.. and the article as well as the first photo deal with what’s coming in 2018.


Where should it be, oh wise one?


l m a o.. that is funny .. Not In Honorable Grasshopper’s Butt End.


It’s snowballing!!!! About f’n time!!!!


Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a lame front wheel drive pathetic looking B class with somebody else’s drivetrain like they gave us with their first electric vehicle.


What about this announcement gives you any reason to think this will have anything to do with the b-class?


0H., It will be Lame ! You can Count On It …They’re making all kinds Of mistakes Already …They Don’t have their Heart in “EV’s” …It’s a forced to build Re-action & it will Not be done Right. Look where they put the Charge Receptacle..


And what about an extensive charging infrastructure with at least 8 CCS chargers placed along long distance routes and tied in with the navigation system?


Very good and valid point. Bring it on someone!! Multiple chargers per location is what I call Fastned style. By 2018 we will be needing some for sure.

Ad van der Meer

If they think 20k cars per year is going to kill Tesla…
Wake me up when they talk 200k.

Robb Stark

20k for each of the four vehicles.

20k x 4 = 80k Units.

Now battery cells for 80k long range BEVs per year?

And presumably ~80k from Audi/Porsche ?


Ad van der Meer said:

“If they think 20k cars per year is going to kill Tesla…”

Just because “CAR magazine speculates that the new plan is an all-out assault on Tesla” doesn’t mean anybody at Mercedes-Benz plans for it to be so.

I think every single car magazine is now characterizing every new plug-in EV that comes out as a would-be “Tesla killer”, regardless of whether or not the car appears to be aimed at the same market segment. That gives them an excuse to use “Tesla” as a “cool tech” buzz word in the article.


Tesla already has Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and Audi on the defensive.

Tony Williams

Toyota released a message today… the future is hydrogen, and always will be.





Roy LeMeur

It looks like Mr. Musks evil plan to get all the automakers to produce BEVs is finally working.



Musk Has More Smarts Than ALL those Company Leaders CE0’S & Etc:Put together & then Some…Musk is not there to only Grab money, incentives & bonuses like they are . Musk has a purpose! Musk is N0T in it for solely the $$ Money …MUSK IS ON AMISSION ..

Roy LeMeur

This is one of my favorite things about Elon. Is that he is not “about” the money.

The money is just the means to the end results.


Roy LeMeur said:

“It looks like Mr. Musks evil plan to get all the automakers to produce BEVs is finally working.


😀 😀 😀


Roy LeMeur, thanks for the best belly laugh I’ve had in ages!

Yeah, even fans of Tesla Motors seem to forget that Tesla’s long term goal isn’t just to sell cars; that its goal is to bring to an end the era of gasoline/diesel powered cars!



And guess who will be there to supply the batteries…


Giga whaaat?


Giggle Watts


I see a lot of talk about GIga supplying batteries, but, I don’t see Tesla marketing themselves as a supplier. Plus, they only make cylindrical batteries.


N0 N0 N0…The Big Cylindrical Ones Go Ka Boom! ….l o l


Five years ago BMW would have told the world you don’t need hybrids, now German makers are projecting new models, how times have changed.