Mercedes-Benz Delays Most EQC Electric SUV Deliveries

FEB 22 2019 BY MARK KANE 45

Mercedes-Benz EQC joins the list of production constrained models

Mercedes-Benz EQC is scheduled for market launch in mid-2019 but we should forget about decent 2019 sales number, according to latest reports from German magazine Handelsblatt.

There will be just a handful of cars available to VIP customers around June and the ramp-up isn’t expected to reach volume until around November. That’s unofficial news, but taking into consideration other EV launches, we would be not surprised by such a scenario.

That way, earlier news that the EQC is already sold out for 2018 and probably also in 2019 turned into rather bad news, because it suggests heavy production constraints rather than extraordinary demand at a decent production rate.

Other German manufacturers also encountered problems – the Audi e-tron is already delayed by several months.

It’s hard to say what is the exact cause of the slow ramp-up. Maybe limited supplies of batteries (surprise)? Together with the most recent news about Volkswagen battery supply troubles, it seems that electrification will not be smooth for the Germans.

Source: Handelsblatt via Electrek

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Where is the source for the new timeline and where is the source for the old timeline? There is no official source. The only sourced line in the Electrek article is “Daimler has always been guiding deliveries of the EQC in 2019”. All the rest is pure speculation. There is no change, there is no delay.

Of course there is no delay, they could have meant January 2019 or December 2019.
We won’t see substantial numbers till 2020.
The EQC is a ICE-conversion, Daimler won’t produce this car for more than 2 years. It has already its flaws and in 2 years people will shake their head even more. Doesn’t matter, in 2 years Daimler will produce real EVs.

German Auto doing buyers a great service. Steering buyers to Tesla.

E tron delayed months? Delayed since 2012 is what e tron is!

More people in Europe will order an Audi e-tron quattro.

Why would a potential buyer do that? A German car rental company tested Model X, e-Tron and i-Pace on a stretch of highway and clear winner was the good old Model X.

@ John-EU

Because many Germans prefer to buy/drive a car that is made by a German car manufacturer.

Therefore, some people will make the switch from Mercedes Benz EQC to the Audi e-tron quattro.

But of course, I personally would certainly advise them to buy an EV from Tesla. Though, I don’t expect them to call me for advice.

Not all Europeans are German. At least not yet !!!

BTW Even Austrians prefer Tesla to German EVs.

The best selling EVs in Austria are the Zoe and the eGolf.
We will see what the Model 3 does but the S&X are American muscle cars that are not that well suited to the European market.

The Model 3 already has enough orders in Austria to easily outsell the competition for months… And that’s without the cheaper variants. I think it’s a fairly safe bet that it will top the list this year.

Amazing the number of Tesla fans in Germany — so don’t count them out (especially the younger folks)

Absolutely right! Audi is somewhat delayed, but the deliveries are just weeks away. If Audi can produce 40.000 E-Trons this year, then Daimler will loose several customers to Audi.

And of course you are right, a lot of Germans prefer driving a German car. Which is not weird, but totall understandable. You can find examples like that all over the world.

What’s the big deal? You let me know when a new ev is on time and we’ll make a news out of it.

Tesla model S, Tesla model 3, byd qin, byd song, byd e5, NIO ES8 ….

Sorry, Tesla Model 3 WAS NOT on time… Elon created his own production hell. Elon’s original M3 production targets WERE NOT met.

Production targets were not met, but the Model 3 was on time. So Daimler should sell 10 EQC now and they are on time.

Hehe, the ORIGINAL targets were more or less met.
What he fail to meet were the accelerated targets after the 450 000 reservations poured in.

not to mention that a slow roll-out was INTENTIONALLY planned and announced in September; and reported on this website and some others in the Sept 10-13 time-frame. Planned slow roll-out of EQC due to warranty cost risk is what was reported in September.

From you article — “because it suggests heavy production constraints rather than ”

In September, your own website, had already reported an INTENTIONAL slow roll-out the the Merc EQC was expected due to warranty cost risks.

From link below — “Will slowly ramp up production to reduce risk.
The Mercedes-Benz executive in charge of production and supply chain management, Markus Schaefer, …”

Bankrupt there going under 🤭

This sucks, but whether ramp up is in June or November is somewhat irrelevant for EV Penetration in the longer term. Most important is that it will happen and MB has a real stake in the market as of this year.

Ther is NO RAMP UP for the EQC.
It‘s time has passed by the time they ship it.

Never mind boys. It seems Tesla surely has their sh*t together comparing to big arrogant fossil old thinking germans. A lot of people can’t handle it.

Tesla had plenty of delays with the Model 3.
And there is still no $35k version available.

150 thousand cars delivered on 2018.
An so on…..

Tesla will have a mass market compelling $35k BEV years before the Germans do.

VW is going to launch a ~25k Euro mass market BEV almost exactly one year from now.


Turns out they won’t. Word now is that they will start with the 30,000 Euro variant in 2019, and deliver the 24,000 base variant only in 2020… Sounds familiar? 🙂

Define „launch“!


Latest word says it is to show up on dealer lots in March 2020.

(Only the 30,000 Euro variant, though. The cheaper ones will come later…)

Tesla will not.

Peanuts compared to the OEMs who would blow Tesla out of the water. (We were told.)

I guess you missed the part where Mercedes had INTENTIONALLY planned a slow roll-out to reduce warranty cost risks.

warranty cost risks ? Or High battery prices from LG? The reality is such different…..

Maybe Mercedes could use the extra time to figure out how to solve EQC’s range issue. As things stand EQC will probably get an EPA rating that is not too far north of 200 miles, which is a bit substandard for such a high end vehicle, maybe get that up to at least 250 miles?

Not a chance. This kind of improvement would require major redesign, i.e. a delay of years rather than months.

It wasn’t so easy to manufacture?
Can we talk now on Mercedes or Audi time?

Mercedes needs the EV sales in 2020 because of new EU emission rules starting in 2020. Hence they will do limited sales in 2019, and prepare for mass market in 2020.

Mass market ? You are Joking of course.

500.000 Model 3 are Mass Market. 30.000 e-tron are not Mass Market.

Expected. Are they going to sell diesel in the place of electric?

Mercedes has also plenty of models with PHEVs that clients can choose if they can not wait for EQC.

I think they figured out by now that crappy compliance PHEVs don’t find enough buyers to fulfil the mandates…

Shocking! (sorry for the pun…)