Will Mazda’s First Electric Car Ride On Dedicated Platform?

DEC 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Mazda EV to be a stand-alone model?

According to the latest news from Los Angeles, Mazda design boss, Ikuo Maeda, announced that the upcoming all-electric model will feature a unique aesthetic. At least from the design perspective, it will be a stand-alone model (not a conversion). However, the design will not go too far like in some other futuristic/weird projects (Toyota Prius or Mirai for example).

“First of all, if I can comment on the trend for those vehicles; At the moment they have a digital look from the mainstream manufacturers who want to have a certain EV-ness,”

“But I hate that direction and I won’t aim for that. From Mazda’s perspective, when we have our EV we want to keep the car-ness about it, and the machine-like feel.”

The report suggests that the first BEV will get a dedicated platform. Besides an all-electric car, Mazda intends to introduce also a REx with a newly developed range extender in the form of a small, lightweight and exceptionally quiet rotary engine.

For now, it’s too early to say whether the first electric car will be a sedan, hatch or SUV. We’re rather certain it will not be a sports car.

Source: Drive.com.au

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uh, i thought they were sticking with gas cars??

People take one executive’s slightly misleading comment and run away with it as if it is company policy.

I think it was out of context reporting rather than misleading comments. Mazda has made it clear for some time they are working on at least 2 electric vehicles.

The previous article, sporting almost 300 hyperbolic comments, shows how easy it is to wind up people when incomplete information is reported.

You didn’t take that seriously did you? I’m sure Mazda wants to drag out the ICE age for all it’s worth (which legacy carmaker doesn’t…) but like everybody in the industry it’s no doubt well aware that change is coming. Also there is (China) compliance to take into account.

“I’m sure…” very confident /s

If they report that, it get more clicks.
Earlier this year, or last year – Mazda said they were going to work with Toyota on the first EV(s). Share parts and suppliers..

Wait – I thought Mazda was dumping EVs in favour of petrol and diesel? That was the article from the other day? Does Mazda have schizophrenia or what?

No, just incomplete reporting that sent everyone here into a tizzy.

No date of availability?
Mazda may as well be dead. Nobody will miss them anyway.

PHEV or BEV CX-5 priced at least $5K under where Tesla will price the model Y would leave Mazda sitting pretty in my opinion.

These guys are on crack… the claim of the day. They are so confused, and disrupted.

I love Mazda’s design language and the sports car soul that they put into their cars. I wish they weren’t dragging their feet so much, but I’m excited to see what they come up with.

Hopefully some day we see an electric MX-5 hit the market.

Unhappy with following GM or VW, Mazda does not announce a fleet of coming vapor-ware evs, nor Toyota’s no evs, Mazda chooses the middle ground where they speak out of both sides of their mouths in order to get some press, as people will wonder what Mazda will really do. The answer is not much.

Fun times.