See Loads Of Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Ready To Roll Out For Delivery


Images and videos don’t lie.

And neither does our research and detailed data collection. We’re looking very forward to publishing our monthly plug-in sales scorecard in a few weeks. Yesterday, we reported that Tesla is ramping up delivery efforts and trying to quickly put Tesla Model 3 “delivery logistics hell” behind it. That wasn’t the first time this month that we’ve told you to expect a massive number of Tesla deliveries in September. CEO Elon Musk is pushing hard, hoping to set records, and keeping his sights set on upcoming profitability.

When Model 3 deliveries first began –  and for many months after that – Musk was overly optimistic and set the bar too high. At this point, he’s admitted that. Tesla just wasn’t prepared to handle the onslaught of Model 3 popularity and reservations. Fast forward to more recently and the CEO’s emails to employees, as well as public comments about the state of Model 3 production and deliveries have proven much closer to reality. In fact, Tesla is completely dominating now and it can only get better from here.

Tesla worked out the bugs related to Model 3 production hell, although it did take quite some time. Musk assures that getting out of this delivery logistics obstacle won’t be nearly as difficult a task. As far as we can tell, it seems like Tesla is already on the way back up to the surface and may be breathing a bit easier in the very near future.

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I wonder what the negative spin is gonna be on this one? Too many cars = not enough customers? Or is it a marketing push to save a dying company that’s on its last legs? Come on haters, give us something good!

Or how about the “those are all parked for production defects waiting to be fixed before being delivered to customers. They’re piling up there are so many defects!”

Yeah, almost makes me miss the serial anti-Tesla people who used to put that crap into almost every posts /s.

“See loads”…

LMAO, I see what you did there Steven!

hehe, gotta love it man! To be honest, I love the comment interaction even more. Keep ’em coming. I was upset that I was away in SF with Audi and missing out on all these comments. Kills me not to be able to moderate and read them. Love my IEV commenters! Best part of the job, even though there are plenty of sh$^heads out there that try to piss us off.

Nobody is buying the Model 3 anymore; it’s too popular. 😉

Easy as per shorters and Russian trolls, those are overstocked cars that Tesla cannot sale due horrible panels alignments, fatal autopilot and batteries defective with micro holes right before Elon got indicted for the “founding secure Tweet” after recovering from addiction for smoking weed .

So 22,950 will be my guess for September Model 3 deliveries. That will make a nice 55K delivery quarter.
I have a co-worker that got hit by a car and had his model 3 totaled. That was two weeks ago. He called Tesla and told them about it and last week (5 days after he called them) he picked up his new car.

22,950 in September would be 55k US deliveries for the quarter. Sounds like they’re delivering a lot in Canada this month, also. My guess for US deliveries is 21k.

Your co-worker must live in an area with a lot of Model 3 inventory available. Where?

My co-worker is in Los Angeles. That makes it pretty easy for Tesla.

They have some 10,000 cars from the previous quarter and so will have 61-66000 cars in total. Total deliveries (US and Canada) are ~35000 so far. Therefore 55-60,000 total deliveries in the quarter are possible.

Love the picture!

Is that yours?

Hey, my friend, you need to email me. We must connect soon. How are things? Hit me up when you have time. Perhaps a phone call is in order soon?

I’ll be adding mine to the September list on the 27th!

I will be adding my 3LR to the list. Delivery date is Sep 24th.

September 2018 Tesla Model 3 delivery total in the US will possibly be more than 20,000.

This is silly. Weaker evidence than this isn’t easy to come by. A photo of 10-15 cars? A drive-by video showing multiple trucks, some with several Model 3 loaded?

Even if it showed a thousand cars, which it certainly doesn’t, this would give us no information. Especially not since the expectation is about 5000/week anyway.

I don’t doubt that production and deliveries are going a lot better now. And I’m impressed by the ramp up lately, although still unimpressed with Tesla’s lack of transparency and track record when it comes to estimating their own performance in the future.

Hopefully it will continue to go well; better and better in fact. But let’s see some real evidence with concrete official numbers both for deliveries and financials. Pictures of a few cars aren’t a good way to fill the interim.

For what it’s worth, I’m seeing about 1 truck full of Tesla 3s every single day on my commute to work, in CT. I’m only on I-95 for 10-15 minutes, and since about a week ago, I have seen probably 10 trucks. Each truck has 9 cars. Since that’s only what I’ve seen personally, I would bet that there have been between 200-400 cars delivered to the New England market since Sept. 1. And this is just about as far from Freemont as you can get and still be in the USA.

Lack of transparency? Show me a car maker that is more transparent on this sort of numbers.

I wonder what counts as “massive” this time. I expect the 5k per month, leading to a 20k month, so that is what I would consider good or on track. It would be a “finally there”-moment of relief.

22-23k would be great. 25k would be pretty massive in my book.

58000 Q3 according to my exponential curve fit analysis. F(x) = 162e^(4.35x)