UPDATE – VIDEO – Check Out This Lot With 1,000 Teslas, Mostly All Model 3

Model 3


One of our eagle-eyed contributors came across this parking lot at a vacant building near Tesla’s Fremont factory and guess what we see? A sea of Tesla Model 3s, all waiting for delivery.

***UPDATE – We now have video to share with you of this lot from June 28 – Video directly below:

Back in February, Tesla confirmed having produced its 300,000th electric car. Tesla’s domestic numbers are closing in on 200,000, effectively nearing them to the end of the tax credit number. Today, we have a chance to take a look at a breathtaking sight of over a 1,000 Teslas in one single place, all suspected to be waiting for delivery. The image was captured by George Betak, a long-time InsideEVs contributor. While the parking lot at this office park has an official capacity of 1,000 vehicles, George suspects that there were significantly more Teslas than that.
I thought that I would share what I accidentally discovered on the way home last night. There is a vacant office building about 3 miles from the Tesla factory at 48401 Fremont Blvd that was full of Teslas. It was breathtaking.
As you can see from the media gallery below, most of these vehicles are the Model 3. We’re guessing that this probably isn’t the only location like this. The ramp-up production means that there are probably more lots like these, giving any Tesla Motors aficionado a huge smile across their face. With Tesla ramping up both production & deliveries, there’s a good chance that the 200,000th U.S Tesla delivery is hiding in one of these parking spaces. For some of our readers, this means that their own Model 3 or Model S might be one of the cars seen below.

A few months back Tesla Motors confirmed that the company produced its 300,000th vehicle. Additionally, after the last quarter results were in, it was clear that Tesla broke its quarterly delivery record with 34,494 vehicles during the fourth quarter. The deliveries comprised of 11,730 Model S vehicles, 10,070 were Model X, and 8,180 were Model 3. The company stated that the net orders for Model S and X were at an all-time Q1 record, and demand remains very strong. Model S and X customer vehicles in transit were high. 4,060 Model S and X vehicles were in transit to customers at the end of Q1 – a whopping 68% higher than at the end of Q4 2017.

An additional 2,040 Model 3 vehicles were also in transit to customers. According to Tesla, all of these vehicles will be delivered to customers in early Q2 2018, which keeps the company on track for their full-year 2018 Model S and X delivery guidance. In turn, Tesla is nearing the limit of $7,500 federal tax credits, which will boost effective prices of their vehicles. Is the tax credit slayer vehicle among one of these, it remains to be seen.

Hat tip to George Betak!

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Things are going well at Tesla contrary to what the cabal of legacy media would have you believe. Already today I’ve reads a couple negative stories, claiming they will not make the ramp of Model 3 to 5k per week, by the end of June, and that they are desperate for cash, (which is probably true, the latter not the former).
Just more negative stuff, about the company, Musk and his stunts, stuff like that.

Exactly. It boggles my mind how Tesla can be cranking out around 5K cars a week and they are focused on the 5K number. whether it is 4500 or whatever number is irrelevant. Everyone take a breath, step back, and marvel at the fact that a start-up car company, Tesla is absolutely obliterating the competition in this segment. There is nothing remotely close, they have back orders lined up for ever, and any real competitor is years away – Lets get real here geez.

5000/week is one every 2 minutes! Not bad at all!

So just putting out two cars 2 minutes apart does teh trick. No sweat.
Here I plotted the production waveform. We will need some powerful strobe lights to see when the 5k a week production is on!

Off 4 lines? Not too impressive, Ford Does F150 every 53 seconds on one assembly line.

Why on earth thumbs down on this? Could you that has done it elaborate?

So for how many minutes will Tesla do 5K a week? I hear both Model s&x production is stopped for this dog & pony show. Even AI director Karpathy is on the line bolting screws or whatever role he is playing in this 5k gimmick.

Are you sure these cars aren’t just waiting for parts or rework?

If you’re trying to score troll points, I’ll give you 5 for the five false statements there. 🙄

Glad to see all you serial Tesla bashers are losing massive amounts of money on your “short” investments. $2 billion this month alone — how much of that is yours, “Teslainvestors”?
😀 😀 😀

Go Tesla!

United States Model S and Model X deliveries, which are normally ramped up in the last month of every quarter, are being redirected overseas this month. There is no stop in S/X production.

Tesla’s sitting around in various unsecured commercial lots for a month… no thanks, I’d defer delivery as I don’t know what has sat on the paint during that time.

So every car dealership in America basically.

Every dealership in America has people going around every morning to check and clean the cars.

No they do not.

Once a week at best.

What dealerships are those? As it stands, many dealerships have offsite lots piled high with sitting cars and those vehicles definitely do NOT get cleaned even weekly, much less daily.

First off, clive is right.
But, I will bet that Tesla has cameras AND security on these lots.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That’s total Bussh1t!
All the dealers in my area store their inventory in a vacant shopping mall parking lot fenced off and they are piled with dirt. They don’t get cleaned till they get moved to the stealership.

This gets the Dumbass comment of the day!

Every morning? That’s absurd, and completely unbelievable.

No they don’t. My house is close to the port where they park new cars to be transferred to dealers. I see no guards anytime anyday…none!

Most Teslas do not sit on lots for long. They’re likely just awaiting shipment. Will likely be there for a few days or a week or two at most.

Besides, the average vehicle sits on a dealer lot 60-70 days. Far longer than a Tesla ever will sit awaiting shipment. 🙂

Wade, Unusual circumstance for Tesla. They stopped deliveries for over a month and this is not a staging lot. It’s a short term storage lot.

not much difference, cars can be wiped off wherever they sit.

Oh, Tesla hasn’t stopped deliveries. 🙂

They did slow down in the US for about a week mid-month. Makes sense since about 2.5k went to canada and there was a five day shut down at the end of may.

But US deliveries seem to have picked up again in the last 10 days of the month. I imagine most of the cars on this lot arrived within the last 5-10 days due to increased production.

Everything we’re learning points to heavily increased deliveries over the past few days and the next couple days. Reportedly, some people configured just days ago and are being asked to please take delivery on or before the 30th.

Just like when others cars sit in the docks where nobody goes to clean them.
How dumb right? Better not buy any car then Einstein.

“They stopped deliveries for over a month…”

🙄 That’s just as ridiculous as your claim that every dealership in the entire U.S. cleans every car on their lot every day.

In fact, we have seen comments from people posting to the IEVs forum that they have taken delivery of their TM3 within the past few days.

For some additional context, I’m helping to administer a large Model 3 group and invites to configure have nearly ceased over the past few weeks. That trend suddenly changed this week when everyone who has ever placed an order was invited to configure. A rather strange sense of timing considering that July 1 two days away. I also know a number of future Model 3 others who’s delivery has been delayed by a month or more. Adding that all together and given the implied incentive of delivering the 200,000th US car early next month, it doesn’t appear to be all that random.

I give your attempt at fabricating a fake “Concern” only 2 points out of 10 Concern Troll Points. Not only is it silly and unimaginative, it simply points out the double standard applied to Tesla because they sell their cars so quickly after production compared to other car makers. The AVERAGE time on the lot at a traditional car dealerships is 60 days. That is just the wait on the dealer lots, on top of any time the car sat in a manufacturer’s lots. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and spend some time on cargurus and take a look at the “days on CarGurus”:


Keep in mind that if the car is listed on CarGurus, then by definition the car STILL HASN’T SOLD, and will continue to rack up days on lot until it does sell. So any low days on lot numbers simply show that the car is at the start of a long wait on lot, not at the end.

Nix, everyone is a troll to you. Yes, I’m a troll who has always spoken well of Tesla and I own two …. I supposed if I’m not the ultimate fanboi like you I must be a Troll. Which means everyone really is a troll compared to you.

I don’t buy cars from a dealerships I buy them from Tesla.

Anyhow dealerships don’t park their cars under trees and every morning someone goes around an cleans the cars.

Bird crap does terrible things to paint.

Some bird-do can be a PIA to get out, but easily removed with Maguiar’s 105.

Lawrence – your concern is a non-issue. All car dealership have storage parking for their excess cars. Only cars on the showroom floor gets the cleaning and washing daily. I know this for a fact since I live near an automall with very single dealership you can imagine. You will be surprise to see how much new BMWs, Ford, Audi and MBs covered in dust with bird poop all over them.

Oh Crap.

That describes your comments perfectly.

Ah yes, the other Tesla Fanboi always chimes in with opinions no one asked for.

Okay. Don’t start posting on the Tesla forums about bird droppings damaged paint due to storage when you take delivery. Everyone is so worked up about minor, common panel gaps, typical bumper to body paint mismatch and clearcoat scratches, but don’t mind the blemished paint.

Definitely a concern troll. Working hard at it, too.

Spend more than me on Teslas then have an opinion.

Fortunately, I live in America, where we threw out the aristocracy some 242 years ago. Perhaps you didn’t get the memo.

Maybe wait for the Apple Car so you can remove the plastic yourself.

More for us

It is not fair for a company to achieve this kind of goal and be punished. The government needs to either extend the tax credit for all EVs or end the policy. It will put the leader and innovators at a big disadvantage. I hope they extend it because I have used it 4 times now including when it was for hybrids. Even if you do not believe in man made climate change, who wants to breath from a tail pipe?

Speaking of which: I think that is where environmentalist have gone wrong. Why fight over what people dispute? Everyone knows pollution is real. Just try to breath next to a diesel. That should be the talking point.

Don’t count on the current government to do anything that can be perceived as environmentally friendly.

I respectfuly disagree. The talking point should always be the evidence and the truth, not what ignorants are able to assume.

Would you rather be right or get what you want?

Be right, even if it costs me my wants. That’s called integrity.

most US night-time energy production is from fossil fuels, just pointing out the reality.
If you charge at night it’s probably from coal or natural gas. That’s the sad truth.

You would have to specify where in the US the energy is being sourced. For example, California uses very little coal (0.15%) compared with say wind power (6.3%). And it has a lot hydroelectric power (18%) & nuclear power (8.7%), which are good for lower usage base-loads at night. Also, natural gas co-generation plants are much more efficient than coal plants and produce much less CO2.

California imports electricityfrom other states which use coal. The exact CA gets from coal is low, but not that low.

True, i was reporting energy generated in CA. I appears CA imports 86GWh and produces 206GWh. So about 30% is imported.

Also to note that these imports are not all coal. They come from states like AZ and NV which have invested heavily into industrial solar.

Wind Turbines and Hydro Units. Iowa generates 47% of its electricity from renewables Texas is at 23% from renewables.

Rafael Sabatini said:

“most US night-time energy production is from fossil fuels, just pointing out the reality.
If you charge at night it’s probably from coal or natural gas.”

Typical serial Tesla basher FUD.

What “Captain Blood” here, and other Tesla Hater cultists, will never tell you is that the States with the greatest number of PEV (Plug-in EV) sales also tend to be the ones with the lowest amount of coal energy feeding the grid. For example, California has by far the largest PEV sales of any State, yet even counting energy bought from out of State, it still gets significantly less than 10% of its energy from coal.

And the grid is getting cleaner every year!


Good to see that the new number is 73 mpg equivalent. That makes BEV’s considerably cleaner than they were 4 years ago. The increasing use of natural gas and decreasing use of coal is having a huge impact. So much for fueling BEV’s with unicorn farts!

Thank you! I would give your comment a thousand thumbs up if I could. As a conservative who questions AGW, I have often thought the environmental movement would be wise to focus on other areas. As you said, no one wants to breath fumes from a tailpipe. Regarding EVs, there are other areas on which conservatives and liberals can and should agree. I support EVs because energy independence is a vital, national security issue, and because of the aforementioned tailpipe stink. Plus they are super fun to drive.

Here’s to you Clarity, cheers!

This is being done in spite of the Trump administration. Wind is cheaper than coal that’s why Trump what’s Rick Perry to subsides coal and nuclear claiming it’s for grid security. If Trump gets his way we utilities would be forced to use coal and nuclear over wind for grid security. Just a bunch of BS it’s to support the coal barons from West Virginia that fund Trumps campaign.

Right, i think the conversation is intentionally being steered towards the climate change theory which found enough people to doubt it. As you said, we should all agree on reducing pollution…but how to you get farmer John to jump on board when he is not directly affected by it? It just sucks that every densely populated area where the pollution is greater is democrat and any push to clean air is viewed on party lines. I have alot of respect for people such as yourself that can see beyond party lines and do the right thing.

“…where environmentalist have gone wrong…”

People have a right to the truth. If you can’t handle the truth, don’t go around blaming others.

I didn’t think it was possible for Tesla not to reach 200,000 vehicles before. July 1, 2018, but I really think they have been sending cars overseas and stockpiling them around the US. Sales in the US will be terrible for the month of June but explode in July. Third quarter will be unbelievable high number of sales as they sell stocked inventory and production continues with 5,000 a month.

I think you mean 5k a week, and that’s for the Model 3.

Yes I did

“Sales in the US will be terrible for the month of June”

You’re going to be very surprised come next Tuesday, when InsideEVs posts the “Plug-in Sales Scorecard” numbers for June.

Tesla needs to show a quarterly net profit far, far more than it needs to have the federal tax incentive extended another quarter. It’s not going to achieve a net profit from making cars that just sit around on lots for a month!

But can’t Tesla show a profit by having increased sales outside the U.S. compensate for decreased sales in the U.S. for a month?

To believe that Tesla has stockpiled Model 3’s rather than sell them in sufficient quantity to delay sales by some 4000-5000 or perhaps even more, you have to believe that Tesla would voluntarily lower its income for the quarter by intentionally not selling many, many cars which it could. Some people have managed to convince themselves that has happened not merely a few times, but thousands of times over.

I’m not one of them.

And please note the comments here from IEVs staff (Steven Loveday, Wade Malone) — those privy to delivery info neither you nor I have — no longer indicate the possibility that Tesla might be delaying U.S. sales. Rather the opposite.

No disagreement, but what I asked is whether Tesla might be pushing foreign sales in favor of domestic sales (and I’m not pretending to know whether Tesla is doing so) – I guess we’ll soon find out in any case.

Tesla has prioritized Canadian deliveres over US deliveries for this reason. They are using the vaning federal tax credit as a carrot to upgrade reservation holders to more expensive vehicles configurations with significantly higher margins. They need that for profitability more than volume alone.

“Fascinating Captain!”


It’s still only slight more than a day’s production, assuming they are hitting the 5000 a week number. Elon is hinting they are exceeding it, actually.

Less than that, given that the claim for 1000 cars on the lot is significantly exaggerated.

Proof Tesla won’t break 200k before Q3 is now, pretty much, stone cold.

Prepare for #Pravduh’s tax-credit attack.

I predicted 50K M3 deliveries within the first year. Now we have one month left and it’s clear Tesla will miss that.

It’s tough being a Tesla optimist.

Don’t you have 10 Electrics by now ⁉️

Maybe he finally found a poster he likes!

Yeah, what’s the matter dude? You should have at least 100 pretend EVs in your imaginary parking lot by now!

Good to see you’re still invested in your TSLA “short” position, which means you’ve lost amazing amounts of money this month! Couldn’t happen to a less trollish guy.
😆 😆 😆

I predict you and your fellow shorters will be getting margin calls to pay up!

I only count about 500 to 600 spaces from that satellite pic?

Yes, I tried to do a manual count and failed! It’s easy to get a little cross-eyed. This office park is for rent and the real estate broker handily extolls all of its virtues, including the number of parking spots:


I was just nit-picking. When I see numbers that don’t seem right, I start to look into them. I don’t know how parking spots are supposed to be reported when selling property, but I do see in your link they have “1000” listed. Maybe there’s parking inside, or at an adjacent lot. Or maybe it would be 1000 spots if they used the ratio listed, but when the lines finally got painted, they used a bigger ratio? I dunno. Either way, it’s a lot of Model 3’s.

600 was my estimate, too. I think the claim for 1000 is rather inflated.

If there are 600 painted spots, I don’t think that 1000 is understated since they park many cars blocking others. This week the car carriers were not even unloading inside the lot anymore, they had to stop in the middle of the traffic in Fremont Blvd, unload there and squeeze the cars in. May one day someone (could be even me) will rear end one of these (and make news here).

There are more than 600 painted spots. This is based on the initial work I did to support this claim. The realtor is officially listing the property as having 1,000 spots. While you might value your opinion more highly than official claims, please consider this. The number of parking spots is subject to local ordinances similar to those that regulate maximum occupancy of buildings to meet fire code requirements. Imagine the surprise a tenant will have when they learn that they cannot fully occupy the building because the realtor lied about the number of parking spots. But by all means, please continue to mention your own unsupported estimates because they are so much more accurate.

Let’s apply some logic and a bit of critical thinking here, shall we? The claim that in such an irregularly shaped parking lot, the number of painted stalls would come out exactly an even number like 1000 is highly improbable. Not impossible, but mathematically unlikely.

I don’t know what the regulations for fire code vs. parking spots are, and frankly regarding this subject I don’t care. Two of us independently came up with roughly the same figure — I used the count-a-sample-area-and-multiply method, and I’m guessing Kdawg did too.

I trust our ability to count and multiply much more than I would trust a suspiciously round number supplied by a realtor.

At any rate, the real issue here is whether or not Tesla was stockpiling Model 3’s rather than sell them. It wasn’t and it isn’t. Tesla is selling as many cars as it can in an effort to show a net profit this quarter.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is in for a big surprise when InsideEVs reports its delivery/sales estimate next Tuesday, July 3.

I work across this place and I see this every day, however there some periods it is completely empty, others it was fill to the capacity with cars blocking other blocking cars.

Gabriel, thank you for the insight! I saw Tesla shuttling cars down Fremont Blvd, but didn’t realize that it was this lot they were going to. It was definitely at capacity yesterday. Any idea how it might have looked like a month ago?

I believe that about one month ago it was empty, however 2-3 months ago it was more filled up than it is today, however there was a more even distribution of S/X/3.

Whoa — you’re suggesting that we shouldn’t leap to conclusions about a dynamic situation based on static pictures?

Consider my mind blown.

LOL! Best comment in the discussion.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

These cars are stored because they are unfinished manufacturing products.
They are waiting for all the front License plate frames to come in and they should be in just in time for the 200k sale.


I think that starting July 1st, the floodgates are going to be opened, thousands of Model 3’s are going to be delivered within a few days or weeks. And there will not be any Tesla’s sitting in parking lots, they are going to be delivered as fast as it’s possible to push them out of the factory. Of course, I am excited for Model 3 order backlog to be finished, because that opens the door for Semi, Model Y, Roadster and Pickup(pickup is exciting because, with a 240v connector and likely a 500kWh battery, it could run a house for weeks, and be charged with a solar array.)

“…the parking lot at this office park has an official capacity of 1,000 vehicles…”

Very doubtful. My estimate is ~600.

“…there’s a good chance that the 200,000th U.S Tesla delivery is hiding in one of these parking spaces.”

There is an even better chance that Tesla has already delivered its 200,000th car in the U.S., earlier this month. I’d call that a near-certainty.

Some Tesla reservation holders very much hope otherwise, and are clinging to reports and photos like this in the hope that Tesla is stockpiling thousands of cars, hoping they’ll get the full $7500 federal tax credit when buying a Model 3 in the 4th quarter this year. That is ignoring an almost overwhelming amount of evidence that Tesla is once again pulling out all the stops to deliver as many cars as it can by the end of the quarter, which means no later than June 30.

Every auto maker of any size has lots used for temporary storage. This is perfectly normal.
To suggest an auto maker using parking lots for temporary storage of new cars is somehow out of the ordinary, is sadly misinformed.

Fair enough, Pushmi, but it’s also worth acknowledging that you are making these statements based on assumptions too, just a different kind of assumptions. You are definitely entitled to your opinion and welcome to do that. Time will tell and we shall know soon enough. Regarding the capacity of the parking lot, this figure is not based on assumptions. It came straight from the realtor advertising this vacant property. Obviously, we can agree to disagree on this as well, but I did my best to eyeball it and even started counting parking spots on the satellite photo until I ran out of patience. I’m satisfied with the realtor claim referenced below.


Here is my original statement on the subject:

“600 was my estimate, too. I think the claim for 1000 is rather inflated.”

I didn’t claim it was fact. My statement contains two qualifiers: “estimate” and “think”. You seem to be blowing hot and cold on this; is the realtor’s claim reliable or not? I made an estimate based on counting and math, not just a wild guess. I’m sticking to that estimate, but I’m not claiming it’s fact.

You are correct to point out that my estimate contains at least one assumption: Namely, that the claim for a parking lot capacity of 1000 is based on the number of painted stalls. If some other method was used, then perhaps 1000 is closer to what the fire regulations are (if any) than the actual number of painted stalls.

Anyway, we don’t know how many parking lots Tesla is using for staging areas for its cars, and we don’t know what the average time cars spend sitting on those lots.

How many cars Tesla has sold in the U.S. this month and this quarter? That’s worthy of some discussion. Arguing over how many stalls are in this one parking lot is rather pointless, if not silly.

What’s “pointless and silly” is pontificating all over this discussion and inferring ill intent from attempts to keep the discussion on topic. Yes, I agree with you for once. Namely, the capacity of this parking lot is irrelevant in the greater scheme of things. The claim that it can accommodate 1,000 vehicles is based on verifiable facts. However, instead of verifying these fact you would rather waste more time. If that’s your idea of a beneficial and engaging discussion, then we might as well stop here.

Agreed. This thread has gotten ridiculous like a few others right now. The trivial arguments and one-upping needs to stop. EV adoption folks! C’mon already. You’re wasting your time, the time of others, and my time.

George, we greatly appreciate the inside information and coverage, as well as your attempt to get to the bottom of the details. Thank you so much.

Others … chill out, please.

I am picking up my Model 3 in Fremont this Sunday 7/01. I think the 200000th US delivery is mine 🙂

Congratulations! Please send InsideEVs some photos!

I expect demand to go down once federal credits are eliminated.

Sure, it will. The question is just how much it will go down, and how that will affect the cancellation rate. Looks to me like Tesla isn’t worried about the answer. I don’t think one more or one fewer quarters matters much to Tesla’s business plans. It can’t possibly meet all the demand either way, at least not for a couple of years.

The vast majority of people holding reservations for 3’s did so knowing that they wouldn’t get their car in time to get the full credit. And they are still reservation holders. Demand will drop, but not by much, when people hear that the credit has been cut in half. But production will be sky high by then and the wait for a car won’t seem as long.

Through what official method will the public be told the full Federal Tax Credit for Tesla has diminished BEFORE they place their non refundable deposit? I suspect some may need to recalculate their budget if they were hoping for the full tax credit/.

I imagine that Tesla will officially acknowledge its 200,000th delivery via a press release or an announcement.

One would think! Especially if people are currently ordering cars and not knowing. You would think that if someone ordered the 200,000th vehicle, Tesla would have to let them know the circumstances, and that information would then hit the internet like a storm, but the automaker doesn’t have to do that and won’t likely do a press release (and Tesla won’t even be able to determine 100 percent that the number has been reached per the IRS). It’s up to the IRS and there’s plenty of “this and that” in the language. It could be a long time before the government comes forward with the info and lets Tesla know and then it gets out to the masses. There are many sources saying they’ve already surpassed the milestone, yet nothing has been publicized. We’ll know soon, at least based on estimates, but there’s so much gray area!

How can anyone buy a car from such a controversial company as Tesla when their are companies who has been in business for decades and know what they are doing ? Not me, but I guess they are suckers born everyday.

Joe, there are definitely other electric vehicle choices of there, but Tesla seems to be getting most of the attention and enjoys strong demand for its products. Consider this, back in 2009 it was nearly impossible to get an EV, Tesla of otherwise. The 1st gen Roadster was beloved but also pretty impractical and twice as expensive. Ask those who have purchased one back then if they regret that decision and see what you will hear. Ultimately, this is also a financial and deeply personal decision. Getting a new vehicle model with unfamiliar technology from an upstart automotive company is potentially risky and everyone’s situation is different.

This is Tesla’s office park that is under renovations, I heard renovations stopped half way done.

Very interesting to hear! Thank you!