Lincoln’s First Electric Car Will Stem From Ford’s Mustang-Inspired EV

JAN 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 20

Once the EV skateboard is developed, it can be used in many applications

Lincoln is going to introduce its first all-electric car using Ford‘s BEV platform, which first we will see in the upcoming crossover/SUV inspired by the Mustang (teased above and rendered below).

There are no details available yet, besides that the versatile BEV platform will be used for totally different models and brands. It sounds reasonable as Lincoln is simply too small to even dream about its own EV toolkit, especially in times when Ford seeking cost savings.

Kumar Galhotra, Ford’s president of North America and former Lincoln boss, said that the electric Lincoln will maintain the brand’s “quiet luxury.” While Ford apparently bets on an aggressive, Lincoln pursues elegance. Silence will be a welcome feature for Lincoln customers.

Galhotra explains:

“You can make beautiful vehicles in different ways. The BEV technology gives us so much freedom to sculpt that vehicle exactly how we want it. We’re going to create elegant Lincoln BEVs.”

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I bet that the final production version would be using a MEB platform.

Ford is so backasswards where instead of giving their luxury brand any clout and launch the overpriced SUV ev there, they do it with the consumer brand Ford.

A loss of over 500,000 Fusion, Focus, C-Max annually is gonna hurt the bottom line.

But wait…….Ford was supposed to announce their agreement details at the show???

Fusion + Focus + C-Max is not over 500,000, not even close. In 2017, Ford sold 160,000 Focuses, 209,000 Fusions, and 18,000 C-Max. Consider that the Focus and C-Max were probably losing money…

They are keeping the Focus. It’ll be a redesign, but they are keeping it.

So a meaningless CGI only concept car based on a different CGI only concept car… without even a fantasy date for expected production… it must be a slow news day.

When will they launch it. 2020, 2021, 2022.
How can they release a news without any launch date.
Just another delay tactic.

So the Ford’s news here is that a Lincoln EV concept will stem from a Ford EV concept that will be inspired by the existing ICE Ford Mustang… sometime in the future after Ford develops a Ford all-electric platform to build from.

And no mention from Ford to-date of an all-electric Ford truck so that would presumably be even further into the future.

Sounds like Ford has their all-electric program mapped out but in no hurry getting it to production and it currently excludes trucks.

They have it all “mapped out” but they are not on the map yet.

After reading a basically content-free (non-)announcement like this one, I picture about a dozen Ford execs running in circles, their hair on fire, all screaming, “WE DIDN’T **** UP!!! WE DIDN’T **** UP!!!”

Personally I’m happy to hear that Lincoln and Cadillac are working on electric vehicles. I always loved the look and feel of Lincolns and Cadillacs but I lost interest in buying them because of thier lack of EV offerings. I don’t know if I will ever be able to work a Lincoln or Cadillac EV into my budget but it will be fun to dream.

The Aviator PHEV is a beauty, but I’ll never be able to afford one.

InsideEVs, can you stop using this fan made render of a mustang crossover? It looks horrible and people think it’s something official from the company.

It looks like a ford to me.

Lincoln is one of world’s 7 mysteries.
How does that brand even survive when I don’t know anyone who drives it?

It’s your age…

Even in Colorado, the land of trucks, SUVs, and EVs, we see Lincoln’s here.

If Ford starts to collaborate with VW we should start seeing one of these concepts drawings weekly….yey!

It going to be a Ford-a-day-Future, now that the Blue Oval has access to the VW Press Release PR firm, as they have been constantly flooding the interwebs with their VW concept drawings galore!

The oncoming Fordvergnügen rising tide will lift all future EV boats (Lincoln Logs / Caddy Shacks).

It is Ford’s MO to buy all new technology, almost nothing developed in house. I was surprised to hear that Ford was developing the platform for the Mustang inspired electric SUV. But even that may just mean that they are purchasing it from Magna. Now I wonder if it will be purchased from VW. I guess in time we will know.

Um, no. Ford is now in the top 10 in patents granted,.