Say What? Lexus Finally Considering PHEVs & EVs


Despite Lexus’ prior anti-EV ads, Toyota’s luxury division may be joining the electric-vehicle club after all.

Lexus chief engineer for the flagship LS told GoAuto that the current generation vehicle could include PHEV, EV, and hydrogen fuel-cell powertrains. The all-new LS limousine just recently launched in Australia, and GoAuto had an opportunity to speak with the man behind the sedan’s design.

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Toshio Asahi admitted that the automaker is looking for ways to make the current hybrid LS500h even better. He said:

Of course, we are considering how to improve the hybrid system, so in terms of power, we are looking how to improve that.

He explained that his team of engineers is already working toward a more powerful gas-electric setup for the fifth-gen LS in Australia. However, he would not disclose specific information about the future powertrains.

Some of Lexus’ primary competitors like BMW and Mercedes already offer plug-in hybrid variants of flagship sedans, specifically, the 7 Series and S-Class.

Despite this reality, when Lexus premiered the concept version of its upcoming LS back in 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show, it was realized as a fuel-cell vehicle. Now, the tables may be turning.

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Though there’s no official word of the fuel-cell or any other future electrified variants hitting U.S. shores, a company executive revealed to GoAuto that at least the fuel-cell powertrain was going into production “sooner than you think.”

Toyota’s Mirai is already available in California, where there is some access to hydrogen fueling stations, but that’s not the case nationwide. A PHEV and/or EV version would be much more sensible for the U.S. market.

GoAuto inquired about the possibility of a comparable plan for a Lexus SUV. Asahi didn’t discount it, but said he couldn’t comment further.

Source: GoAuto

Image Credit: Lexus

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How the Mighty have Fallen, into line.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They should’ve kept with the Rav4 EV……

Toyota was so friggin stupid on the 2012-2014 Rav4 EV they didn’t even put any type of DCFC on it, what complete morons!!

Yes, please!
Lexus is by far my top ice brand.

They always stay charged using “Fossil Fuels” to run the ICE …..Might as Well Go Straight ICE”…. Lexus Says No to PHEV’s …However ., We say “N0” To Everything But, “Pure BEV’s” . So LEXUS. , Stick that In Your Pipe & smoke It !…………… lmao

Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. The company and its engineers do not believe EV’s are practical , they have said this over and over again.

Years , as in 8-10 plus before we see an electric Lexus in the USA if even then.

But, but ,but….what about FOOL CELLS????

And where is zzzzzz and his little mouse and the other shills for Big Oil and the Hydrogen Hoax economy who are not so coincidently serial anti-Tesla trolls?

Enough with the “fool cells” already.

Fool cells!!!

fool CELLS!!!1!!one!eleven

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


FOOL cells!

Being that Lexus=Toyota this is no surprise since Toyota has also had somewhat of a reversal of attitude since releasing the Prius Prime. Of course, Honda had the same attitude not too long ago.

One thing that is clear now, and I predicted it back then, is that these companies were only pretending to dislike plug-in vehicles because they had nothing currently to sell in that category. Why would you tell the world that EVs are the future when you have no such product to sell and everyone else does? You’d send your customers to your competitors. It turns out while Honda and Toyota were saying this, they were also secretly developing some EVs and PHEVs.

“Considering” = “Delaying”

Nice try though.

This is the Toyota roadmap:

Conservative numbers for PHEV and EV, but they are there and Toyota/Lexus will deliver them. So I don’t know what is so facinating about this news