First Leaked Images Of Peugeot e208 Electric Car Slip Out

FEB 23 2019 BY MARK KANE 47

Electric Peugeot 208 coming soon.

French media obtained leaked images of the upcoming all-electric Peugeot e208, which is expected to be unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

The Peugeot e208 reportedly will share powertrain and batteries with DS 3 Crossback E-Tense (scheduled for arrival in the second half of 2019). The 50 kWh battery should be enough for up to 300 km (186 miles) of range under the WLTP test cycle.

As we’ve hinted at recently, the 2019 Geneva Motor Show will certainly be the single largest electric car debut venue the world has ever seen. We sure are excited for this shift change from gas/diesel debuts to vehicles with plugs. As the public venture out to the show in Geneva, it will be immediately obvious that the focus in on electric. Stay tuned as there’s so much more electrifying info to come in the lead up to the show.

Please feel free to leave a comment on the looks of the e208 and interior of the new electric car.

Here are the images:

Peugeot e208 (Source:

Peugeot e208 (Source:


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I might consider a Peugeot for the first time in my life, if this one comes out at a decent price. But not sure about the interior, doesn’t look very friendly to me.

I was sat in various Peugeot, and new 508 or 308 isn’s bad at all, but 208 (not this new) is terrible. Best for me is 3008/5008, but in general I don’t like the new cockpit desighn from Peugeot. I prefer a traditional driver place design.

I find the current 208 cockpit amazing. It’s a bit like Tesla Model 3.

Better than the Tesla. I sat in one recently in the showroom in Boston MA and was very disappointed.

What is your definition of decently priced EV?
170 mile range Peugeot will cost at least $40K probably.

A proper lovely small car.
Hon the French!

Make it 500+ km and i’ll consider it 😉

But for most people the range should be plenty, i guess.

It’s a small car, it’s impossible to have a 500 km range in such a small vehicle – for now at least. Unless you fill the boot with batteries, which nobody wants.

300km is enough to charge it once a week.

300 WLTP is 250 RL (real life)

For city driving (which this is mostly aimed for) you should actually beat WLTP range if you don’t drive like a lunatic.

Really. I don’t think so.

I think you would, though not in winter. WLTP includes city and highway, so city only should be better than WLTP if you drive conservatively.

For city driving, you don’t need 300 km. The reason people want larger batteries is that even if they buy a car mostly for city use, they want the freedom to go further when needed. And that’s when highway range becomes more relevant.

I don’t think so. From some tests I’m seeing, there are some cars that beat by their WLTP spec, even if others do not so good it’s my understanding that WLTP gives a close to reality data.
The problem is that WLTP is a mix, while it includes some distance at 130km/h (if my memory doesn’t fail), it also includes a lot of city driving. Range for EVs is an issue at highway speeds not around the city.
While for ICE what people really want to know is how much the car will cost to run, for EVs is also important range in different conditions, because of that I defend that there should be information about average consumption but adding range at highway speeds.

It should be better than 300 km under WLTP. The article from which this one takes its information talks about 340 km WLTP. The Zoe with a usable battery of 41 kWh already has 300 km under WLTP. And this e208 could be better aerodynamically (less height).

500+ km for a city car? You take your kids to school in another country/state?

Very few people actually own a “city car”. For most, it’s their *only* car. That might be unimaginable to Americans — but in Europe, it’s quite normal to use a sub-compact for all driving needs.

I guess battery prices have come down a fair amount, but still aren’t they basically making the same mistake that’s made over and over again? You can’t make a cheap electric car because of the cost of batteries. You can be competitive in the luxury space, but not at normal car prices. Not till you have iterated your product several times. You can only be competitive with ICE at large volumes. You can’t start off making a brand new technology at large volumes.

That kind of seems like the lesson of the last decade to me. Really they should focus on their most expensive model first and stick the batteries in that at low production numbers.

Anyway, good luck to them.

Renault manages to sell plenty of cheap small ZOEs. Peugeot has planned many things to achieve economies of scale. This includes sharing the electric motors with their PHEV models and using the same platform with many other electric vehicles (DS 3 Crossback, Opel Corsa, and next Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka, Opel Adam, Citroën Cactus, etc).

Yeah, it’s a start… Though longer term, they will have a hard time competing with makes that have a dedicated BEV-only platform, like VW.

Peugeot need lower CO2 emissions in all product categories. This car and other EVs / PHEVs from PSA are launched now because of new EU CO2 emission rules that start in 2020.

In Europe they have this crazy idea that small cars can also be luxury cars. Not the US though. We’ll never see an Audi A1. That would be a sweet car.

Other say its just the std 208.

Great small city car, if its 300km in real world range that would be perfect for such size. I hope price will be decent so it could goes to larger volume production, to make a real impact to the market.

The rumoured holographic instrument cluster would for sure put it well ahead of the competition. The first ever production vehicle with that.

Good to see Peugeot come back to good-looking designs after the sins of the past…

Cute, but underpowered. It won’t be 300kms, but 250kms of range aprox. Perfect for cities and suburbs, but not for an all in one car.

A 50 kW battery in such a small car should surely be good for 300 km? Unless it’s very inefficient…

The original article gives 340 km WLTP. I don’t know why it says here 300 km.

Because they mention a different vehicle with the same power train, that is supposed to get 300 km… But that is a larger vehicle, so it’s totally expected that they don’t actually get the same range.

Great looking car. I love the interior…don’t hate me. Modern but kind of retro with the big button things (are those radio buttons?) and the flat ‘shelf’ part of the dash with long ‘pointy’ chrome strip. Reminds me of an old late 50s or early 60s station wagon sorta where the horn would be a separate chrome ring/wheel or whatnot.

I love the steering wheel and instrument cluster position. Other cars feel that there’s a wall in front of you..

sticking with my little C-Zero (~I-MiEV) until this one is available 🙂

Great to see the sleeping giant PSA bring out a 208 model, It looks very nice indeed with a decent range for my needs, I would only need to charge it maybe twice a week at most. Looking forward to seeing all the plug in models at the Geneva motor show, I think the penny has finally dropped for the laggard manufacturers that a lot of people want BEV’s.
The next two years will be epic for new models.

Nice looking car. They will sell a ton for the right price.

I just read on Twitter this model will be available with a 50 kWh base battery. Later the year Peugeot will unveil a 72 kWh option coupled with a 150 kW motor (over 200 hp).

Yes, the PSA CEO has said that EVs with 300-400 hp are possible in the future. And he was talking about family cars.

Very nice looking!

Much will be about the price. If Peugeot can sell it below €25.000 (and produce it in significant numbers) it may become Europe’s Model 3. I suspect however that the price will be in the €30.000 to €35.000 range and that’s too high for the average buyer of this kind of car. Dependant on national tax rules, it still can be very successful as a company car if it’s in the higher price range.
I really hope they manage to sell it at a decent price, because I like the looks of it. Good thing is, Renault will launch their Clio EV around the same time, so there might be some market pressure to keep prices affordable.

There will be no Clio EV. It will be a (big) refresh of the Zoe. Its price could a little under 30 000 € (all taxes included and before incentives). So I guess the Peugeot e208 should cost about the same.

Last year I was looking for a new car and I visited the local Renault dealership for the Zoe (in the Netherlands). The price of the car one level above base trim, but without the battery was about €25.000. A similar sized and equipped Clio, including engine, was about €17.000. I asked the Renault sales person why the Clio with all the complicated parts like engine and gearbox was so much cheaper, but he couldn’t give a satisfactory answer. In addition to the base price of the Zoe you should add another €8.000 for the battery when bought, or €120 a month when leased. Combined price of the Zoe was €33.000. Will the refreshed model, with bigger battery according to rumors, be cheaper? I sincerely doubt it. In the end I bought a second hand Opel Ampera, for about the Clio price. It looks nicer than the Zoe, drives better and suits my driving habits. During the 24.000 km I travelled last year, I used only 60 liters of petrol, so 96% of the distance on electricity. Since then I’ve been saving to replace the Ampera with a short range Model 3 in 2 or 3 years from now. For… Read more »

This is the real 32000$ car. Tesla can never make in the next 3 years.
And europeans love compact cars. Now make the math.

Kia cant deliver
Nissan expensive
Opel Vauxhall will be similar.
VW have no ready ID

seems PSA group will have an advance over 18 Months.

Another benefit if rumors true you can charge this car with 125 KW = 100 miles in less than 25 minutes.

IIRC the gas 208 is the best-selling car in France so this will sell like hotcakes.

Attractive, once I give up cross-continent driving ambitions.

Despite being French my 208 has been working perfectly in -20 C. I can even enter the car and the folding mirrors just work.

we’ll see if it’s competitive against the VW ID.3 supposed to be unveiled in September and available in March 2020 with the bigger battery for 30 000 euros