Kandi Unveils New Electric Car And SUV In … U.S.


As part of a partnership with a Dallas-based auto parts company, two new EVs will be available in the U.S.

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in China. However, soon, some Americans will be able to buy the automaker’s compact electric SUV and subcompact electric car. ATV/UTV distributor Sportman Country in Dallas, Texas recently unveiled the vehicles in Plano and announced that it has established a business partnership and secured a contract with Kandi to sell them in the U.S.

The cars in question are known as the EX3 all-electric compact SUV (top of page) and the K22 subcompact car (above). Kandi recently ran a survey to get an idea of consumer preferences for EVs in the U.S. and made necessary adaptations quickly. Sportman Country company representative, Johnny Tai spoke about the upcoming vehicles. He shared:

This is electrifying news, literally. The charging port settings, software system language and the user interface were upgraded from the original models to satisfy U.S. market needs. They are now compatible with DOT standards and conventional charging stations.

Kandi CEO Hu Xiaoming added:

I am very pleased about the efficiency and diligence in our technical staff and US sales team in terms of preparation. It took our team less than a month to complete the upgrades necessary to comply with US standards. We will continue our efforts to expand our US market.

The Chinese electric vehicles will cost less than $20,000 and will be available in the Lone Star State in the near future.

Source: The CW33, Market Insider

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Some interesting news on the EV front…

Wow. Looks cool. I m in. Do I need to move to TX

The white 4-door EV looks rather nice.

Battery pack, range, charging, motor.

Details please.

The small K-22 has a smiley face on it that looks like it could have come out of the cars move…
Kinda cool but a 19kWh battery and 49kW motor and a top speed of 64MPH… no thanks…

The larger SUV apparently has a larger 26kWh battery and the same power train with a 49kW motor and top speed of 64MPH… no thanks…

Kandi is apparently in a partnership with Geely (the # 2 brand in China behind VW, the owners of Volvo, Lynk and Co, London Taxi Co, Lotus, and privately owned) to make EVs…

I think I will wait for some BYD’s and their 160kW motor 62kWh battery and 100MPH top speed…

From what I was able to find on the web is, the EX3 supposedly goes about 240 miles, how they test that, I have no idea, BUT, it’s claimed top speed is 62 mph! The K22 is even worse. These a neighborhood EVs, not the droids you’re looking for.

K22 range is 202KM or 126 miles NEDC so expect 80 miles or so EPA test cycle…
The 240 you saw is probably KM not miles and also NEDC so don’t expect much in real world driving…

You can get a Toyota Rav 4 EV for less

Neighborhood EVs are only legal on streets with speed limits at or below 35 mph if I recall. These vehicles appear to be highway capable, if less than appropriate for interstate freeways. My Think City EVs will do 72 MPH on the interstate, but I still tend to avoid the interstate in them. That is what the Volt is for, although we abhor driving the Volt in the City.

You can get a bigger motor and battery

60 m/h max speed city car, 26 kWh battery (probably less usable capacity).

The price is low, but so are the specs. Does this receive the 7500 tax credit in the US? If so, that’s cheap. But still a used LEAF/Volt is probably much more value for money, even without warranty.

I applaud the low price for getting into a new EV though. Lower side of the market needs new offerings.

– K22 $ 18k 18.96 kWh battery est. 83 miles range

– EX3 $ 30K 41.8 kWh battery est. 188 miles range.

Ternary lithium battery. No fast charging.


Apparently they launched a website: http://kandiev.com/mo

$ 30K for a 41,8 kWh batteried electric car doesn’t seem very bad to me. But I don’t know what current LEAF costs in the US.

It states a max speed of 75 Mph, but only 21 kW (28 hp) of power..

Note: I extracted pricing from this dealer site: https://www.cctautos.com/inventory/did/CCT0195

Website don’t work

Typo, it’s http://kandiev.com/

Current 2018 Leaf starts at 29k in the US.
I would just get a Leaf, it’s got 151 miles of EPA range and probably a lot safer and better built, with a proper warranty.

As affordable commuter vehicle or for businesses that depend on frequent city driving (like pizza delivering or elder care), those Chinese cars will do just fine. Battery size seems large enough to qualify for tax credit.
This move is a first test, and if successful, the Chinese will bring more EVs. Also interesting to see that they are going not through a conventional stealership, but rather a off-road vehicle distributor.
But the strangest part is:
The Chinese can now sell EVs in Texas but American made cars from Tesla still are getting hassled. That’s what I call lobbyism in the truest form. Someone should alert the president.

Anywhere else? What’s the range? Info please info

Range on the EX3 is estimated at 188 miles on the US testing cycle. Top speed is 75 mph. The car is pretty unique in the US market. It is similar in size to the Bolt EV and Kona.

I have reached out to the US distributor for more info.

Yeah but at 30k you can get a used Bolt for that

…or new in CA if you catch the right dealer discounts.

….or you can just get a brand new 2018 Leaf for 29k.

The price is claimed to be less than 20k.

Distribution, sales and service network, warranty???? Seems unlikely to be real.

Junk by blood sucking Communist crony companies! Slap 30% tax on them because that’s what they do to Tesla, forcing Tesla to open factory there! Trump are you listening?

Well it was us that started the trade wars. The question is who’s hurting the most, The US or China, let’s make deal because this is not sustainable

You are wrong! China has been in secret trade war with every advanced economy! IP theft, forcing technology transfer, putting tariffs on imported US autos! Get your facts right!

Hmm. I’m only 15 minutes away from Plano. Might have to go check them out. I have severe reservations about the car’s safety but potentially an interesting addition to the market.

The second should be a great hit in the US…

will these cars be included in the monthly sales scorecard? The KANDI website is http://www.kandiev.com/

Texas will not let Tesla operate a Tesla store in the Lone Star state but a ChineseEV maker can sell its cars there thru a partner,What SMELLS so Stinky?