Watch As Jaguar I-Pace Gets Test Driven, Scores Only 6 Out Of 10

MAR 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 54

The Jaguar I-Pace was one of the top premieres at the recent Geneva Motor Show and soon it will hit the market.

Jaguar I-Pace

Only short test drives on a test track have been granted to select media so far and we’ve come across this rather interesting test drive review video from Carwow.

The I-Pace is definitely quick, sporty, agile and responsive. The quick review includes a look at the exterior, interior and trunk, too.

The overall verdict for the Jaguar I-Pace is surprisingly low though – just 6/10 from  Carwow, who lists:


  • Very quick
  • Big boot for a car this size
  • High-tech cabin


  • No seven-seat option
  • Quite expensive
  • Fiddlier infotainment than in alternatives

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Whether or not the I-Pace will be able to threaten Tesla’s Model X domination in the BEV SUV segment remains to be seen.

Video description:

Jaguar I-Pace driven – see why Tesla should be worried | Mat Vlogs

While I was at Geneva Motor Show, I was given the chance to duck out of the glitz and glamour of the shiny stands for an exclusive drive of the all-new electric Jaguar I-Pace! Watch the video to see my ‘in-depth’ review…

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“scores only 6 out of 10”??? where does it say that in the video?

ok – you need to go to to see the rating. That’s slightly lower than Model X’s rating of 7/10, interesting…

He giggles like a schoolgirl on the turns. Then gives it a 6? 🤔

Mat, Scrub lord of car reviewers at CarWow. He’s an apples to oranges guy. How to fake your enthusiasm, or how to bash a car in a review as you’re glowing about the car test drive. I don’t follow. I’m confused. What does he want. Oh and also, i-Pace can’t tow 50,000 lbs of cargo, so 3 out of 10. right?!

6/10 compared to Tesla.
10 out of 10 compared to any other gas engine Jag.

Um no. You just made this up.

..which is what car reviews are.

“Whether or not the I-Pace will be able to threaten Tesla’s Model X domination in the BEV SUV segment remains to be seen.”

No it isn’t. Since neither vehicle qualifies to be considered SUVs. One is a large AWD car. And the other is a small, aerodynamic AWD minivan.

Neither one is a minivan. Please look up the definition of that word

Modern SUVs and Minivans are pretty much the same thing. GM got rid of all their Minivans, but suspiciously, several of their SUVs have the same dimensions and functionality with less useful rear doors, but offer AWD.

That is my viewpoint too. If it has large backdoors, a tailgate and a high ceiling it is a minivan.
The IPace is certainly not an SUV.

If it has 3rd row seating, it’s a minivan! You know what those 3rd row seats are for – shuttling your kids to practice.

The Model S must be a mini-van then because it also offers 3rd row seating.

Yep – still a minivan. Although it is a BAMF version.


Don’t get offended. It’s the best minivan $100k can buy. If it were $40k I would seriously consider one.

Jaguar I-Pace has an official wading depth of 500mm
Audi Q7 = 157mm
Tesla Model X = 0mm
When asked Tesla’s reply was the Model X would keep out the rain.

There is a video of the I-Pace off road on the Land Rover test track – the I-Pace has been tested the same as any Land Rover product – so yes, its an SUV.

“wading depth…”?! Do you live in Delhi or something?

Flash floods are a thing in urban environments. A lot of people wreck their cars because they just can’t believe that even 20cm of water is more then their car can handle.

There is a video of Nissan doing deep-water testing with the LEAF. There is a LOT of water, coming all the way onto the hood/bonnet. I can’t imagine Tesla said 0mm of water resistance.

No, just replying to many ill informed comments on here which said I-Pace was not an SUV.

It would make sense for you to read the thread if you are commenting on it.

Where the hell does give it scores?
Nowhere in the video…
Strange, he seems to like the car…

When did SUV become about how well it handles a road course? How about some off-road?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I know right?!?!?!?

Show me what this thing can do offroad transitioning from mud to snow and back over bumpy terrain.

And these damn drag video’s suck too.

The score is from the written review:

But the review does not break down how that score was derived

Never heard of this carwow….pass.

Welcome to 2018.

The world has continued on without you.

It’s ok, i have dvr…i will catch up over the weekend.

Ok. But that will be a long weekend.

It’s good Jaguar went for this, I guess people “trust” the brand in UK and elsewhere, it looks like a “proper” car (I’ve heard people from UK say these words quite a lot). It might even sound like an “inside job”, a car made by a traditional petrol car company, it should help with making EVs (even) more popular. Most reviewers will probably be happy with the car (just my feeling).

And just an idea I had after sitting in a model 3 (didn’t drive it), because the battery pack is on the floor for most EVs, the only way to design a sedan is to make the position of the driver quite sporty (seating). Everyone else went for height – i3, Bolt, I-Pace (I don’t know how the Leaf is).

You mean the brand owned by Tata Motors, formerly Ford? Worse than an NFL football team that keeps hopping towns every 10 years.

Interior isn’t as spiffy as I was expecting. + for the glass roof, reminds me of the Tesla Model III glass roof. It looks like less cargo space than the Model X with 3 rows (not with 2), so I wonder where that lands. Model 3 cargo space = 15 cu. f., Jaguar iPace has 18 cu. f. for its trunk. In the equivalent 5-seat configuration, however, the Tesla Model X has 88 cu. f. of trunk space.

Someone want to explain to me why this car which looks like a taller Model III dimensionally both interior and exterior is being compared to its larger sibling?

The reviewer says “hatchback” and I think that’s fair. It’s not a liftback full-sized sedan, it is too small. So, again, Bolt EV beater! I think the Jaguar wins on seats, but Bolt owners: comments on display and niceties? Does the Bolt EV have the air suspension thing?

This thing starts at twice the price of the Bolt EV so they aren’t comparable.

Why does the glass roof remind you of the Model 3? Just because it has one too?
Glass roofs are found on loads of up market cars even 10years ago. My 2011 e coupe has one.


This is funny at best. The guy slags off the F-Pace in comparison to the I-Pace yet they rate the F-Pace 7/10.

It is an insane sliding scale.

Three negatives:
No seven-seat option
Quite expensive
Fiddlier infotainment than in alternatives

And yet it’s vastly better than the F-Pace.
He himself seems to say the F-Pace is an antique by comparison.

I do like that this i-Pace can drive safely into Deep Water.

The noisy, slow, smelly gas engine f-Pace does Not have 7 passenger seating either, so I don’t see the point of a (negative) rating for that lack, unless you actually took the Tesla X vs. i-Pace comparison as realistic.

The car is a lot smaller than I expected. And Jag’s are well known for their questionable electrical systems….

Great car, the first Tesla competitor, more to come.

I really like what I’ve seen of this car, but I don’t understand the comparisons to the Model X.

Frankly, I’d buy this over a Tesla, since Tesla seems unable to rise above its quality issues.

Is Tesla quality so poor that Jag is a better bet? Jaguar is regarded among the worst for reliability.

How can they put a rating on the I-Pace based on a short press event test drive, that’s ridiculous. And how is not having seven seats bad, most cars, and SUVs don’t have seven seats. Dose a Porsche 911 loose a point for not being a seven seat kiddy hauler? 🙄


Seems silly to downrate it for not having seating for 7, when the market is completely full of other SUV/CUVs that don’t have 7 seats either. Rate it for what it is. Do the seats work well for the number of passengers they seat? Rate that.

Well you mean CUVs?

The problem is that the whole industry classification system is a total mess. So bad that even sedans get classified by manufacturers as SUVs/CUVs simply due to marketing reasons.

This is why the media sees SUV and starts comparing ipace with Model X despite the Model X being a much larger car. The ipace will compete with the Model Y. But media sees SUV, they compete.

On the video:
VOTE: Would you rather…

72% Jaguar I-PACE
28% Tesla Model X

348 616 views
It must mean somethig 😉

No 7 seat option? . ? It’s a smaller car them TMX…
Room for 7 midgets maybe.
Weird thing to have as something negative.
What? It’s not room for my family and a baby stroller in the new Lamborghini.. it must be a POS.
Would like to see them test a motorcycle.. only 2 wheels, and one wheel drive.. have to give it a low score.

what’s the model x’s interior like? I keep thinking it’s bare bones and pathetic but that’s just the model 3.

Why do they keep comparing it to the Tesla X? It should be the Y! And the good thing is: it’s earlier then the Y.

The Model S Frunk isn’t sealed from below. So the water would rise up the outside water line. I’d assume that the MX has the same Frunk but I have never driven and fooled with one.

It looks like a good try as the Bolt and New Leaf are in their categories. Each generation will continue to improve in bringing out more compelling cars.
Remember what happened to the old Leaf just towards the end of last year. Their sales fell off the table, but have now rebounded with the introduction of the newer model.
With the best and only to this point, continuous OTA, Tesla owners cars functionality can be improved, Though legacy needs be will move to Tesla’s OTA model at some point. It still puts Tesla much further ahead in the game. Finally the SC network and Tesla culture are like a couple of one eyed Jacks in your hand and they are wild.
In my view the legacy makers are mostly just playing Leap Frog with themselves, and it won’t hurt Tesla sales, and may even help to increase demand for evs, which only helps Tesla in the long run.

It has been mentioned by Jaguar at the European launch events that the I-Pace will get 200kW charging as an OTA upgrade later this year when the battery longevity testing is complete.
Confirming the I-Pace will get both faster charging and OTA updates.

I like the car a lot, but it is not an SUV. Jaguar just calls it an SUV because this seems to be the prime market now.