Jaguar I-PACE Sales Rebound To Almost 1,400 In February 2019

MAR 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 19

February was the 3rd best month of sales so far.

Jaguar I-PACE sales in February improved compared to January and hit 1,388. It’s still below the peak of over 2,200, but should go up, especially having additional marketing boost in the form of the 2019 European Car of the Year award.

Positive is also that the all-electric I-PACE accounted for 11.3% of total Jaguar volume for the month.

The official manufacturer data shows that 9,292 I-PACE were delivered in 11 months (5-6 of which were volume deliveries months).

Jaguar I-PACE sales – February 2019

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Don’t know whether I want to be happy or sad with these numbers.

I bet Jag is wishing they could build 10 times as many now.

That blue colour is very, very nice. sigh. If only I had the mulah.

Assuming they aren’t loosing money on a per unit bases as the financials seems to show.

The initial reports of 13k to 15k first year production seems about right. If they fix their charging and software problems, maybe it will sell better. Quality also seems suspect, but then again, it is a Jaguar.

Quality is allegedly just fine.. not least because it’s built in Austria by Steyr Magna on the same assembly line as the BMW 5 series, Z4 and Mercedes G-Class.

where do you get that, “seems suspect”, have you ever had a Jag, know anything about the service numbers of this one, or is that just a BS disparaging statement?

Troll…or just never had a Jaguar…

What do you know, the January sales dip is a real phenomenon, not just an excuse used by Tesla fans to explain away falling sales.

Also about delivery of cars. My dealers tell me that they haven’t enough cars in the pipeline, so there will be ups and down until they know what the real numbers are and plan for more. They were thinking 20 the first year so on target. Porsche figured 20 also, now will raise that to 40. Different buyers. I’ll take the Jag anytime, having driven that and the Tesla and am not a Porsche guy. Also want real back seats like the Jaguar has. Until I see the packaging of the Porsche and, likely, the actual price (which I think is going to be 20 higher than the Jag), I am all in Jaguar.

I think the advantage the iPace has is that it really is a head to head competitor with the model Y which isn’t shipping and the iPace is.

Any other comparison seems a bit suspect to me

[Insert snarky comment here about why we shouldn’t (and usually don’t) track highly cyclical statistics on a month-to-month basis.]

The larger bulk of those 2018 sales were in The Netherlands – 3495 cars – the government have introduced a new tax on all EVs above Euro50K price from 1-Jan-2019.
And Jag have smartly taken advantage of the demand that generated and ensuring enough cars delivered. Same as Mitsubishi did a few years back with their Outlander PHEV.
I spot 3-4 i-Pace cars on average these days during my daily commute of some 65km which is way more than any other EVs except for Teslas.

Tata need to hold their nerve and double down on electric Jaguars (there is no future for any other kind, except special projects/nostalgia). Then take their learnings to India and mass produce cheap BEVs for the world.

There is an Electric XJ under test at the moment. There have been several sightings on a cammed up car on the M40 recently.

I don’t think Jaguar is making much money on the I-Pace as it’s produced by Steyr Magna in Austria and a lot of the cost comes from third party batteries. At the same time, JLR is making record sales in the US on both Jags and Land Rovers so I don’t think the sales people are pushing the I-Pace particularly hard in the US. In Holland & Norway, however, where Jaguar in particular hasn’t sold more than a few hundred cars per year for the past decade, they are really pushing I-Pace sales (a one-off of over 2000 in December 2018 in Holland and around 300 units/month into Norway). I think their strategy is to use the I-Pace to get into markets that they haven’t had any success in so far and to continue selling fuel guzzlers into markets that still buy them. The I-Pace also seems like a much better design for Europe than for the US: the small outside dimensions & hatchback look just fit better onto our narrow roads and tiny parking spaces; range and high-speed efficiency is a far less important in a more compact country and on almost universally heavily congested roads. The CCS network… Read more »

You really have no idea what you are talking about, please keep your completely false opinions to yourself Jaguar Land Rover sold over 600,000 vehicles world wide in 2018 & a third of those were Jaguars. The I Pace factory is at 100% production & cannot satisfy demand as the I Pace customers know, due to long waiting times for their orders, please keep your uninformed personal comments to yourself….

They should make a slightly smaller and cheaper EV too. That is volume territory.
Jaguar will for sure break their sales record in Norway. Not that it would be hard to do, being a tiny brand and all. Love the way it looks, and hope to see many in use, replacing gassers.

If a car brand like Bently makes EVs, it will hardly make an impact at all.
If we get an electric Corolla for example. . We’re talking numbers. They probably sell more Corollas then the 10 smallest car brands combined.

The electric Corolla has arrived in Norway these days, it’s called Tesla Model 3…

Great news hopefully good saleswill continue.