Jaguar Exec Says I-Pace SVR Could Do 0-60 MPH In 1.8 Seconds

MAY 29 2018 BY JEFF PEREZ 69

The company still hasn’t confirmed the high-performance electric SUV for production.

Rumors of a high-performance I-Pace have been flooding the web pretty much since the electric SUV’s debut. Already Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) department has shown interest in building an I-Pace SVR, but now a new interview lends further credence to the possibility of a production version in the near future.

Product planning boss Hanno Kirner, in an interview with the British publication Autocar, suggested that an I-Pace SVR would theoretically make sense in the lineup. But there is one problem: the company is worried that, if produced, it could be too powerful for the average consumer. Kirner suggests it would be able to hit 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in less than two seconds.


“Yes, we can make it do 0-60 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds,” Kirner said. “It’s a good headline, but once you’ve done it once or twice, and lost your eyes in the back of their sockets, you might not want to do it again.”

“I do worry that the instant torque and performance might be too much for untrained drivers,” he continued. “It may be that we have to impose some kind of restriction so that the performance is limited until they have gone on a driving course or something.”

The current I-Pace, which is already quicker than a Tesla Model X 75D, comes powered by a 90-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack producing 394 horsepower (293 kilowatts) and 512 pound-feet (694 Newton-meters) of torque. That gives it the ability to sprint to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds, which means it’s already nearly as quick as the new F-Pace SVR.

Though Jaguar may be worried about power output, that doesn’t mean the idea is off the table entirely. Kirner said that “there is probably more than one route we could take, but there is definitely space for a performance electric car or cars.” Here’s hoping we see an I-Pace SVR sometime in the near future.

Source: Autocar

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It would definitely be bragging rights and fodder for the anti-Tesla crowd, but as long as it’s another EV to best the Roadster II, I’m fine with that.

Jaguar is not going to build a 1.8 Sec to 60 I-Pace. I think 3 sec is plenty quick…

Agreed, but it’s all about the bragging rights. My point is, as long as no ICE supercar can ever touch it, I’m fine with any EV maker having the crown.

I say Let Tesla keep the crown, and bragging rights, and just focus on better quality and reliability for I-Pace… Now, I do think Porsche should build a hyped up Mission E… I am trying to add a 4th garage bay to our new house, just in case…

Go Deep! Build 3 more bays below the (Current?) 3!

ICE supercars are not designed for 0 to 60, they are designed for a balance of handling, braking, and acceleration.

Yeah, like the Dodge Demon.
ICE like electrics find niche markets as well as mainstream.

Dodge Demon is hardly a supercar…

Or ALL EV’s sharing the crown, rotating from time to time!

Jaguar’s SVR team has been trying unsuccessfully to catch up with AMG and BMW M performance in their ICE cars. If they can indeed achieve this level of performance on the I-Pace, I don’t see any good reason to refrain – for the bragging rights and put them miles ahead of their nemesis.
Tesla Roadster has nothing to worry about.

If you read what the report says, they are saying this is possible, they are not going to build it…

haha… 1.8 is not going to happen…

Less talk, more speed.

Let’s first see some normal I-pace deliveries before we are talking about the next one 🙂

Very soon, many media members have been in Portugal taking them on 5 hour outings that include off roading, and wading down a river bed, but the reviews are still embargoed… So I can’t even tell you how I know that… Dang it… Hope they open the gate soon… My order was confirmed by Jaguar, with a build date of 8-3-18, and delivery of 10-19-18 I am part of the 2nd batch coming to the USA, the first batch will be built next month.

I will be heading out on this adventure in the I-Pace in a week or so!

Nice, I am curious to hear what you think… Do you know when the Embargo will be lifted?

No. But there are four waves of the trip, running through about at least June 15 or 16, so it will be awhile for sure.

I see… I have been seeing pictures here and there and a few rumors about range, etc… But want to read the real reports. I think it is pretty cool that Jag is putting so much effort into getting the word out about their EV vehicles, and they are obviously not afraid to let everyone see their early production I-Paces.

Let alone having 100s of journos drive them throughout Europe!

That too, They built a bunch of factory validation builds even as late as March, that I was not sure what they were for, this kind of answers those questions. I think Jaguar is pretty serious about this whole BEV movement. With as much interest as they have had, even before all of this media exposure I wonder if they have some plan to increase the production beyond the expected 20 to 30K a year?

Embargo will be lifted on full road tests 4th June ….. not long now.

Nice… I am excited to see those in a week…

““I do worry that the instant torque and performance might be too much for untrained drivers,” he continued. “It may be that we have to impose some kind of restriction so that the performance is limited until they have gone on a driving course or something.”
Um… it’s called ‘Chill Mode’ and Tesla already does this.

They should maybe default to chill.

The issue is with Tesla many people are buying them as normal cars. Non car people. Non car people don’t go out and buy a Dodge Viper.

When someone stomps on the accelerator in a Prius thinking it was a brake, not much happens. Maybe hop a curb.

When someone does this in a Tesla it jumps through a wall and maybe continues inside the building. The slowest Tesla does 0-60 faster than 90% of people drive daily. A good 0-60 time for a non car person is probably not faster than 8 seconds. Most traffic, even quicker drivers maybe accelerate at a rate around 10 to 12 seconds to 60 if they aren’t trying to race someone.

Point being, it is a legitimate concern.

Just thought this line was funny: “Yes, we can make it do 0-60 miles per hour in 1.8 seconds,” Kirner said. “It’s a good headline, but once you’ve done it once or twice, and lost your eyes in the back of their sockets, you might not want to do it again.”

If I hadn’t been rear-ended by a truck, there wouldn’t be too many other ways I’d describe a 3.1 second (electric) 0-60mph.

1.8?? I dunno. Tesla went from a 4.0 to a 3.1, and that can easily be considered a huge leap. Jaguar going from 4.5, to 1.8?


Yeah, its not gonna happen…

Oh, I think they are very capable of making it happen, if they chose too. It I tend to agree with them, it’s really unnecessary and probably dangerous for most of the drivers I have to put up with on the road. People are dumb.

there were a lot more of those at first, and it’s probably better to have chill mode be the standard, so if people pump up the volume they should have an idea. The learning curve is not that steep, but you don’t second chances if you goof-up. Maybe a Tesla Goofus and Gladus cartoon is in order.

Chill Mode is an offshoot of Valet Mode, which we originally dubbed Prius mode.

“We could run 0-60 in 1.8 seconds, we just don’t wanna..”

Uh huh..

I can run the 100m in 9.55 seconds, but it just feels too fast for me, so Usain Bolt’s record is safe for now.

From article: “The current I-Pace, which is already quicker than a Tesla Model X 75D… [can] sprint to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds…”

Tesla 75D now rated at 4.2sec which is quicker than I-Pace 4.5sec.

Tesla Model S 100P, 2.5 secounds…

Let’s see if Jaguar puts anything out that beats that… hopefully yes… competition is good.

Where you got these numbers from? Look at their website. Even the 100D is slower
75D 4.9 sec
100D 4.7 sec
P100D 2.9 sec

@James said: “Where you got these numbers from? Look at their website…”

@James, Your sec #s are perhaps the older performance specs… if you now check the Tesla website it will confirm my above commented sec #s. Although my “100P” more accurately should say “P100D”

Model S or Model X…? I think one of you has the specs missed up. James is correct on Model X

Not really clear who is talking about S or X. James’ numbers are correct for X. CDAVIS for S. That is, if I’m reading it right. At any rate, let’s make this much easier. Our compare EVs is updated.

@Steven Loveday said: “Not really clear who is talking about S or X… “

My bad…

I was referring to Model S sec #s… I now see the article was comparing I-Pace to Model X and not Model S.

I personally view the I-Pace more comparable to Model S than X because I-Pace weighs less and is smaller than Model S & Model X in every measurable way but nearest to Model S.

Here is comparison:

Here is a link to the graphic to compare physical size. Model X is bigger, and has available options for 7 passenger seating, or more cargo then I-Pace, but not both at the same time.

I-Pace is quicker, has better brakes, nicer looking, has more options, far better build quality, and about 35% cheaper the Model X when well equipped, so it really depends on what a family wants… For us it was the interior quality that sold us on I-Pace

I feel they are both great EVs for different reasons, although we don’t yet know a ton about the I-Pace. I think it compares to the Model X, S, and 3 all for different reasons as well. Could go into great detail here, but I’ll leave it all at that.

Agree with you, I have many friends who like their Tesla X and S, and 3, I just could not look past the build quality, and give them a pass just because it is a BEV. Thats more my own internal nit picky problem.

Well, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with an X. Now, in a week, I’ll be driving an I-Pace for three days in Portugal. Very excited. I’ve never even been to Europe. It should be quite an experience with almost three full days of driving from Paris to Portugal.

Wow, nice, I hope you have a great time, and enjoy some time out of the car as well in Europe… You are a lucky guy, I would love to be taking that trip.

Your main problem will be that jaguar made the mistake of not joining the tesla supercharging network. So the nice 100kW capable car will not be able to take advantage of all those superchargers, instead you will look for a fragmented, less than well maintained 50kW network, which is promised to at some point be built out similar to supercharger network. But for now you are stuck without a real long distance network.

No problem for most people that are buying I-Pace, and in the area I live Electrify America hits all the major freeways in and out of here, with locations more convenient then Tesla’s.

Yep. So true that it always really comes down to what a family wants and needs, what their budget looks like, and their overall priorities.

Clear now, no worries. We’ll get the I-Pace on our compare EVs chart soon as well. Sometimes people end up disagreeing about something and they’re not even talking about the same thing. You were both right!

“I personally view the I-Pace more comparable to Model S than X because I-Pace weighs less and is smaller than Model S & Model X in every measurable way but nearest to Model S.”

Yeah, it’s a ridiculous marketing ploy for Jaguar to compare the I-Pace to the Tesla Model X. Jaguar calling the 5-seat I-Pace an “SUV” or “CUV” does not make it an SUV/CUV. It is, as you say, much more comparable to the Model S, which like the I-Pace, seats 5 in its standard configuration. The Model X seats 7 in its standard configuration, and really is a CUV which Tesla calls an “SUV”.

The I-Pace is a hatchback or perhaps — like the Model S — a “liftback sedan”, which Jaguar calls an “SUV” so it will sell better in the American market.

Pretty soon auto makers are gonna start calling everything except a pickup an “SUV”, and then they’ll have to come up with a whole new set of labels to designate the cars which really are SUVs and CUVs. 🙁


If They could do it , which they Cannot , they’d Charge $300,000.00 for it , Because it’s a Jag ! …R o t f ….lmao

What’s the acceleration of the Formula-E cars?

Good question. The WRC supercars do 0-60 in 1.9sec.

Would love to see Jag do a rally version with those kind of numbers and kick the ICE cars butts.

I don’t care about how quick it is – but it’s a really good looking car. I’m sure somebody would pay extra for a quick car, so it will probably be a smart move to release an expensive version of the car.
I just think they will have to struggle to make enough of the regular I-Pace.

Exactly, I do not think sales are going to be a problem for I-Pace. I would guess they will be production constrained for at least the first 18 months.

Depends on how charging goes. The Supercharger network is open to Jag if they want to join but other than that there is no real solution in place for long trips.
Sure, there will be a lot of demand for a high quality good looking around town car, but distance travel is a must for many.

No manufacturer is going to join the Supercharger network, because CCS is a better option in the USA, and the Network is growing quickly… Joining Tesla would be like investing in Betamax, when VHS (CCS) is already on the grow… Not going to happen. Superchargers will be Tesla’s island forever.

I agree that no major auto maker will ever join Tesla’s Supercharger network, but certainly not because CCS is “better” in any way! Tesla’s Supercharger network is the only one that is built to support long-distance travel throughout the USA and Western Europe. Other auto makers are not going to put their EV charging at the mercy of a rival, Tesla, by hooking their wagon to Tesla’s star! Perhaps some small startup or a niche specialty auto maker (like Morgan) will join Tesla’s charging network, but not any auto maker of Jaguar’s size or larger.

I have modest hopes for VW’s Electrify America, but I am quite skeptical that VW will spend money to maintain or expand the system after the money from VW’s fine runs out. I can’t see VW ever offering the kind of support for widespread long-distance travel that Tesla’s Supercharger network does.

I’m fairly sure we’ll have to wait for a third party company or companies to build a nationwide system of for-profit EV charging stations before we ever see anything to challenge the coverage of Tesla’s Supercharger network.

The other aspect may also be that the legacy carmakers don’t want to compete with their own ICE offering yet and rather delegate the i-pace and similar cars to a nieche crowd that will deal with not having access to a supercharging network and mostly use the car locally. They probably already will sell any they can make without that, they can’t get enough batteries to supply demand if their offering is too good.

The EA system is supposed to finance itself. That is why you can’t charge for free. For charging to exist it must be a viable business.

Exactly… Tesla folks are getting a bit nervous with the arrival of the first real competition, working overtime to spread misinformation about charging… haha!

An expensive version? It’s already an expensive car.

I imagine that if I accelerated at that speed once, I might be tempted to do it again eventually. IF the vehicle I was driving was up to the task. You know, IF it had enough battery, inverter, motor power and fuse capability to lay down the kind of numbers Tesla says it’s CURRENTLY achieving in its Roadster 2 prototype.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’m not a fan of Jag but this one has my interest. Let’s see what the price comes out to be.

I don’t care much at all about the 0-60.

Give me AWD and Chill mode.

Same for me, never imagined buying a Jag, before I-Pace.

You will be in Chill mode when you see the price…

$87,470 loaded First Edition for us, about 35% cheaper then a Model X 100D, and many more features… Actually about 25% cheaper then a Model S 100D and again many more features, I-Pace has nicer fit and finish then all of the Tesla’s

Would be more interested in an off-road capable SVX rally edition.

Per “That gives it the ability to sprint to 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds”, Great! And so compared to the Model 3 AWD, non performance version, just as quick! It would be good to see it in a 1/4 mile heat against the AWD TM3!

It would be good to see the Model 3 wading through a river. But I suspect that just as with the Model X the wading depth is zero.

Personally, I hope that Jaguar continues to give Tesla real competition. Somebody needs to; other legacy auto makers certainly are not!

Sure, there ought to be a practical limit to acceleration for someone with no special equipment and no special training as a race car driver. I’ve wondered if Tesla has already exceeded that limit, and if not, won’t the 2020 Roadster push past any reasonable safety limit?

But at worst, Jaguar could electronically limit the maximum G’s of acceleration at low speeds, while allowing max acceleration at higher speeds where there is some dropoff in acceleration rate.

Let us keep in mind, though, that tire traction also limits acceleration. That Jaguar may need — at the very least — extra-wide drag racing slicks to be able to do 0-60 in less than 2 seconds! The strongest EV powertrain in the world won’t make your car accelerate at lightning speed, if the tires break loose from the pavement.