IONITY Debuts 350 kW Ultra-Fast Charging Station

MAR 5 2018 BY MARK KANE 33

IONITY is set to unveil at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show a design concept of its ultra-fast charging stations.

The IONITY charging station design concept

The concept looks gorgeous if you ask us – there’s everything needed for the ultimate, future-proof 350 kW power level.

BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche (Volkswagen Group) intends to place 400 such stations into use in Europe by 2020.

Well, the future is exciting and it seems that through IONITY,  CCS could offer a compelling charging experience like that of the Tesla Supercharging network.

“IONITY hedges its bets on futuristic form language Munich, 05/03/2018 – Innovation, customer experience, safety and design – these are the themes that will be the driving force behind e-mobility in the future. In time for this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, IONITY has revealed the design concept for its Pan-European High-Power Charging Network.

As if it were floating, the light box sits like a roof over the slender vertical pylon, giving the charging station the appearance of a beacon, an effect, which is particularly striking at night. In keeping with the character of EMobility, the station’s architecture conveys an open, light and warm sense of space. Crisp, simple structures and surfaces, smart interfaces and a mixture of robust lightweight materials merge together into a seamless ‘charging experience’. In keeping with the IONITY logo, the colours represent the flow of energy during the charging process as depicted by the charge status.”

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IONITY COO Dr. Marcus Groll said:

Our charging station design concept is a clear signal to our shareholders, partners and customers alike that this is the shape of things to come.”

The IONITY charging station design concept

The IONITY charging station design concept

The IONITY charging station design concept

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Looks cool. I wish they would bring them to the US.

I don’t care what it looks like. Just please make them all easy to operate, and operate the same way. So I don’t need a dozen terrible apps on my phone and several RFID cards!



I agree. Looks are neat, functionality and ease of operation are more important.

Can you get cars VIN or the like via CCS? You shouldn’t need a card or anything to start charging.

Fastned in the Netherlands is doing that for CCS cars. It’s apparently already part of the CCS protocol.

Automatic car identification and charging will be mandatory in the EU by 2020 as far as I’ve read.

Good to hear.

Awesome! The Europeans are on it again. 🙂

Good question Nick, another area were Tesla is so far ahead of the competition with their SC authenticating the cars charging.

Tesla is dead when big boys are showing how to do things proper way. No proprietary walled garden nonsense, no hacking of Type 2 low power plug to push it to the limit making future power upgrades hardly possible.

What are the Tesla options now? Admit defeat or still pretend nothing happens and continue conquer the world alone strategy?

Revolutionary Guards from Tesla Thought Police (Get Real, Pu-pu, etc), feel free to scream, call names and deny that Tesla sales are not plummeting in Europe now :/

The anti-EV Russian trolls are here, of course.

Tesla acually defeated the big boys, forcing them to go electric.

Don’t get so excited zzzzzzzzz, this is just the dispenser. They must use dry ice (around -20 degree F) to cool such a skinny cable if the thing is to run a sustained 400 amperes.

The ancillary equipment (eg: the DC charger, cooling system – you know, unimportant stuff like that) JUST HAS to be somewhere else as current miniaturization technology is about as advanced as those low-cost Hydrogen corner store dispensers.

Three thoughts: (1) For 350 kW that sure is a skinny power cable. (2) I don’t know how many are currently deployed but Tesla’s Supercharger map appears to have more than 400 European locations today. By 2020 Tesla will probably add ANOTHER 400 (or more) Superchargers across Europe. (3) I wish everyone would come together on a universal standard.

When you have multiple coalitions of multiple automakers each all announcing networks of 350+ kW CCS stations, it starts to become pretty clear who’s holding us back from getting to a universal standard. Tesla and Nissan need to swallow their pride and join the rest of the industry. I really doubt Tesla can cram 350kW through the relatively small supercharger connector, anyways. Probably not enough separation for 800V.

Maybe if you use it as Harry Potter’s wand…

Tesla already uses the universal standard in Europe. The Type 2 plug is designed to transmit 1p AC, 2p AC, 3p AC and DC. Tesla is just the only manufacturer who has implemented the DC option. The only thing that needs to happen is for Tesla to agree to let others use the Superchargers (which should just be an authentication problem) and for the others to connect the DC hardware to the Type 2 receptacle. There’s no reason a car couldn’t use Superchargers AND the Type 2 Combo.

Not so simple Davek…. To connect existing Tesla Models S & X to these new CCS chargers, in their expected 400V/150kW HPC150 mode, someone still needs to provide a cable interface that can link Tesla remapped and elongated Type2 plug used in Europe by Tesla, to the CCS Combo plug presented here, with right male/female matching. Most of that should be simple remapping of same usage pins both ways, but still Tesla is not offering a CCS Combo plug, nor converter, nor optional cable, yet in Europe, despite they have joined CharlIn org behind CCS standard. It will certainly come soon, one way or another.
Since last year Tesla ships all new cars with a regular Type 2 cable that can only be used for AC charging, but not DC, matching Europe regulations that yet do not mandate CCS Combo.
And these guys here are not saying if they will also offer a Tesla modified Type2 cable (not showing up in their pictures and videos yet).
So one side at least needs to move…

There are ~2,500 Superchargers in the EU, compared to ~4,500 CCS chargers in the EU. Supercharger installs started a couple of years before CCS.

Yet another “shiny shiny” press release from the German motor industry.

That was my first thought too. Vaporware. Nice intentions, maybe, but I want to see cars charging before I really give a flip.
But I have to admit 350 kW charging would be amazing. If your car could handle it for more than a minute or two, and the tapering didn’t hammer your charge rate too badly, you could go from 10% to 80% on a 100 kWh pack in around 15 minutes.
When most chargers are only at the stall for 10-20 minutes, you don’t need 20 stalls to recharge a huge number of BEV’s. But maybe the charging station will need a kiddy pool that only charges at 75 kW to handle all the BEV’s that can’t handle the deep end of the pool where you charge at more than 175 kW? “YOU BOLT and LEAF OWNERS! Get out of the fast charging area! Go charge at the kiddy pool!” Or has the Leaf upped its game?

Nice render. Like All the concept cars from VW. Good to know that the Tesla stations and cars are real!

If there’s ANYTHING ice automakers fear the most, this is it. Superfast charging well distributed is the cradle of their nightmares.


Hi, just wanted to let you know the big bad automakers are behind this Ionity thing. Thanks

This is brilliant, and full of good ideas ! …But still no demo of an end to end 800V/350kW charging on a Porsche Mission E test mule to proofpoint this is not just a decorum ???
And still No precise technical infos either. How will that switch between 400V/150kW and 800V/350kW ? And no word on how the thousands of existing Tesla in Europe could charge at 400V on these superb chargers through what cable ?
If they are ready why are they only playing Marketing vaporware with still no precise facts nor charging demo ? What is the problem ?

The first Ionity Station in Denmark is already build.
A Switch is not necessary. If the Car wants 400V, the Station will deliver. If a Car wants 512V, the Station will deliver. If a Car wants 800V, the Station will deliver.

Tesla can’t charge there, because Tesla do not have CCS.

The first EU 175kW station went live almost a year ago (4 months before you posted), and in May 2018 in the USA.
There’s no way for existing Teslas to charge at superfast spped at these chargers. Adaptor cables are not feasible.

Who will deliver the power to these stations?


Who will deliver the power? Probably the same vendor who delivers power to the neighborhood superWallMart which uses roughly the same amount of power.

The more pointed question is, who will PAY the electric bill?

Generally, they use grid electricity. So, the national grid operator.