In First Half Of 2018, Tesla Outsold Smart, Jaguar Next


JUL 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 37

Thanks to rapid growth of sales, Tesla is now beginning to overtake other car brands that don’t show the ability to grow.

Jaguar I-PACE

Globally, during the first half of the year, Tesla outsold smart brand (70,700 to 65,700), which was an easy task because smart is shrinking several percent right now.

The next established brand that soon, in a matter of months, will be left behind Tesla, is Jaguar.

In the second quarter, Jaguar sold some 44,124 cars, while Tesla sold approximately 40,740. The gap of around 3,000 is not going to withstand the Model 3 tsunami that is coming in volume of thousands a week now.

Well, if Tesla sells more than 200,000 cars this year, and hundreds of thousands in the future, we will see similar such news of outselling brands more often in the future.

Tesla already hot on Jaguar’s heels on world stage (Source: EagleAID)

Source: EagleAID

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You have to wonder how the short “brain” works, ignoring the massive GOOD NEWS from Tesla these days, is an art, or brain damage.

I’d Go with “Closed Mindedness” and The Routine “Blinders 0n” “Market Short Thinking” ..A Company Cannot Show a Profit If All The Monies Earned ., That Would Otherwise Be Shown As $$PROFIT”$$ Are Re-Invested Back Into The Company …”TO GROW THE COMPANY”…….I Wonder What it is About That ! , That The Shorts Cannot 0r Simply Refuse to “Comprehend”…………..

If you can get 9 upvotes on a comment like that, I just have to try it, too.

H8 tEm sh0rts. TSLA so much $$$PROFIT$$$ s000n . Sh0Rts g0 d0Wn! Lying MEDIA, connect the D0ts! Sh0rts; sh0rts’ sh0rts!

Now give me all them likes!

Another Euro point of view

The good news were already priced in the stock more or less since 2014. That is what a story stock is about, it anticipates the good news. Here an example, market cap per vehicle produced: Nissan: $6’700/car, Tesla: $534’000/car.

Another Euro point of view

Here a definition for you so you can possibly improve on your investment decisions:
“A story stock is one that trades primarily on expectations of future profits rather than on current conditions”

All stocks are traded on expectations of future profits. If you aren’t doing it like that, you are doing it wrong.

Another Euro point of view

“primarily” seems to be the word you missed.

Nix didn’t miss anything, which for him is the norm.

The same can’t be said for you. Tell us again how investing in Tesla leads to divorce and kids who are drug addicts. That was (unintentionally) hilarious!
πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

TSLA have always been based upon future profit, just like every other stock in the world. There are multiple successes that have been baked into the share price at different times to different degrees. Everything from Model S going into production, to X, to 3, to Y, to Semi, to Roadster, to Truck, to a wide array of energy solutions, etc.

2014 share prices included future growth of Model S sales, and Model X sales already baked in. Each year continued sales of existing products and more and more future products get baked in.

Let’s be clear, this is how ALL stocks are priced by the market. Each stock purchase is a bet on future successes.

There are a lot of folks angry that the market has been RIGHT about the eventual successes, and that they were wrong betting on failure. That continues today.

People have a tendency to only look at facts that confirm their view. They see Tesla as a failed company so they will keep doing so, constantly shifting their focus to another issue (like Tripp, or whatever it happens to be that week). Slowly, people maybe less invested in their false assumption will shift off the bandwagon as Tesla does well.

Another Euro point of view

“They see Tesla as a failed company”.

A failed company at those ratios (?!):

Market cap per vehicle produced: Nissan: $6’700/car, Tesla: $534’000/car

This is a a hell of an expensive failed company then πŸ™
Now seriously, Tesla is priced like an extremely successful company and now has to prove it. Thus if anything is not ten times better than in another car company (as Tesla is currently priced) there are some wobbly trading days. Plain normal.

Tesla has been proving it. Check the Plug-in Sales Scorecard for the #1, #2, and #3 best selling pure EV’s (BEV’s) in the United States. Sorry so many folks can’t take yes for an answer.

Those ratios reflect growth rates of the two companies. Not at all surprising.

Another Euro point of view

…and in the same logic of my previous post more good news coming could still drive the stock price sideways. Imagine a profit of $0.2B in Q3 & $0.1B in Q4 2018. Analysts will be allover the news saying look, according to its trade capitalization Tesla should soon steadily post $5 billion profit year after year (10% of its trade cap.), we have a $0.3B profit in half a year & we have a hard time figuring out how those big profits could materialize taking into account that they just took the cream out of the Model 3 backlog (AWD performance versions) and that they are now starting to run out of federal tax credit. It is a bad idea to shut out analysts out of conference calls, they will bug him till the end of days (not even mentioning the corrupt “journos”).

That is the meme that shorters have been repeating since the Model S, pretending that the current success is the best it will get, and that there will never be another future success so stocks will crash or go sideways instead of up.

The reality is exactly the opposite.

The Model 3 is just one of many future successes, not all of which are are already baked into the price. The reservation list is just the tip of the Model 3 demand iceberg, not the end of the “cream”. Tesla is a global company. Tying their entire profits to the US is just outright false, and predicting the future of the tax incentive is hazardous too.

If you folks were correct about all your repeated memes for years, TSLA would be down under IPO prices by now instead of a 20X.

Another Euro FUDster said:

“…and in the same logic of my previous post more good news coming could still drive the stock price sideways.”

If you’re so good at predicting how Tesla’s stock is going to perform, then why do you find it necessary to keep posting bull pucky FUD about Tesla?

Long-term Tesla “shorters” aren’t desperate to convince people that Tesla is in financial trouble because they’re making money shorting TSLA; they’re desperate to make people believe that because they are LOSING so much money shorting TSLA!

Y’all lost $2.4 billion last month alone!

There are all kinds of TSLA shorts and longs, some are smart and some are not. But I never seen so concentrated and dense idiocy* as in Pu-Pu posts about stock market. I can’t say he is alone in this forum demonstrating lack of wit and social skills, but he is especially outstanding troll. You should know what to do with stock when every street corner idiot starts pumping it.

* It is okay to call people idiots, Musk said so πŸ˜‰

Simply producing large numbers of vehicles is not a worthy goal, though Ford, GM, would have you believe otherwise, still it’s nice to see the premier electric car company starting to hit higher numbers.
Tesla will probably never produce the most cars, just the best and most desirable ones.

Correct. The real meaning in this is not in the numbers themselves, but in the underlying value:

1) This volume is sufficient to get the kind of low price-per-unit parts prices from suppliers that will continue to drive down costs. In the past, Tesla has pushed these savings back into the cars in the form of more standard features, longer range, and even price cuts.

2) It changes the narrative that EV’s are just competing against themselves in a zero-sum battle. Comparing sales to ICE car sales shows where the battle truly lies. It is not between plug-in’s, it is a battle of ICE v. Plug-in.

Also outselling Lincoln, at 50.3k 2018 YTD.

Edit: not quite, Tesla was 44.7k 2018 YTD in USA (according to the sales scorecard), which compares to the Lincoln number I posted above. But likely for FY2018

And first half includes a lot of months where it was still early in Tesla’s Model 3 ramp-up and numbers were low.

Comparing Q3 numbers will be interesting. Q3+Q4 (second half) numbers even more interesting.

Can’t wait for Q3 numbers to come out…
Assuming 13 weeks in Q3(52/4), and also assuming that production stays completely still at 5000/wk Model 3 production, that brings us to 65,000 Model 3’s in Q3, that is *just* Model 3. Combined Model S + Model X in Q3 staying still at 2000/wk gives us 26,000 MS/X in Q3.
So, add 65,000 Model 3 + 26,000 Model S/Model X = 91,000 cars, in Q3 alone.

Even at 50K Model 3’s and 25K S/X’s would be amazing victories! Tesla has stated that they are going to make more line changes as they reconfigure the line to ramp to 10K. So there will be weekly variances as they trend continually upward in numbers as some stops in the line are likely for updates. Heck, even 40K and 20K would put them so far ahead of other EV maker in the US that it isn’t even funny.

I am not impressed by Tesla selling more than Smart !

Try to imagine how little we are impressed with your constant Tesla bashing.

No, try harder.

Flame wars is going to start in one two three

Interesting to see that play out on a national stage. In my own small local market, El Paso, Colorado, a very traditional conservative town YTD;
Tesla 49
Alfa Romero 5
Ferrari 2
Fiat 14
Jaguar 23
Land Rover 41
Mini 26
Smart 3
Suzuki 0
Targets to hit next Porcsche 54, Cadillac 73, Infinity 74, Lincoln 68, Mitsubishi 77, Volvo 77

If I go back to 2017, prior to Model 3
Tesla 69
Alfa Romero 11
Ferrari 1
Fiat 23
Jaguar 62
Land Rover 97
Mini 50
Smart 4
Suzuki 3

So how long has Jaguar been around? Why are their numbers as low as a new startup?

Jaguar has never sold in big numbers, they never have and never will.

I think you will see an increase in Jaguar sales in Q3 and Q4 for 2018 with the i-Pace.
The question is which car companies are just above Jaguar as Tesla will have them in their sights.

Jaguar and Land Rover are joined at the hip. They build cars in each others factory’s, have the same head quarters and are floated as JLR.

So to achieve something Tesla would have to out sell JLR.

Does that mean that JLR has never achieved anything?

Like saying you cannot outsell Audi, because you would have to outsell the whole conglomerate of VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, … together.

You are going to hate Q3/4

It is not sports competition, who cares except fanboys what they outsell or not, nobody gets a badge for it.

The value is in ability to produce profits. Fanboys like PP don’t even know what the word “profit” means in accounting and are unable to learn it. They will tell you that profit is reduced by investment and that pigs can fly too, whatever.

I don’t think any of this is about corporate value or profits for most EV fans or consumers. Most folks just like watching or buying something neat and Tesla makes neat things. Even the way they make their neat things is neat.

Some people are really inspired by accounting too, I guess, but it’d be a shame if that’s all there was to everything.

I see the significance but its kind of meaningless when you put it in context. Comparing to Smart, a very small niche division of Daimler and Jaguar, who has never sold in big numbers and is a part of JLR/Tata motors is meaningless. Daimler AG sold 3.3 million vehicles in 2017 and JLR and TATA both sold around 580,000 cars each.

Volume is good but it’s not the be all and end all, especially when people make poor comparisons.