Hyundai Kona Electric At The 2018 New York Auto Show – Videos

MAR 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

The all new Hyundai Kona Electric, presented in New York,  is another plug-in model that joins the 200+ mile EPA range club.

Hyundai Kona Electric

The South Korean manufacturer intends to launch only the 64 kWh version in the U.S. (the 39.2 kWh will not be offered) with estimated range of up to 250 miles (400 km).

Because the market launch is in the fourth quarter of 2018, its splash won’t be quite as big as it would be if it launched today, but it should be decent competitor in the affordable long-range segment.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV will be probably the first EV to feel the new competition on its heels. The Nissan LEAF 60 kWh – expected in 2018/2019 and Standard Tesla Model 3 should be less affected.

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Here we have some photos and video of the Hyundai Kona Electric:

Hyundai Kona Electric
21 photos
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By far, my most desirable EV right now.

Depends on price. But at this point I would pick the Bolt over the Kona.

It is essentially identical spec (size, battery, FWD, interior space, etc) to the Chevy Bolt EV, what makes this one more desirable?

Oh, let’s see:

Heated AND cooled seats
More battery capacity
More torque
Independent rear suspension
Adaptive cruise control
LED headlights
Infinity 8 speaker audio system
Heads up display
Homelink (! – that alone is a good enough reason for some who post on the Bolt forums)

You forgot to include a better quality interior with comfortable seats. The petrol Konas are getting very good reviews.

Valid points (except battery and motor are going to be very similar sized, 12 mile range difference is only 5%). I was baiting into saying, “because it is a CUV”, when they are both essentially the same.

My biggest complaints about Bolt EV are lack of safety features like ACC, and style. I prefer this more suv looking wagon vs compact hatch.

I hope you are in a area where they’ll sell it.

Because I’m sure not

Nor am I. I’ve been talking to my local Hyundai dealership in Durham, North Carolina, and let me tell you, these guys either are playing dumb, or really don’t know much about EVs. When I mentioned the Kona, the Hyundai rep excitedly responded — that is, until I added that I was looking to learn more about the electric version. Then, the wind began to whistle and the crickets chirped. I may as well have been speaking to myself about the car.

That’s exactly the reaction I get from the dealerships on the Philadelphia suburbs.

WOW: Not sold on the Kona’s appearance but who cares? In terms of functionality this is going to upset the apple cart for the competition. Nissan. Better pull up your socks. Tesla. Better get out of production hell. GM. A more comfortable Bolt and more availability. Volkswagon. More product & less promises.

Will definitely consider this for my 2020 upgrade.

“In terms of functionality this is going to upset the apple cart for the competition.”

It’s nearly identical to the Bolt in terms of size. But a bit smaller interior. It has less performance and likely will cost more.

Glad to have options in the field, but the Bolt seems like the better car IMO, at this time.

The Fugly Bolt means you’ll never get laid ever again.

Some of us are married…and don’t get laid anyway. Are you driving to get laid?

“Some of us are married…and don’t get laid anyway”
Know THAT feeling, bro!

Speak for yourself….

Report back when puberty sets in, or better after it’s over. Now back to your homework.

Are to talking to eggs?

It’s certainly a good contender. I think it can sell pretty well if they make enough of them.

It’s a hatchback like the Bolt, not a crossover, right?

It’s very similar in size and config to the Bolt, however I think this Kona looks very cheap with all this plastic trim around the wheels and I sat in an ICE Kona the other day and it looked horrible in the interior. Very cheap looking. The Bolt isn’t a luxury car but at least the plastic don’t match that of the Hyundai Accent. Also I hate the headlights and the grille. Am I alone on this? Very fugly compared to the Bolt. Not that the Bolt is beautiful, but at least it has a,smidge of class.
Call me crazy but, with Korea controlling all the supply, I doubt this car will ever sell more than 1k a month, but most certainly not two.

‘Ordinary’ doesn’t do it justice…

Honestly, where is the difference? Look at the Chevy Trax and tell me why that is a Crossover.

Or the Audi Q3, why is that a crossover, but the A3 ( hatchback) isn’t. You can even buy both in FWD and AWD

The A3 doesn’t have black plastic cladding….duh.
(used to own an A3)

That front end. It looks like they covered the ICE grill with diamond plate and then painted the car. Definitely no thought put into that.

Makers who show a car without the requisite front plate are not doing themselves any justice. It just makes the front end look bland.

Well, some states don’t require a license plate in the front.

I hate the Wana-be CUV styling. Pretentious. Less room than a Bolt and even lower. That first pix shows how dmall it is.

Sales will depend on production numbers.

Hyundai will be able to sell all the Kona EV’s they can produce.

except for what I would consider an incredibly unattractive grille I think it’s a very nice looking car. and yet another whose cockpit puts the model 3 to shame (IMO).

I think it will do well and depending on the pricing. It will out sell the Bolt and leaf as these are the vehicles in direct competition. The Tesla is in a different class but for it’s base model, you will probably get more features on the base model Kona EV than the base model Tesla. There is also a delivery delay with the base model Tesla also, which will help boost sales of other Ev’s.