Hyundai-Kia To Increase Production Of Niro & Kona Electric SUVs




2018 Hyundai Kona – Hyundai-Kia Motors is moving swiftly to be the next big player in the EV race.

Hyundai-Kia changes its tune in a push to become the world’s second-largest eco-friendly automotive company.

Both the Hyundai Kona EV and the Kia Niro EV will arrive on our shores sometime in 2018. Initially, Hyundai-Kia anticipated low volumes sales for the upcoming electric SUVs, however, industry sources revealed this week that is no longer the case. The automaker plans to sell 100,000 EVs (not including traditional hybrids) globally next year, 40,000 of which will be Niro and Kona EVs.


Hyundai IONIQ Electric Marina Blue

Added to the two models to make up the other ~60,000 vehicles, Hyundai-Kia produces the IONIQ Electric and the Soul EV, as well as the Sonata and K5 PHEVs. The sources didn’t make specific mention of the Niro PHEV, which is already selling in Europe and will be available on our shores as soon as December, but it seems to be factored into the total number of Niro EVs.

The industry source mentioned new numbers being 18,600 Kona EVs and 21,000 Niro EVs for 2018. This is a 38 and 66 percent jump from previous plans. The automaker intends to give Toyota a run for its money in terms of global “earth-friendly” vehicle sales.

The changes were initiated based on the success (and challenges) of the IONIQ Electric. The company had initially planned to build 1,000 IONIQs a month last June, but due to demand, the number was increased to 1,800. Unfortunately, the automaker didn’t act fast enough and the vehicle is now on virtual backorder everywhere. Due to the simple fact that Hyundai-Kia waited until the last minute to bump up production, suppliers are still lagging behind. The new push for the Niro and Kona EVs, well in advance, should assure that this type of situation does not play out again.

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Great but I don’t think it will be enough!

Globally, 18,600 Kona EVs and 21,000 Niro EVs for 2018.

Being optimistic, maybe 1/3rd come to the USA. That’s 6,200 Kona EVs and 7,000 Niro EVs for the year. This is 516 Kona EVs per month and 583 Niro EVs per month. Basically, 10 per State per model per month.

If the federal tax credit remains, this production rate sounds very low.

The Ioniq BEV is produced in ~20-22k vehicles per year. And you have seen how many of those found their way to the US.

They could have easily triple that production and still have crushing demand.

“Hyundai-Kia changes its tune in an push to become the world’s second-largest eco-friendly automotive company.”

Ummmm…. say what….

“The automaker plans to sell 100,000 EVs (not including traditional hybrids) globally next year…”

100k plug in sales probably wont land them in the top 5 this year and next year it might land them right back where they sit this year in 11th for plug in sales acording to EV sales blog…

Every automaker in the world has bigger sales projections next year than this one and 100k EV sales for Hyundai Kia is barely 1% of their overall sales which is not overly impresive to me…

Number 2 eco friendly auto company???
Please check your math or let us know how much green energy and dolphin safe tuna they consume…

Company boilerplate, always filled with hyperbole.

~100k is what the three top companies BYD, Tesla and BMW will do this year.
So it would at worst put them in 4th place.

South Korea races to help its own companies, like Kia and LG Chem, make EVs and batteries. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Republicans revisit ethanol, and aim to repeal the battery tax-credit.

Yeah, they love ethanol in Trump country.

..although that article is dated and from the National Review.
More current, and I think more important is that the Republicans are trying to ‘break wind’ with their tax plan, cutting tax credits in half for wind.

ONLY because the coal burning cars have been phased out

Production numbers for the Kona should exceed 40,000 on their own to satisfy demand, there are already over 9000 declarations of interest here in Norway. If only half of those, 4500, actually buy the vehicle, we’re still looking at a relatively tiny country sucking up over a quarter of the production volume, if not half. People have been dropping the low volume ioniq and ampera-e already in favour of the widely available old Leaf this year, even though it’s clearly a worse choice. 18600 won’t cut it, bud!

I was number 450 in line for the ioniq and had to wait 3 1/2 months from the first delivery until I had the car! Imagine the years it would take for delivery if you’re first showing interest when the actual car gets to the showrooms on the other side of New year’s!

Love my Kia Soul EV, just rock solid. Can’t wait for the Kona EV. My first ever Korean car, totally impressed.

just leased 2017 soul ev, 15000 miles a yr, $ 188 per month, its n10nse ! junked my coda
which i purchased for $ 12,000 includes ev ! 51,000 miles very reliable yet never felt safe in it. not using gas will definitly cover my monthly payment. purchase is $ 9,000 at end of lease with a full warranty optional

I just want to see the Niro. I really am interested in the information I had when it first came out

Compliance vehicle = vaporware

The Ioniq EV is officially available in my country, yet it is virtually impossible to buy one due to the incredibly low unit assignments to this region.

So much so, that I think it is not a serious, honest EV effort from Hyundai but a compliance vehicle.