Here Is How Volkswagen Trains High Voltage Experts

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Two weeks of training and you become a High Voltage Expert

Electrification brings huge changes to dealerships as electric car service differs from combustion engine cars. One of the main new topics that needs to be addressed is the high voltage system.

In the UK, Volkswagen recently trained 30 new High Voltage Experts (HVE) that will be able to perform all electric-related tasks in 15 competence centers around the country.

Two-weeks of training and a lot of special equipment is required to create new HVE position.

“Volkswagen is underlining its commitment to an electrified future with the news that 30 technicians have just completed an extensive training course to become the brand’s first High Voltage Experts (HVEs). In doing so, they have also become the first Volkswagen Group employees to hold the qualification in the UK and will be at the forefront of the electric revolution within the Volkswagen brand’s Retailer network.”

Volkswagen currently offers the e-up! and e-Golf BEVs (and a few PHEVs), but from 2020 on the company will introduce a new high-volume all-electric model, the I.D., followed by several others.

Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts
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Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts Volkswagen powers up with new High Voltage Experts

“Thirty technicians from around the UK have completed the two-week course, which was run at Volkswagen Group UK’s flagship National Learning Centre in Milton Keynes. Having successfully completed the course, all 30 Volkswagen HVE technicians are now qualified to work at the highest level of battery technology within the Retailer network. Only technicians with this qualification are permitted to work on the decommissioning, repair and re-commissioning of battery packs.The new High Voltage Expert qualification gives Volkswagen three tiers of expertise in the field of electric vehicle aftercare. HVEs will work alongside the brand’s existing High Voltage Technicians (HVTs) and Electrically Instructed Persons (EIP) who already operate across the network and are qualified to work on the brand’s existing hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Due to the high voltages involved in car battery packs, Volkswagen HVE technicians need to learn a number of new processes. Not only do these ensure safety at all times for themselves and other technicians, they also cover a number of tasks unique to electric powertrains. For example, some tasks are so intricate that Volkswagen requires two HVE technicians to carry out the work at the same time. This ensures that all work is double-checked as it is completed.

Further reinforcing Volkswagen’s passion for service perfection, technicians will use the brand’s advanced RealWear technology to ensure that even the most complex procedure can be completed effectively.

The system uses state-of-the-art RealWear glasses that connect the HVE technician directly with the Technical Support Centre in Milton Keynes. The technology includes a microphone, head camera, display screen and voice activation functionality that provides a fully augmented video broadcast. This virtual assistance provides an additional level of support to technicians and can allow even quicker diagnosis and repair where needed.

The newly qualified HVEs will be based at 15 Volkswagen Battery Competence Centres being established in existing Volkswagen Retailers around the UK. These new centres will feature additional tooling and designated areas devoted to the maintenance of electric vehicle battery systems.”

Commenting on the introduction of the first HVE technicians Matthew Barham, Service Development Manager for Volkswagen UK, said:

“We are extremely proud to deploy these highly-trained technicians into our Retailer network. There’s a real feeling of excitement throughout the network as our ambitions for electrification ramp up.

“Our Retailers have invested a significant amount of time into this process and are passionate about training technicians in this key growth area. Like us, they see it as the future and we are thrilled to be working with such a motivated and passionate team of now fully-qualified Volkswagen HVE technicians.”

Kevin Rendell, Head of Service & Parts Operations for Volkswagen UK added:

“This is a highly skilled qualification and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars network is well on the way to leading in electric vehicle technology.”

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Those pictures sum up the UK pretty accurately. Everything is driven by health and safety people. One of the major reason I did leave. It is impossible not to get frustrated. I mean really, in the UK you are not even allowed to use a step ladder without getting training.

Yeah, why should people protect themselves? Just let them get electrocuted or let sparks from a short circuit fly into their eyes.

Eject is right. Things are getting out of control. Someday British microwaves will have warnings like- don’t dry your cat inside. Safety hazard

It can probably be overkill in some cases, buttoo often people work for a boss who don’t care about you, they only care about the money in their wallet and in their bank. If they can cut costs, and get away with it – they will do it.
It is therefor important to have rules and regulations to prevent injuries. In probably 99% of all work related accidents, men are the one that dies or get crippled. Nobody in the office risk their health by doing the work. Often they’re not qualified to know what equipment is needed, and what is required.

I stuck my finger in an outlet at 3, whee, now I’m a high voltage expert.