Heliox Launches Europe’s Largest Opportunity & Depot Charging For Buses

APR 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol celebrates Europe’s largest fleet of electric buses with the largest network of opportunity and depot chargers.

In total, VDL delivered 100 articulated Citea SLFA Electric buses, while Heliox installed 109 DC chargers with combined output of 13 MW:

  • 23 450 kW opportunity chargers (roof charging)
  • 84 30 kW depot chargers (plus 2 25 kW mobile chargers)

It’s a huge project, but for the Amsterdam Schiphol airport it’s just another phase, as by 2021 the fleet will be expanded to 258 electric buses.

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Here is the infographic on the charging network:

Heliox: The world largest opportunity & depot charge network in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Netherlands

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7 Comments on "Heliox Launches Europe’s Largest Opportunity & Depot Charging For Buses"

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They must be quick. I was there just a few weeks back, and didn’t see anything like this. Huge airport though, so that must be the reason.
Impressive project.

This would work the best in meduim cities here in the US. Get rid of those fossil fuels buses

Batteries on top of the roof – yikes. And they need to be charged 3-4 times a day. OK. This is a start, but glad they aren’t waiting for a more satisfying solution.

Must be pretty expensive as these are retrofitted busses unlike Proterra or BYD.

Not true . All busses are nee
VDL in the Netherlands built these busses ground up . They will become a major player in the field.

These are built on the Citea chassis. Citea was not designed to be electric from day 1 – hence this is called retrofitting. This is like Ford Focus Electric and it means compromises.