Nearly 50% Of Tesla Model 3 Registrations In First Half Were In California

Tesla Model 3

AUG 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Nearly 1 in 2 Tesla Model 3 was sold in California

According to the latest reports, almost half of all Model 3 sold during the first half of the year were sold in California.

Tesla reported 26,631 Model 3 deliveries (U.S. and Canada), while the number of new registrations in California was 12,674 for the period (or 47.6% of total volume or 53% of total volume in the U.S.).

Similarly, California represents roughly half of the total all-electric car sales in U.S. – 33,015 at market share of 3.3%. In the second quarter, BEVs began a march to outsell hybrids:

Hybrid and Electric Car Market Share in California (source: California New Car Dealers Association)

38.4% of BEVs in California are Tesla Model 3, while when adding Model S (4,993) and Model X (3,962) we get 65.5% (21,629 out of 33,015).

Source: California Auto Outlook – Q2’2018 – California New Car Dealers Association

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It’s the chicken and the egg , which California incentives both solutions

I didn’t get a California rebate on my Tesla M3. It was a complete non-factor.

Why not?

Oh, the income limit hit you?

Instillation of Chargers and state rebates

Makes sense to focus on California. Logistics are better with shorter delivery and more density for service.

Not even just California, most of those were in Northern California. As usual, Silicon Valley leads the way.

I’m guessing you’re just guessing. Last time i checked the rebate numbers the N and the S of CA was even split in ev adoption.

This underscores how there’s snow shoe for the ramp up to continue, at least in the short term.

What are the blue, green, and red lines on the graph. Would be nice to state that somewhere.

I had the same question. The caption hides the legend. You can click on the image to see that: Blue = Hybrid. Green = Pure Electric. Red = Plugin Hybrid.


All the top selling EVs are available nationwide, yet 50% are sold in California. Probably 90% of sales are in hand full of States. Instead of complaining about availability, buyers in other States should step their game up.


Clarity, Volt Gen1 & Gen2, soon Kona or Niro EV owner in California.

Agreed. This is the biggest story of the week but won’t be read, or dismissed if read, by most. Bubble market can’t sustained long term sales.