Grandmas React To Tesla Model 3 Test Ride


These ladies are awesome!

This video (above) has a number of things we love, here at InsideEVs: a Tesla Model 3, first-time reactions to an electric vehicle, and 1-2-3-4 — count ’em  — four awesome grandmas. The nicely-edited footage comes courtesy of The Cox Clan YouTube channel and features a young couple individually taking out their collective grandmothers for a spin in the mid-size all-electric sedan.

Each of the ladies is taken out and given the chance to experience the charms of the car and some of its features. Via a camera mounted inside the passenger compartment, we see them express amazement at the screen and minimalist interior, summon mode, and Autopilot. One quibble, even though it was meant to subtly demonstrate the extent of the car’s ability to drive itself, eyes should always be forward and hands on the wheel. We’re only slightly surprised someone didn’t get a little grandma smack (though concerns were raised).

Like any good Tesla reaction video, there is an acceleration run. Four of them, in fact. Now, we don’t think this is a Performance version of the Model 3, but it’s definitely quick enough to impress. Seemingly just as impressive is the Santa Mode Easter egg, which turns the visualization of the car on the screen to Santa’s sleigh and surrounding traffic to reindeer as Christmas music plays.

If you enjoyed the video, we’ve thrown in a bonus clip as well. This one features the couple experiencing the Model 3 for their first time a few weeks prior after Riley borrowed her brother’s example. We don’t know if any of the tests resulted in an actual sale, but the desire for one was certainly expressed by multiple parties. Enjoy!

Video description:

We found 4 of the cutest grandmas, and got them to ride along with us in the Tesla Model 3, and we were able to get their reaction to some of the things like autopilot, the acceleration, and some of the fun hidden easter eggs. They loved every second of it! Thank you very much to the grandmas who were brave enough to ride along with us!


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It has no motor!!!


Of course, but the douche in the video kept saying it doesn’t have a motor…

as everyone else noted, there is most definitely a motor. and there can be two of them, in fact. it also has a transmission.

Except “transmission”, usualy is a device that changes Gearing Ratios, as needed, manually or automatically! Tesla’s have only Fixed Ratio Gear Boxes, just like most other EV’s!

SOME EV’s DO have a transmission, and “Change Gears!” Mine does, but Electricfly is an EV Conversion of a car WITH a 5 Speed transmission!

I wish I hadn’t watched this and given them the YouTube view. They don’t deserve it. It was really annoying.

I get it, you have autopilot. But it’s no excuse for negligence.

The guy behind the wheel spends a LOT of time with his eyes off the road, and everyone’s laughing about it like you’re supposed to do that. I. E. Granny says “you could do you your nails” and he responds “yeah, you could do your nails” instead of sharing that it’s an assistive technology and not a replacement for actually driving the car.

He practically makes himself THE negative stereotype of the careless California dude.

Add his ignorant “this doesn’t have a motor” shtick to that and I ended up disliking him personally more than I thought possible from a such a short video.

I’ve stopped clicking on these idiotic YT links. YT has become the scourge of society.

It was already bad then I saw all the orange construction cones…. what a dumb ass.

I never laughed so hard in my life you should make Tesla give each one of those women a Tessler and teach him how to drive it great film my grandmother should have one

Why’s everyone so salty today? I liked the video. Butts in seats = sales.

Same video without all the “eyes off the road time” and I could overlook the “no motor” idiocy.
If you want to show autopilot off, just show it off by using it the way it’s supposed to be used. It’s impressive enough without being a hazard to self and everyone else on the road.

Not bad. And with remarkably authentic reactions.

Wow, millennials are SO dumb. This guy wasted too much time buying avocado toast when he he should have been in shop class.

“It has no motor” is his favorite line to impress people. Hey, dumbass, it has a motor (or maybe two depending on the model). I think you mean it has no engine. Electricity doesn’t propel your car forward like in cartoons.

Fair point that he doesn’t have a very good understanding of the mechanics of the car, but no reason to cast aspersions on avocado toast. It’s delicious.

So also is Fresh, Hot, Peanut Butter Toast Delicious, but Peanuts are an Evil Sin in the World Today, how some people attack things! Your Avocado Toast gets off lucky here!

I guess EV blogs have to be careful which Youtube snippets to blog about. There are a lot of helpful and serious video reviews. However, as with any popular quality brand (such as Apple in terms of computers), besides the experts and power users there are always fashion youtubers. Although their intentions might be good, the rather harm EV manufacturers and the EV topic as a whole by doing stupid things.

There will be naysayers nagging about the guy not paying attention to the road (and they are actually right). Let’s do pay attention to serious EV coverage. There is plenty.

God bless America! God bless these four vital, youthful women who would be have been half way in the grave had they been less lucky to have lived their lives in this country!

Correction: It has a Motor. …Their is no Engine.

Correction: There (not “their”) is no engine.